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Have a Reliable Hydration with a Water-Based Lube

Water-based lube is tremendously popular for a reason. It’s the one that comes closest to natural lubrication as far as consistency and slipperiness are concerned. These lubes are also compatible with all sex toy and condom materials. Finally, they’re easy to clean and completely non-staining. You wouldn’t have to worry about your expensive sheets after a night of intense pleasure if this is your go-to lube.

HotCherry’s range of water-based lubes is broad enough to meet all budgets, tastes and preferences. We have all natural and organic lubes, edible and flavored water-based lubes, economical products, travel-sized lubes, warming lubes, water-based lubricants especially formulated for longevity during anal sex and others.

Water-Based Lubes Works for All Kinds of Sex

Anyone who is seeking a versatile product should choose a water-based lube. It’s an essential sex product that can work really well in a number of scenarios.

Unscented and plain water-based lube is ideal for women who need a little extra moisture for good penetrative sex. It can really increase sexual pleasure when natural lubrication is scant because of menopause, pregnancy or hormonal problems. Water-based lube is also compatible with all sex toy materials. If you want the solo session of a lifetime, get a big bottle and don’t be afraid of liberal applications.

There are also water-based lube formulations that are created for anal sex. These offer extra slipperiness and extra longevity to compensate for the lack of natural moisture in that part of the body. With so many choices and products, you may feel a bit confused. When buying, pay attention to a couple of things.

Quality lubes are free from glycerin, parabens and sugar. Some good products may contain natural extracts like aloe vera to hydrate and deliver gentle results.

Water-based lubes are created to reduce the risk of irritations. As a general rule of thumb, look for products with a minimal list of ingredients. Having fewer additives reduces the risk of irritation significantly and almost always guarantees and incredibly pleasant experience.

Finally, you can also find specialized varieties of water-based lube. Warming, cooling and edible lubes are readily available. In some instances, the effect will be more pronounced while in others, you’ll get a mild sensation. Don’t hesitate to go through reviews or to try a sample in order to determine the intensity before committing to the product.