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Sensuelle Homme Medical Grade Prostate MassagerSensuelle Homme Medical Grade Prostate Massager
Pretty Love Vibrating Prostate MassagerPretty Love Vibrating Prostate Massager
Aneros Prostate Massager - RedAneros Prostate Massager - Red
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Onyx Glass Prostate MassagerOnyx Glass Prostate Massager
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Dr Joel Kaplan Compact Prostate MassagerDr Joel Kaplan Compact Prostate Massager
Vibrating Prostate StimulatorVibrating Prostate Stimulator
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Dr Joel Kaplan 7.5 Inch Prostate MassagerDr Joel Kaplan 7.5 Inch Prostate Massager
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Nexus Revo Slim Rotating Prostate MassagerNexus Revo Slim Rotating Prostate Massager
Lelo Loki Prostate MassagerLelo Loki Prostate Massager
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Lelo Hugo Rechargeable Prostate MassagerLelo Hugo Rechargeable Prostate Massager
Explorer 2 Cock Ring Prostate MassagerExplorer 2 Cock Ring Prostate Massager
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P-rock Prostate MassagerP-rock Prostate Massager
Gpop 2 Unisex P-Spot & G-Spot MassagerGpop 2 Unisex P-Spot & G-Spot Massager
Malesation Ultra P-Spot MassagerMalesation Ultra P-Spot Massager

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Get a Powerful Orgasm with Prostate Toy, Massagers, and Vibrators for Men

A quality prostate massager can give you an orgasm similar to nothing you’ve felt before. Men who have used such a sex toy describe their climax as a deep, full-body experience. Prostate massages can be enjoyed by both gay and heterosexual men and they add another level to sex play.

Your prostate toy can be used during masturbation or when you’re having sex with a partner. If you’ve tried a regular butt plug before and it doesn’t hit the right spot, a switch to a prostate massager will be a good idea. The toy is curved to reach the specific location of the prostate and give you consistent, ongoing stimulation.

Prostate Massagers FAQ

Will Using a Prostate Massager Feel Weird the First Time Around?

If you haven’t used another anal toy or a small dildo before, going straight to a prostate massager could feel somewhat awkward and weird at first.

It takes some time to get used to new things. To make the experience good, take it slow, relax and use enough lube. Even if you don’t get there the first time around, you can try again.

How Should I Use a Prostate Toy?

A prostate toy is used like any other anal toy. To locate the prostate, however, you or your partner may use a finger first (a come hither motion inside the rectum is the one). The prostate feels like a round bulb and its density is different from other tissue located nearby, making it easy to feel.

When you know what the prostate feels like and you’re properly relaxed, you can move on to the insertion of the massager.

Are There Special Kinds of Prostate Massagers Out There?

There are several interesting variations worth exploring. If you’re going to be having sex with a partner while enjoying prostate stimulation, try a prostate massager and a cock ring combo. Since the prostate massage can enhance the erection, both people involved will feel the effect of the additional stimulation.

For a bit of extra fun, try a vibrating prostate toy.

What’s the Best Position for Using a Prostate Massager?

Whatever feels comfortable.

Many men who use such a toy report that lying on their side is best for easily reaching the prostate and getting the massager in the proper position. Being face down on the bed could also give you good access.

Those who use a prostate massager with a partner prefer the doggy position.

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