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Sexy, Strong Appeal with Men’s Lingerie

Who said sexy lingerie is just for women? Men can also have a lot of fun dressing up, getting in the mood for sex and attempting to please their partner.

Ladies are visual creatures, just like their male partners. A sexy G-string, a pair of quality boxers covering a nice butt or a sexy costume can turn every woman on. There’s no reason to feel hesitant about male lingerie. And trust us – once you try it, you’ll never go back!

Men’s Lingerie FAQ

How Should I Choose the Right Kind of Men’s Lingerie?

If you’re buying lingerie for the very first time, choose something you’ll be comfortable in.

This means both physical and psychological comfort. If a sexy thong or pouchless briefs are a bit too much, start simple. Classic boxers from a nice fabric will make you feel good and they’ll open the gates to additional experimentation.

Isn’t Lace Feminine, Why Is It Used in Men’s Lingerie?

When browsing through different kinds of men’s lingerie, you’ll probably come across lacy boxers and thongs. While you may be surprised by those, many guys enjoy the softness and sheer appeal of such materials.

Lace has been labeled as something feminine but it doesn’t have to be. This material can contrast your body’s hardness nicely, plus it will give your partner a beautiful preview of what’s about to come next.

What’s the Benefit of Crotchless Lingerie?

Female panties can be crotchless to ensure easy access and a chance to get started immediately, without having to take garments off.

The same applies to crotchless lingerie for men. Your girl or guy could be into role play or visual stimulation. Keeping crotchless lingerie on during sex fulfills a need and enables the realization of a fantasy. Hence, crotchless lingerie for men can make sex a lot hotter and more fulfilling.

What Style of Men’s Lingerie Is Right for Me?

Anything that you’re drawn to!

You can stick to the classics. You can choose a G-string or a thong. You can go pouchless or opt for rip-off slips. There are micro thongs, leather harness and thong sets, rubber or latex boxers, jocks and see-through mesh lingerie.

If you don’t know what to select and how to buy lingerie, get your partner involved in the process. Their feedback will give you a good idea about the varieties they’ll be turned on.