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Tongue Vibrators

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Imagine getting oral sex while playing solo. It is a real possibility with a tongue vibrator that never gets tired of providing you pleasure. Our tongue vibrators collection features high-quality models with coveted features, all providing extensive pleasure.

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Enjoy External Stimulation and Orgasms with a Tongue Vibrator

Tongue vibrators still lag behind in popularity compared to their famous counterparts like rabbit vibes or the wand massagers that have been around forever. The truth is that they’re fairly new to the scene and they provide an experience that’s impossible to compare to anything else. Imagine having a tongue that never gets tired caressing your clit. It can also be used other erogenous zones to arouse, excite and please.

Tongue vibrators are a broad category of oral sex toys. HotCherry’s range consists of medical-grade silicone vibes, rechargeable vibrators, licking rabbits (two times the fun!), fluttering vibrators and clitoral pumps. Each one provides a slightly different sensation that’s dependent on the design and the flexibility of the material.

Tongue Vibrators Takes Oral Sex Realism to the Next Level

Let’s be honest here – most of us enjoy oral sex. It’s amazing for getting off because it delivers the right kind of stimulation to the right spot(s). Good oral sex, however, is heavily dependent on the skills and enthusiasm of a partner.

Tongue vibrators have been created to come as close to the real experience as possible. They, however, will never get tired. Also, motor-powered tongues can vibrate and flicker much faster than a human being. That’s a certain recipe for an orgasm or a few of those.

Using a tongue vibrator against your clit will give you the satisfaction you crave. It’s a perfect choice for solo sex and it can also spice up foreplay with a partner. But you don’t have to be selfish and reserve the pleasure only for yourself. A tongue vibrator is a truly unisex kind of toy. It can be applied to any erogenous zone to send shivers down the spice. In certain positions, tongue vibrators can also be integrated in penetrative sex. In some instances, the vibrations will be so powerful that both parties involved will get to feel and enjoy those.

To make tongue vibrator use amazing, pay attention to a couple of things. First and foremost, you need to check out the length and the flexibility of the tongue – the part of the vibrator that flickers. A more flexible tongue will be capable of a larger motion range. Most people tend to find this very exciting. Stiff tongues aren’t a good thing because they’ll usually be flickering against very sensitive body parts. In that case, the stiffness combined with the vibrations can get to be too much.

We’d also recommend exploring pump-based tongue vibes. These toys have a flickering tongue that’s encompassed in a pump funnel. The aim of such designs is to give you both vibrations and a bit of suction. Usually, the two can be used simultaneously or independently. Hence, a suction-based tongue vibrator gives you all of the variety needed to explore pleasure like you’ve never had it before.

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