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You and your partner can have so much fun when using flavored sex lubes, and you can look for new and exciting ways to please your partner. The edible/flavored lubes collection features water-based and silicone-based flavored lubes that taste delicious.

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Have a Yummy Desert with a Flavored Sex Lube

Flavored lubes are so much fun. Manufacturers have gotten really creative with their flavor profiles and you’ll probably find some of your favorite sweet treats hidden in these products. Flavored lube isn’t just an amazing choice for oral sex. It can be licked off any body part. Give your partner a sensual massage and use your lips/tongue when you’re done. They’ll definitely thank you later.

If you’re wondering what the options are, check out HotCherry. We have both water-based and silicone-based flavored lubes. Flavor-wise, there are classics like strawberry, watermelon, vanilla, green apple and cotton candy. Some manufacturers have gone even further to provide delicious choices like pina colada, electric mint, candied apple, blueberry muffins and others.

A Flavored Lube Expands Your Sexual Horizons

High quality, plain water-based and silicone lubes are essentials that everyone interest in good sex should possess. They reduce the risk of discomfort, make penetration easier and much more pleasurable. Flavored and edible lubes do something more on top of that. They create opportunities for experimentation and sensual exploration, whether you’re on your own or having partnered sex.

Make sure that the product is sugar-free, especially if you’re going to use it for vaginal penetration. Sugar is not a friend of your lady bits. It can disturb the delicate vaginal pH and good bacteria balance. As a result, a sugary lube can contribute to problems like nasty yeast infections. Choose safe options like edible and flavored lubes that are based on stevia and other sweeteners. They taste just as good and they’re perfectly safe for all kinds of sexual application.

Also, decide if you’re going to go with a water-based or a silicone-based product. Water-based lubes are most reminiscent of the body’s natural moisture. They’re also non-staining and a water-based lube that dries up can be reactivated with some moisture. As an added bonus, this lube variety is compatible with all sex toy and condom materials. Silicone lubes give you a super smooth, silky glide that lasts a long, long time. Choose silicone lube for longer sessions. It’s also a good choice for anal exploration. Silicone lube can be used in the shower but it’s not compatible with silicone sex toys.

Flavored lube is a great addition to solo sex, erotic massages, foreplay and penetration. The best thing about it is that the lube will never get boring. Once you finish a bottle of a certain flavor, you can move on to another one. Most brands have offerings in a couple of different flavors. Thus, if you like the brand, you don’t have to switch it for something else in order to get a new experience.

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