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Large Butt Plugs

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Anal play is exciting and especially once you are properly stretched. We have an extensive butt plug collection where you will find many models that allow for easy insertion and ensures proper stretching.

How to Choose Large Butt Plugs, Best Large Butt Plugs
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Go to the Next Level with a Large Butt Plug

Once you’ve mastered a regular butt plug, you can take the experience up a notch. When it comes to anal pleasure, size does matter. A large butt plug will give you more of a delicious stretch that will stimulate every single nerve ending. These butt plugs are ideal for people who already have some experience with anal play. Their design allows for easy insertion that ensures proper stretching when the widest part of the base goes inside.

Large butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes to give you a personalized experience. At HotCherry, you’ll find silicone and PVC large plugs, vibrating plugs, weighted large plugs, sets of multiple pieces that progressively grow bigger, glass plugs, inflatable toys and plugs designed especially for prostate stimulation. We even have expanding anal dilators for those who seek the ultimate experience.

A Large Butt Plug Spices Up All Kinds of Sex

Large butt plugs have so many sexy applications that it’s difficult to describe all of the pleasure opportunities you’ll get to enjoy. This kind of toy is ideal for solo exploration. You can also use a large butt plug as a foreplay option before anal sex. A large butt plug can also help you fulfill a double penetration fantasy. When the plug is inside, it will ensure enough pressure to hit many sensitive spots and contribute to mind-blowing orgasms.

You shouldn’t worry about the size, even if you’ve never used an extra large butt plug before. The tapered design allows for easy insertion. Needless to say, you should use lots and lots of good lube to let the plug slide in easily.

Large butt plugs are also designed for safety. A flared base will keep the toy from getting sucked up inside. This is the one feature you always need to look for when shopping for anal toys. Luckily, all of the HotCherry large butt plugs meet safety requirements and ensure a fun, worry-free experience. When shopping for an extra large plug, do check out the size. There is significant variation because the term “large” means different things to different people. Check out the length and the diameter at the thickest point. These two measurements will help you determine if the plug is right for your experience level. Also, check the stem of the plug – an important feature that isn’t often discussed.

A very narrow stem makes an extra large butt plug ideal for prolonged wear. It isn’t going to stretch you out while you’ll feel the weight and shape of the plug inside of you. If you want to get some constant stretching, choose a large plug that has a thicker stem. While you’ll get to enjoy a really delicious, sexy and naughty sensation, such a plug wouldn’t be too comfortable for hours of use (especially if you don’t have a ton of experience yet). As you can see, even the small details can craft a sensation that’s completely different from one toy to the next.

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