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Sex Toy Cleaners

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Get the Job Done Quickly with Quality Sex Toy Cleaners

By now, you probably know that proper sex toy cleaning is imperative if you want to have amazing and safe sex every single time. You have to be thorough and meticulous, even when you don’t feel like cleaning your toys. To make the task easier, you can count on a simple and effective product like a specialized sex toy cleaner. It’s the perfect choice that will easily replace soap and water as your biggest hygiene ally.

Sex toy cleaners aren’t all the same. At HotCherry, you’ll find antibacterial products, cleaners that feature natural and organic ingredients, foaming cleansers for easy application, aloe vera-enriched cleaning solutions and others. all of them will make your toys spotless while also being gentle to the skin.

A Sex Toy Cleaner Gives You Impeccable Results Each Time

Cleaning sex toys properly is important for more than one reason. For a start, these toys are often used in places that harbor bacteria. You don’t want microorganisms colonizing your favorite dildos and vibrators. In addition, some materials can accumulate dirt and dust. Again – these are things you don’t want to get anywhere near your most sensitive body parts.

It’s essential to wash and sanitize your toys after every single use. Even if they’re used solely for masturbation and not shared with a partner, proper cleaning is essential to reduce the risk of nasty infections. Many of the formulas available on the market can be used both on toys and as a part of a personal hygiene routine. This is possible for cleaners that have been dermatologically-tested and that don’t feature harsh ingredients. All of the cleaning solutions you’ll find here meet these criteria. They’re gentle to the skin yet powerful when it comes to killing bacteria and getting rid of dirt.

There are two main sex toy cleaner varieties. Foaming agents are applied to a toy and washed away with water. You’ll also find no-rinse formulas. These are simply sprayed on toys before and after use. They have anti-bacterial properties and are the perfect solution when you’re travelling or you don’t have the time to wash toys with soap and water. It’s a good idea to have one of both varieties- each one brings specific benefits to the table.

Quality cleaners are made to be compatible with all kinds of sex toys. Just to be on the safe side, however, make sure that the product you want to buy is compatible with the material that your sex toys are made of. In most instances, this isn’t going to be an issue. It’s also a good idea to check the cleaning recommendations made by the respective sex toy maker. That’s how you extend the lifespan of your collection and keep your favorites squeaky clean.

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