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King Cock Plus Triple Density 5 Inch Dildo with BallsKing Cock Plus Triple Density 5 Inch Dildo with Balls
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King Cock Plus Triple Density CockKing Cock Plus Triple Density Cock
Tantus #2 Dual Density Uncut DildoTantus #2 Dual Density Uncut Dildo
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Blush X5 Hard On Real Feel DildoBlush X5 Hard On Real Feel Dildo
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Blush Neo Dual Density Cock with BallsBlush Neo Dual Density Cock with Balls
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Fleshstixxx Dual Density Silicone DildoFleshstixxx Dual Density Silicone Dildo
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Naked Addiction 8 Inch Rotating & Vibrating DongNaked Addiction 8 Inch Rotating & Vibrating Dong
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King Cock 10 Inch DildoKing Cock 10 Inch Dildo
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Bareskin Soft & Firm DildoBareskin Soft & Firm Dildo
Bareskin Soft & Firm Dildo
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Jock Lifelike Dildo with Suction CupJock Lifelike Dildo with Suction Cup
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Jock Lifelike Dildo with BallsJock Lifelike Dildo with Balls
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Fleshstixxx 7 Inch DildoFleshstixxx 7 Inch Dildo
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Pipedream Dillio DildoPipedream Dillio Dildo

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Experience the Utmost Realistic Feel with a Cyberskin Dildo

Cyberskin dildos are some of the most realistic looking and feeling cocks on the market. With the virtual touch technology used to make them, it’s hard to tell the difference between these dildos and a real human penis. In fact, if you close your eyes and touch the material, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between a Cyberskin dildo and a human penis!

The best part – Cyberskin has memory, and is very flexible, so it can recover to its original shape. The beauty in Cyberskin penises is that you can still enjoy a more colorful selection of dildos that feel just as realistic as the real thing. From small dildos to big dildos and everything in between, you’ll find all your favorites in the widely-loved Cyberskin material.

Browse our wide selection of Cyberskin dildos that will help you feel filled up and satisfied. To help you learn a bit more about Cyberskin dildos, we’ve addressed some commonly asked questions:

Cyberskin Dildos FAQ

What is Cyberskin?

Cyberskin is a soft, flexible material used to mimic the feel and appearance of real skin. It’s extremely realistic, and a higher quality one is hypoallergenic, since it will be free of both latexes and phthalates.

Who makes Cyberskin sex toys?

Each manufacturer of sex toys has their own trade name for Cyberskin.

How can I care for and clean my Cyberskin dildo?

After using your Cyberskin toy, wash it carefully with warm and soapy water. Pat it dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. Don't rub it roughly, as this may abrade the surface or rub lint onto it. After you have cleaned and dried your Cyberskin toy, some manufacturers offer a renewing powder that helps keep the surface of the Cyberskin from getting sticky and prolongs its life.