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Sex Slings

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Gravity-Defying Orgasmic Sex with a Sex Sling

 A sex sling looks super kinky but offers much more than just a visual. With a sling, you can be suspended in the air to enjoy amazing sex or foreplay. Some slings are also designed to ensure easy access or help you get in a certain position. With HotCherry’s sex sling range, you’ll easily overcome physical boundaries and enjoy the amazing opportunity to embark on a whole new journey of sexual exploration.

A Sex Sling Lets You Assume That Erotic Position Effortlessly

Anyone can benefit from the use of a sex sling.

You may think it’s only good for kinky couples or those enjoying a power-play scenario. Such lovers will enjoy a sex sling immensely. But they’re not the only ones. 

If you feel that your sex life has become a bit stagnant, a sex sling will be a great choice. It allows you to take naughtiness out of the bed. Door jam sex slings are super easy to install and give you new opportunities to enjoy each other. There are also more complex and thorough suspension systems that will lift you off the ground while putting your partner in control of the experience.

Would you like to start with something simpler? Get a positioning sling or a spreader sling. These come with straps and cuffs to get your body in a certain position. Effortless access will also be guaranteed, and your lover will feel the heat. 

Many sex slings are super easy to use, and no installation is required. Even if you don’t have any experience with such equipment, you’ll quickly get the hang of using the sling. Even the simplest pieces can be used in several ways, allowing you to try at least a few new positions for better and more satisfying sex.

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