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6 Inch Dildos

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The 6-inch dildo is the smaller size, but this size is in no way lacking. A 6-inch dildo can be highly pleasurable, and its non-intimidating size is ideal for people looking for a beginner dildo for vaginal and anal play.

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Find the Compact Toy That Packs a Punch with a 6-Inch Dildo

6-inch dildos are hardly small dimensions, but they fit in the category of smaller dildos considering there’s such thing as giant dildos. One thing that upsets us as sex enthusiasts is when someone is put off from dildos because they had a bad first experience – choosing one that is too large can do that. Which is why the average and non-intimidating dimensions of a 6-inch dildo is ideal as a beginner dildo, both vaginally and anally.

Don’t be fooled by ‘smaller’ dildos – 6-inchers can sure pack a punch. Dildos don’t have to be bigger or heavily textured for the ultimate sensations – in fact, these dildos are great as they can also be used for anal play, as long as they have a flared base or handle.

If you want the perfect first dildo or just one compact enough to take with you at the spur of the moment, take a browse through our amazing collection of 6-inch dildos. Whatever your skill level is, we have all the options you’ll need. To help you with your decision, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions about dildos.

6 Inch Dildos FAQ

Is a 6-inch dildo as satisfying as a larger dildo?

At the end of the day, technique is where the fun comes from, and many will agree that a smaller dildo can feel just as great as a larger one if the technique is done right. On top of that, using a 5-inch dildo as opposed to a 10-inch one in theory requires a lot less preparatory steps and lube. If you’re properly relaxed and aroused, you may only need a dollop of lube for vaginal play.

Can smaller dildos have special features?

The size of a tiny dildo doesn’t interfere with the design intricacies. You’ll find many variations of the toy, each one suited to particular needs. There are realistic small dildos, glass dildos with a small size, small dildos for G-spot stimulation, small dildos, vibrating small dildos, products with a suction cup and small dildos for anal play. Just go through our list of possibilities to acquaint yourself with the diversity.

What are some ideas for the use of a 6-inch dildo?

There are so many ways you can use your 6-inch dildo. Since many of them have a suction cup base, you can adhere it to any nonporous surface, as in walls, windows or floors, and either ride it or enjoy some solo doggy style. You can even indulge in some anal penetration by sticking it onto a chair and squatting slowly onto it – just make sure to use a ton of lube on your toy and around your anus! You can also pair it with a harness to enjoy new stimulation opportunities with a partner.

Do I need a curved one?

This is a personal choice, and it depends on what type of stimulation you’re looking for. If you like G-spot or prostate stimulation while pleasuring yourself with your dildo, a curved dildo will generally have an easier time hitting those spots. That being said, you can definitely still hit them with a straight dildo, you’ll just need to find the right angles that work for you.

Why do some have balls?

Dildos have balls for several different reasons. Firstly, they can serve as a clever handle to prevent too-deep slippage, especially in the case of anal play. They can also enhance the authentic, realistic look of the dildo for added visual eroticism. Finally, just like real balls, they can arouse your external hotspots like the clitoris, perineum, or anus, depending on how you’re playing with it. A triple threat!

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