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App Controlled Vibrators

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An app-controlled vibrator gives convenience and more control. Select one of the several app-controlled vibrators and enjoy all the pleasurable sensations, explore various optimizations, and even long-distance controls.

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Customize Your Pleasure to the Max with an App Controlled Vibrator

An app-controlled vibrator gives you the next generation of pleasure products for adults. Initially, we started with push buttons and wired remotes. Wireless remotes came next. Dedicated mobile apps are the ultimate choice when controlling a vibrator and customizing its pleasure settings.

HotCherry gives you lots of app-controlled choices to explore. While the technology wasn’t that readily available a couple of years ago, today, it’s become accessible. An app-controlled rabbit vibe is a great choice for couples in long-distance relationships. Vibrating panties are super fun, naughty, and suited to public play and outdoor erotic experiences. And these are just two of the options you’ll find in the HotCherry product range.

An App Controlled Vibrator Lets You Choose the Path to an Orgasm

You may wonder why you’ll need an app-controlled vibe if you’re not in a long-distance relationship. The reason is simple – no other controller gives you the degree of customization possible with an app.

Most vibrators come with patterns and intensities you can switch among to discover what works for you. With an app, these presets can be modified. And if they don’t work for you, creating your pleasure settings from scratch is also an option. You can start with a library of presets and tweak those or build the perfect sexual experience from zero.

Apps give you other fun features you wouldn’t have access to in any other way. Wouldn’t it be exciting to sync your vibe to music? You can now do that with numerous models on the market. You can also rate your experiences, share sexy content with a lover and decide how much control you will put in their hands.

Technology is redefining sexual pleasure, and we’re so glad to be a part of the revolution. You no longer must worry about pressing the right button. You no longer must worry about enjoying presets and ensuring a vibe has an operation mode that will get you to the coveted O. Every aspect of sexual enjoyment can be tweaked and personalized through the power of the mobile app.

An app-controlled vibrator is more convenient and tailored to your needs than anything else on the market. You don’t need a partner to benefit from one. If you’d like to enjoy a hands-free experience or don’t like messing with buttons, this is the definite type of controller to direct your attention.

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