Swiss Navy Water-Base Flavored Lubricant

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Flavour: Cooling Peppermint
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This Swiss Navy Premium Water-Based Lubricant is deliciously long-lasting! Use Swiss Navy's Flavored water based lube for tasty adult play. It is non-staining so use as little or as much as you want. This slick lube is sure to add some pizzazz to your tired sex routine. Plastic bottle with pump lid holds 4 ounces of clear Strawberry Kiwi lube. Swiss Navy gear for play!

Each Swiss Navy Flavored lubricant is deliciously fruity, sugar free and paraben free water based lubricant.

Lube is best suited for oral sex, non sticky and leave no after taste.

Swiss Navy used a fortune 500 food company to formulate flavors to ensure Swiss Navy Flavors would taste genuinely like their name.

Safe to use with condoms and sex toys.


Apply as desired to area to be lubricated.

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