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Colt Huge Inflatable Butt PlugColt Huge Inflatable Butt Plug
Colt Large Inflatable DilatorColt Large Inflatable Dilator
Ultimate Butt Plug Training KitUltimate Butt Plug Training Kit
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Dorcel Geisha Jeweled PlugDorcel Geisha Jeweled Plug
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Je Joue Large Vibrating Butt PlugJe Joue Large Vibrating Butt Plug
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Adam & Eve Glass Butt Plug SetAdam & Eve Glass Butt Plug Set
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Frisky Chrome Hearts Princess Anal PlugFrisky Chrome Hearts Princess Anal Plug
Silicone Anal Starter KitSilicone Anal Starter Kit
Master Series Expanding Anal DilatorMaster Series Expanding Anal Dilator
Triple Spades 3 Piece Anal Plug SetTriple Spades 3 Piece Anal Plug Set

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Go to the Next Level with a Large Butt Plug

Are you comfortable with most kinds of anal toys already? Have you tried the small anal dildo, have you gotten used to the feel of your anal vibrator? If you are ready and you want to make anal play hotter, the time has come to buy a large butt plug.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better but when it comes to anal play, thicker usually is. Large butt plugs are girthy and while they take some getting used to, they can give you sensations you’ll never experience with a smaller toy. If you choose a vibrating large butt plug, you’ll get even more comprehensive stimulation for once-in-a-lifetime orgasms.

Large Butt Plugs FAQ

Do I Need to Have Experience with Other Toys before Buying a Large Butt Plug?

Starting with a regular butt plug is a good idea to teach your sphincter muscles to relax. They will naturally contract during insertion, which can make anal play painful.

If you have some anal sex experience already, you can test out a large butt plug. To make its use safe, apply a lot of lube and go really slow in the beginning.

What Types of Large Butt Plugs Are There?

You can find several distinct varieties of large butt plugs.

There are the standard models and there are also inflatable butt plugs. The second variety gives you a lot of control over the expansion, once the sex toy is in place.

You can find vibrating large butt plugs and anal dilators. Some of these dilators are hollow, allowing for anal penetration by a partner or with another kind of sex toy. As you can see, the possibilities are limitless. Just go slow and don’t allow your excitement to compromise your safety.

Are There Other Tips for Getting Used to a Large Butt Plug?

If you want to experience the gradual enlargement of your anal sex toy, opt for a butt plug set.

These sets consist of three or more butt plugs, typically in different sizes. You start out with the smallest one and move your way up as you become more comfortable and confident with anal play.

Kits are also perfect for pegging and for enjoying a stimulating prostate massage.

What Does Tapering Mean in a Large Butt Plug?

Tapering is a design specific that helps you get used to a bigger anal toy.

A tapered butt plug has a small tip and it gradually expands (the circumference at the base is largest). When you choose a tapered sex toy, the stretch will be gradual and enjoyable. While most large butt plugs are tapered, some have the same circumference top to bottom. It’s up to you to decide which variety is right for you.

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