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3 Piece Silicone Explorers Anal Set3 Piece Silicone Explorers Anal Set
3 Piece Silicone Anal Exerciser Kit3 Piece Silicone Anal Exerciser Kit
BootySparks Emerald Gem Anal Plug SetBootySparks Emerald Gem Anal Plug Set
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Strap U Strap On Dildo Set of 3 - PurpleStrap U Strap On Dildo Set of 3 - Purple
Save 13%
4 Piece Silicone Anal Ringed Rimmer Set4 Piece Silicone Anal Ringed Rimmer Set
Silicone Anal Starter KitSilicone Anal Starter Kit
Save 29%
Blush Temptasia Twist Kit - Set Of 3Blush Temptasia Twist Kit - Set Of 3
Silicone Gem Anal KitSilicone Gem Anal Kit
Blush Luxe Night Rimmer Butt Plug KitBlush Luxe Night Rimmer Butt Plug Kit
Firefly Pleasure Plugs Trainer KitFirefly Pleasure Plugs Trainer Kit
Save 26%
Vac-u-lock Silicone Pegging SetVac-u-lock Silicone Pegging Set
BootySparks Pink Heart Gem Anal Plug SetBootySparks Pink Heart Gem Anal Plug Set
Inya Triple Kiss Anal Trainer KitInya Triple Kiss Anal Trainer Kit
Colt Anal Trainer KitColt Anal Trainer Kit
Zero Tolerance Intro To Prostate KitZero Tolerance Intro To Prostate Kit
Triple Spades 3 Piece Anal Plug SetTriple Spades 3 Piece Anal Plug Set
Vibrating Bumpy Anal Bead SetVibrating Bumpy Anal Bead Set
Save 49%
Frisky Chrome Hearts Princess Anal PlugFrisky Chrome Hearts Princess Anal Plug

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Work Into Butt Play Safely with an Anal Trainer Kit

One thing you should know about anal is that it isn’t the bedroom activity that allows you to be the most spontaneous. Anal play takes a lot of time and practice to work up to, beginning usually from the insertion of a finger or two, and can escalate to kinks like anal gaping for the extreme anal enthusiasts.

But boy, can it be a wonderfully stimulating and pleasurable experience once you get into it. If you’re new to anal play, you’ve come to the perfect section! We carry a range of anal trainer kits and starter toys, from butt plugs to anal beads, and even anal dildos! Whatever your experience level, these kits can help you train your anus muscles to take bigger objects. Make sure to always use a ton of lube when engaging in any sort of anal play!

Browse our wide selection of anal trainer kits and starter toys that will help you reach that sought-after anal orgasm. To help you learn a bit more about anal toys and trainer kits, we’ve addressed some commonly asked questions:

Anal Trainer Kits & Starter Toys FAQ

Which toy should I start with as a complete beginner?

We always suggest experimenting with anal play with smaller objects before working your way up, in order to help your anus muscles to adjust to stretching and allowing toys or larger body parts in. Before using any toys, use your own or a partner’s finger and see how that feels. If you can, add a second finger. Once you’re comfortable with fingers in the anus, you can move onto either an anal plug or anal beads – just be sure to choose a smaller size. A good benchmark would be to have the smallest toy in the kit be the size of what you can currently handle in fingers. Check out our Anal Toy Sizing Guide if you need more help!

How are butt plugs different from anal beads?

Butt plugs and anal beads are both great toys to train with, and they offer different sensations. Both can be used as foreplay to anal sex, or as the main dish. Butt plugs are teardrop-shaped and are meant to sit inside your butt, and not be moved around. They can also be worn underneath your clothes to keep you aroused while you’re doing other things, and can be easily hidden. When using anal beads, the amount that you insert depends on your experience level, and they usually grow in size. They are meant to stimulate inside the body and move in and out the anus. You can pull them out at different paces too, for extra stimulation.

What should I look for in a toy?

Since anal play can often be enjoyed hands-free, it’s important to ensure that the toys you’re using have a flared base to prevent too-deep slippage. Sometimes when we get carried away, it could cause the toy to move too far in the anal canal and travel up the colon, which could cause body harm. A flared base helps to ensure that the toy can’t travel that far, and helps with easy retrieval.

Which materials should I opt for?

We always recommend silicone if you’re just getting into anal play, since it’s body safe, can be easily sanitized and have a good amount of flexibility, making it ideal for beginners. If you’re a bit more experienced, glass plugs are beautiful and lightweight, and stainless steel toys can be used for some erotic temperature play.