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Anal Vibrators

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Enjoy Vibrant Sensations with an Anal Vibrator

Did you know you could achieve a powerful anal orgasm with the right kind of stimulation? If you’re curious about such an experience, try an anal vibrator. Anal vibes are especially designed for anal use. They have a tapered design and a flared base – two things you should definitely be looking for. They can also be shaped to ensure consistent P-spot stimulation. Add vibrations to the mix and you’ll get immense pleasure like you’ve never felt it before.

Anal vibrators come in many different varieties. HotCherry gives you a good range of possibilities. We have anal vibrators especially designed for the needs of men and women. Remote controlled or equipped with a push button – just choose the one you feel more comfortable with. Our vibrators are also wireless or wired, made of medical-grade silicone and several other premium materials, equipped with rechargeable batteries and textured for added pleasure.

An Anal Vibrator Gives You Tons of Pleasure Combos to Explore

Should you go fast and hard or slow and steady? That really depends on what you’re looking for in a sexual experience. Good vibrators have numerous rhythms, patterns and speeds. Start out slow and take things up a notch when you feel ready. The intensity and pleasurable rhythms aren’t going to disappoint.

Anal vibes can be amazing as complementary sex toys or they can be used on their own. An anal vibe is also amazing to enjoy during partnered sex. Being penetrated by someone while having the vibe in will certainly drive you wild. On top of that, your partner will also feel the vibrations. The pleasure and the intimacy you’ll feel this way are almost impossible to achieve without a little help.

There’s a good anal vibrator for everyone out there. If you don’t have a lot of experience, you can start out with a classic vibrating butt plug. Its design is non-threatening but still stimulating enough. People who have been around the block a few times can check out more advanced possibilities like prostate massagers, inflatable vibrating butt plugs and spreaders.

Start out by choosing the right size. Your anal vibrator doesn’t have to be gigantic to get the job done. Next, look for a controller you feel comfortable with. Finally, pay attention to the battery specs. A good rechargeable battery should give you a few hours of good use with a single charging. The rest of the features are up to you. Do explore and compare products side by side. There could be numerous differences and possibilities when it comes to vibration and pulsation functionalities.

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