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Everything You Need to Know About Penis Toys

Everything You Need to Know About Penis Toys

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There are many penis toys on the market. Most of these are designed to resemble a vagina, mouth or anus, although there are now many more design innovations which take these pocket pussies much further.

Now, you can get automatic male massagers which are still a sleeve type, but inside they move hands-free and simulate a hand or oral sex. Other male massagers are constructed to resemble a clenched fist, where it will automatically masturbate the user.

Vibrating Silicone Cock Teaser

These toys are convenient and easy to use while still spicing up what was often a solitary need. They are used to not only get self-satisfaction, but they also help to increase stamina for when they are in the bedroom too.

With a little lube and a penis toy of choice, you can be manually or automatically pleasured without the need to fully picture a sexual scenario. Some of the more modern masturbators are said to deliver a better oral or hand experience than the real thing. And that’s amazingly-good news.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Types of Penis Toys

There are many different types in the form of pocket pussies, cock rings, vibrating cock rings, penis sleeves, or penis pumps, but to make it easier to understand, here is an overview of each type.

  • Fleshlights – Although this is a company name, the term has become generic for the most classic and one of the most popular male masturbators. This was the company which started it all when they designed a masturbating sleeve which looks like a flashlight from the outside while containing the stimulating sleeve on the inside. Aka fleshlights, the name, was born.
  • Pocket pussies – The name gives everything away, and these masturbators are made to replicate a female vagina. Most often they come in discreet cases and can be carried around inconspicuously.

Sasha Grey 2 Fuckhole Masturbator

  • Cock rings – These are the earliest and purest forms of sex toys designed for men in the form of a ring which sits at the base of the penis and performs a contracting action on an erection. For men who wear cock rings there can be a significant ego boost, and this is because they have a harder and larger erection than without one.
  • Vibrating Cock Rings – Vibrating cock rings build on the benefits of regular cock rings. They also add benefits for partners and are a little more versatile than a regular cock ring. They offer longer lasting and harder erections, help control premature ejaculations, increase the ejaculation fluid, and help with self-control.
  • Penis sleeves – These are attachments which fasten to the penis without belts or buckles and sit snugly around the erect member. Many come in body safe materials like rubber, latex and silicone. In most cases, a penis sleeve takes on the appearance of an elongated cock or penis ring which wraps around the shaft, leaving the head exposed for ejaculation. 

Pipedream Penis Sleeve Vibrator

How to Choose the Best Penis Toy for You

There is no reason why you should only own one toy. By having multiple, you can have different kinds of sensations each time you use them. There are many different types and they deliver different sensations.

For beginners, you should aim to start with the most basic penis toys until you are used to the sensations. Once you are more experienced, you can move up to one which contains inner nodules to increase stimulation or work your way to one of the automated, hands-free masturbators.

The most dictating factor will be penis size. If you have a large penis, you need to aim for the largest size possible. If you are unsure, then you can find one size fits all that will adjust itself to your length and girth.

Frisky Bunny Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

What Are the Benefits of Penis Toys?

There are many benefits of using a penis toy, and these are not only from gaining sexual satisfaction. Here are some benefits you might not relate to, from using your artificial male masturbators…

  • Prevents premature ejaculation – This can hit men at any time, but men who frequently fall foul to premature ejaculation can delay this by using a male masturbator for around two hours before sexual intercourse. You can also build up your stamina by making yourself last longer before your orgasm.
  • Helps prevent prostate cancer - Prostate cancer risks can be reduced in men who ejaculate five times per week, or more. This risk is cut by a third, so the more use of toys like pocket pussies will help you by flushing out any harmful buildup of toxins.
  • You become harder – As men age, they begin losing muscle tone. This also affects the regions below the belt. Regular sex or gratification with a male masturbator helps to keep the pelvic floor muscles in check. This aids in preventing erectile dysfunction and also incontinence. In fact, using penis masturbation toys up to five times per week means that your lower muscles will perform admirably too.
  • Better quality sperm – Regular masturbation improves the quality of sperm and also its motility. Men who masturbate on a regular basis before having sex actually flush out residual sperm from the internal tubes. If you are looking to conceive, then using your male masturbator before the act can increase the chances.
  • Stress and depression – When you ejaculate, your body releases the feel-good hormones. This oxytocin is released with endorphins which raise mood and fight against depression. Plenty of male masturbation will keep you happier and less stressed.

More intense orgasms or help with erectile dysfunction – Penis rings help trap the blood flow in the penis. There is a lot more pressure, so when it’s time to finish, this can be far more explosive and more intense than usual.

Main Squeeze Pussy Masturbator

Using Toys During Foreplay

Although most penis toys are designed for self-satisfaction, there is nothing wrong with using them during foreplay with a partner.

Penis sleeves can be used by the partner to spice things up a little. A partner who encourages the use of a stroker on the partner can open up a whole new world of sensations to the guy. This can help the partner also, because some find it hard to satisfy their partner with just their hand or mouth.

There are lots of people who find that oral is much easier to give and less tiring. Men can also be unresponsive to the touch of the hand in such a situation, so now, the uses of a masturbation sleeve can make things much better for both partners.

The partner also faces less strain and fatigue, and the guy gets the full benefits of being masturbated while receiving the full glory of the stimulating sleeve inside the masturbator.

Depending on the construction of the masturbator, you can even head into the shower for some wet and wild action. It is also possible to double up on the fun, and have your guy touch you as you use the masturbation sleeve on him.

Optimale Silicone Cock Ring Kit

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Like all adult toys, penis toys must be cleaned before and after every use. If you are cleaning your device, make sure the end which holds the battery doesn’t enter the water. If there is sleeve attachment, it should always be removed and washed separately.

You should also store your toys in cool, dry places and keep out of extreme heat or cold.

If you have a rechargeable toy and haven’t use it for long periods, the battery must be fully charged every six months.

Because of the various designs, other care methods will be required. Fleshlights need the sleeve removed and flushed with hot water to get rid of any lubricant and/or bodily fluids. Once you have done this, they need to be dried with a lint-free cloth, or you can air dry the inner sleeve. A hairdryer can be used for this as long as it is on cool, and isn’t used for too long a period.

Riley Reid Fleshlight - Utopia

A light sprinkling of fleshlight powder or cornstarch can prevent the sleeve surface from feeling sticky after drying.

Male masturbators with moving parts need to have these removed before washing, and these should be cleaned under a hot tap while making sure everything is wiped from inside the bumps and lumps of the stimulating nodules.

When storing, male masturbators that are enclosed should only be sealed in their specified container, once they are thoroughly dried. Also, if you own more than one, these should be stored without touching each other, and in an environment which allows air flow around your toys.

If you have a battery-powered masturbator, the batteries must be removed between usage in case the batteries deteriorate or leak.

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