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Male Masturbation Activity

Male Masturbation

Guides & Expert Advice

  • How to Use a Pocket Pussy Blog Post Image

    How to Use a Pocket Pussy

    When it comes to sexual satisfaction, most people are stuck on the idea that nothing can replace sex with their partner, and sure, realism has its draws...

  • Everything You Need to Know About Penis Toys Blog Image

    Penis Toys

    There are many penis toys on the market. Most of these are designed to resemble a vagina, mouth or anus, although there are now many more design innovations...

  • How to Stimulate a Blowjob Blog Image

    How to Stimulate a Blowjob

    Most—if not all—agree that blowjobs are the height of sexual pleasure. No other sexual act compares to blowjobs' suction, wetness, and contrasting sensations...

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