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Anal Training Kits & Starter Sets

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Anal play requires training and preparation, and what better way to do this than with an anal training kit. The kits usually come with plugs/trainers with increasing sizes for safe and comfortable play, and our collection features quality models for everyone.

How To Use Anal Trainers, Best Anal Training Kits
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Work Into Butt Play Safely with an Anal Training Kit

Good anal sex requires a few things and preparedness is one of them. A quality anal training kit will help you get comfortable with this brand new experience. It can be the perfect transition to partnered sex or it can ensure amazing solo play. Anal training kits are ideal for both men and women. With several probes that get progressively bigger in size, these kits ensure lots of versatility and fun exploration.

For a good range of anal training kits, check out the HotCherry catalogue. You’ll find sets of plugs and probes that have different textures. You’ll find anal starter sets especially designed for the needs of men who would enjoy prostate stimulation. We also offer some of the best materials – medical-grade silicone, metal and glass. Each one of these ensures a very specific sensation and is worth looking into.

An Anal Starter Kit Can Give You Unparalleled Orgasm Intensity

Anal stimulation is a lot of fun when done right. In fact, it can help you achieve some of the most powerful orgasms in your life. The trick is to relax, take it slow and do the things that feel just right. You’ll discover these things by using an anal training kit.

An anal starter kit is much more affordable than buying multiple probes or butt plugs individually. It also gives you visual consistency, which is important to some people. Finally, anal starter kits are amazing for people of all experience levels. If you’re a newbie, you’ll start out with the smallest probe. If you’ve already tried out some anal stimulation, you can move on to the bigger items in the kit.

Just like other toys created especially for anal play, the anal beginner kits have all important security features. Tapered designs allow for easy insertion and a flared base would keep the item from getting sucked up inside the rectum. Smooth designs and the right materials would allow for effortless insertion. Not only that, they’re non-porous – a characteristic that matters a lot in the world of anal toys. Non-porous materials don’t harbor bacteria or dirt/dust. They are easy to sanitize and clean thoroughly. They’re also very long-lived, ensuring an optimal return on investment.

With anal kits, you can also choose various designs aimed at enhancing pleasure. Curved probes are especially good for prostate stimulation. Swirls and textures will make the probes amazingly stimulating when they go in.

Alternatively, you can choose a material like glass. Its hardness and weight are super fun to test out. Also, glass allows you to engage in temperature play. Heat the probes or cool them down. It doesn’t matter what temperature you’ll go for. Both heat and coolness can increase your arousal and give you a sensation you’ll never feel during regular anal sex.

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