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Feel Confident and Appealing with the Right Panties

Panties are a lingerie staple. Even if you don’t own a product like bodystockings, a few lacy and revealing panties can really spice up your sex life and make you feel like a goddess.

The right pair of panties will match and highlight your style. There are thongs, boxers, hipster panties, bikini ,and boyshorts. There are even crotchless panties for the ladies that want to keep a beautiful garment while still enjoying erotic stimulation.

So, what are you waiting for? Tiny and thrill or lacy and feminine, panties are intricate, romantic and exceptionally feminine.

Panties FAQ

I’ve Never Worn a Thong Before, Will It Be Comfortable?

Those who have never worn a G-string or a thong will have concerns about comfort.

If you’re a bikini kind of girl, you may never gather the courage to give something skimpier a try. Depending on the design and the construction, however, thongs can feel comfortable. Choose a soft material and a high-quality brand in order to really enjoy your lingerie.

What Are the Benefits of Crotchless Panties?

Apart from making you feel quite naughty, crotchless panties can do a couple of other great things for you.

Crotchless panties allow a real quickie – no need to take anything off. Going out in crotchless panties will keep you aroused throughout the day, getting ready for the main event when you get home. Finally, this type of undergarment is really comfortable once you get used to the feeling of being somewhat “exposed.”

What’s the Difference between the Hipster and the Boyshort Panty Cut?

Hipster panties have a waistline that falls on the hips. These are also characterized by low-cut leg holes, ensuring a bit more coverage. Hipster panties are practical and comfortable on top of sexy. They’re great for low-rise jeans and pants.

Boyshorts are essentially modified briefs. The androgynous element makes these types of panties even more irresistible. The difference between hipsters and boyshorts panties is that boyshorts fall lower on the leg.

Does My Body Shape Determine the Type of Panties That Are Right for Me?

That’s really up to you, there are no rules. If you feel like wearing a thong, go ahead and wear a thong.

Still, there are some fashionable suggestions you can use as a guideline.

Thongs and hipster panties are great for ladies that have wider hips. If your hips are narrow, you can wear thongs and tangas among others. if you have a bit of a belly, go for high-waisted panties (or not!). Don’t hesitate to explore models, as long as the respective variety is available in your size.