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Thrusting & Pulsating Dildos

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Vibrators vibrate, but thrusting vibrators bring so much more to your sexy time – these vibrate and thrust to hit all the pleasure spots. You get all the pleasure at your fingertips, as these also come with variable controls for fine-tuning the intensity of your pleasure.

How to Choose a Thrusting Dildo, How to Use a Thrusting Dildo
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Experience Unparalleled Intensity with a Thrusting Dildo

Your collection’s full of regular dildos and you’re looking for something to spice things up? A thrusting vibrator will do it! With the natural thrusting action, this toy comes as close to being with a partner as possible. While most of us are familiar with traditional dildos and vibrators, the thrusting dildo is the perfect hybrid of the two that take stimulation to the next level. In fact, the experience can be even better because you’re 100% in control. Choose the speed, the depth and the intensity that will give you a mind-blowing orgasm. Go slow and steady or fast and super hard – it’s really up to you!

HotCherry’s selection of thrusting vibrators features some of the best products currently available on the market. Pick the material that you fancy the most – silicone, cyberskin or another kind of thermoplastic. We also have thrusting dildos that vibrate or have a clitoral stimulator for added pleasure. Finally, some of the dildos are especially curved and designed to hit that G-spot with every single thrust.

Thrusting Vibrators Gives You Pleasure You Don’t Have to Work for

Relax, focus on your fantasy and let the thrusting vibrator do the rest. It’s one of the most powerful and versatile sex toys out there. You don’t have to move it, change the angle or work towards building your arousal. Your thrusting vibrator will do it all, especially if it comes with additional functions.

You are fully in control of the thrusting action, whether via a button or a remote control. High quality toys have multiple speeds and thrusting patterns you can experiment with. Changing things up will give you a brand new kind of pleasure you wouldn’t have considered possible.

Don’t worry about a thrusting sex toy being too intense or going too hard. Because the settings can be adjusted effortlessly, this toy is an amazing choice for people of all experience levels. It’s also incredibly versatile and can work with any other sex toy for an amazing combo. Pair it with a bullet vibrator or a wand and your orgasm will be guaranteed.

It doesn’t matter how much stimulation you need to come. Even if you have a difficult time with a partner or during solo play, the thrusting vibrator will offer much-needed additional stimulation that will amp things up. And since you have so many settings to explore, you’ll quickly come across the pattern and the rhythm that does the trick for you. Choosing a toy that’s curved for G-spot stimulation will give you a new experience. Stimulating the G-spot during sex can be difficult, especially if you’re not in the right position. The specific shape of dildos makes the task much easier and gives you the consistent stimulation required to come within minutes.

This really is one of the most natural feeling and versatile toys out there. When you choose the right material and you stick to quality, you’ll give yourself a reliable pleasure enhancer that will be by your side for many years to come. Just stick to maintenance instructions and you’ll be good to go.

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