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Expand Your Palette with a Flavored Sex Lube

Even if you get properly aroused and don’t experience vaginal dryness, there are a million other reasons to use lubricants. Whether you’re engaging in anal play or just want some extra wetness for some vigorous love-making, a lube is a lovely addition to the playroom.

Now, why not take that slippery fun to the next level by making that a flavored lube? Flavored lubes can be deliciously fun, whether you’re using them on your suction cup dildo or with your favorite rabbit vibrator. Or use it without any toys, and let your partner watch you lick it off their fingers or genitals – a sexy experience for the two of you, with the added bonus of a delicious treat.

Browse our wide selection of flavored sex lubes that are sure to guide you to orgasm in all your sensual entanglements. To help you learn a bit more about flavored sex lubes, we’ve addressed some commonly asked questions:

Flavored Sex Lubes FAQ

Are flavored lubes safe for both men and women?

Yes! Of course, should any irritation occur, discontinue use immediately and consult your physician.

What’s the best way to use flavored lube?

Generally, flavored lubes are targeted for oral sex. It’s advised to be cautious when using it for vaginal intercourse, as it can cause yeast infections. To avoid this, look for something that’s sugar or glycerin-free.

Can I use flavored lube with a condom?

Absolutely! We always encourage safe sex, and flavored lubes can help you with that. Lube can make condoms feel more pleasurable, and even help reduce the risk of a condom tearing due to heat and friction. Just make sure not to pair an oil-based lube with a latex condom, as it can cause tearing – so be sure to read the ingredients.