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Non-Realistic Dildos

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Take Pleasure a Step Further with a Non-Realistic Dildo

A realistic dildo is the go-to pleasure item for many, but how about a non-realistic one? If you’re not turned on by the perfect penis replica, this option is for you. Non-realistic dildos have a much more streamlined design. Often, they don’t look like sex toys at all. Still, the shape and size are chosen entirely for pleasure. You can rest assured that a non-realistic dildo will be as orgasmic as its penis-inspired counterparts.

Non-realistic dildos are much more discrete, and they often look futuristic. There’s an excellent element to their appearance that often translates into enhanced functionality. Multiple colors, shapes, and ergonomic curves are present within the HotCherry non-realistic dildo catalog. We have a few pointers to help you pick the right product. Start with the shape, the form, and the texture that will give you the desired intensity level. Consider a few additional features like a suction cup base (or a flared base for an anal dildo), harness compatibility, vibrations, and thrusting.

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