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Get Wet and Wild With a Cum Lube

Sometimes, a little cum can really cum-plete the fun. With a cum based lube, you can enjoy the erotic view of cum on you or your partner, while having the bonus value of a lube to keep things wet and wild!

Whether you need the added wetness, you love cum play or you’ve got a squirting dildo that needs replenishing, we’ve got what you need.

Browse our wide selection of cum lubes that are sure to guide you to orgasm in all your cum adventures. To help you learn a bit more about cum lubes, we’ve addressed some commonly asked questions:

Cum Lubes FAQ

Are they made out of actual cum?

We don’t blame you for asking this, considering how realistic some of these can actually get – from texture, to appearance, to even smell. However, no real cum is used in the production of any of these cum lubes.

Can I use them with my toys?

Cum based lubes are generally water-based, making them safe for use with all your sex toys, and stain-free. However, make sure to read the bottle beforehand as they may vary.

Are these safe for anal sex?

Yes, they should be. There are some cum lubes that are marketed especially for anal sex, and choosing these products further help you have a more comfortable, pain-free and exciting anal penetration. In general, silicone lubes are better for anal sex, as they are more viscous and don’t need to be reapplied as often. You can find plenty of hybrid cum lubes that would be great for anal sex.