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Find Your Pleasure Center with Prostate Toys

The direct stimulation of the prostate can help you reach the most powerful orgasm of your life. Luckily, there are toys designed for the purpose. Prostate toys are narrow and somewhat stiff to massage the sensitive P-spot in a consistent way. When the prostate is massaged for a sufficiently long time, it will lead to a climax that’s deeper and so intense you’ll never want to go back to sex without P-spot stimulation.

Prostate toys are easy to use, perfectly safe and ideal for all P-spot owners. HotCherry’s range consists of medical-grade silicone toys, vibrating prostate stimulators, prostate massager sets, toys that offer both internal and external stimulation, PVC toys, metal and even glass massagers. It’s up to you to decide if you’re going to choose a classic prostate stimulation toy or something a bit more advanced and hi-tech.

A Prostate Toy Gives Your More Intensity

Prostate stimulation will give you pleasure that is experienced as a whole body sensation. Such an orgasm is a powerful explosion that’s often described as much more potent than penile-induced orgasms. Every single guy can experience the tremendous pleasure stemming from prostate massages. You can be straight, gay, bi or none of those and you’ll have an amazing time. A prostate massage can spice up regular sex, it can be a part of foreplay or solo play. There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy it, as long as you’ve chosen the right toy.

Prostate toys are especially designed with a long, narrow and slightly curved body to reach the prostate effortlessly and massage it with each thrust. Adding vibrations or pulsations to the mix will produce even more intensity and enjoyment.

If vibrations aren’t your thing but you’re still seeking intensity, choose a toy that will massage the prostate internally and externally through the perineum. Such designs do exist and they will be quite fun to explore. Some prostate massagers also come with an attached cock ring to prolong an erection and enhance performance. Imagine the experience of having breathtaking sex with a partner while also keeping the prostate massage working your pleasure center. This kind of experience can’t be replicated!

You can get some prostate stimulation with an anal vibrator or a butt plug. Still, if you’re going for the full shebang, choose a prostate toy. The shape, the size and the functions of these are especially chosen to deliver a P-spot orgasm. And if you’re really curious, get a couple of toys crafted from different materials. The semi-flexibility of silicone is very different from the stiffness of glass or metal. Building a collection of prostate toys will give you a good range of sensations, helping you explore sexual pleasure in a whole new way every single time.

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