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Cum lubes are specifically designed to enhance your experience, especially when using these with ejaculating dildos. Designed to look, feel and smell like actual cum, you’ll find we carry an excellent selection for you.

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Get Incredible Realism with a Cum Lube

Cum lube is created to do two things – work as a high quality lubricant and replicate the feel and texture of actual cum. These lubes can be used in an extensive range of sexual scenarios. From shooting your own homemade spicy film to enjoying realism when dealing with medical problem like erectile dysfunction, cum lube will be there for you.

The cum lubes available at HotCherry can be used with squirting dildos and strap-ons, as well as on their own. We carry large selection of hybrid lubes which are a water and silicone blend, water-based lubes, silicone-based products, unscented and hypoallergenic formulas, and highly realistic textured cum lubes. Some are developed by the companies that also make dildos to give you 100 percent compatibility.

Cum Lube Gives You the Grand Finish Each Time

Many people find powerful ejaculation a major turn-on. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to achieve every single time. The porn finish isn’t that typical in real life, which can leave participants in a sexy activity somewhat disappointed.

Cum lube comes to the rescue in these instances. It’s the perfect finishing product for an exciting oral sex session. Cum lube can also be used during vaginal or anal sex. Paired with hollow penetrative toys, cum lube makes it easy for couples dealing with sexual dysfunction to reclaim intimacy and make it incredibly exciting once again.

One thing we’d like to remind you of is that realism isn’t the only thing to pay attention to when shopping for a cum lube. These also meant to work as a lubricant. If you need lots of additional moisture (for example – during anal sex), you have to make sure that the formula is going to deliver.

To give you the right consistency, many cum lubes are hybrid products. This means they’re water-based but also contain a certain amount of silicone. A hybrid blend guarantees longevity and silky smoothness. Usually, hybrid lubes are compatible with all sex toy materials. Just to be on the safe side, however, check out your product specs and what the manufacturer has to say about lube compatibility.

Other than those considerations, the basics you should be paying attention to when shopping for a lubricant also apply to cum lube. For best results, choose one that’s free from glycerin, parabens and mineral oils. Fragrance isn’t a necessity and if you have sensitive skin, forgo it altogether. There are hypoallergenic cum lube formulas out there – they’ll be gentle to your skin and they’ll keep things wet for as long as you need them to be.

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