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Sportsheets Sex SlingSportsheets Sex Sling
Easy Toys Pillow & Ankle Cuffs Leg Position StrapEasy Toys Pillow & Ankle Cuffs Leg Position Strap
Fetish Fantasy Series Spread-Eagle Sling
Fetish Fantasy Series Dance PoleFetish Fantasy Series Dance Pole
Adam & Eve Inflatable Position PillowAdam & Eve Inflatable Position Pillow
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Mipole Professional Dance PoleMipole Professional Dance Pole
Mipole Professional Dance Pole
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Mipole 360 Chrome Dance PoleMipole 360 Chrome Dance Pole
Mipole 360 Chrome Dance Pole
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Sportsheets Door Jam Sex SlingSportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling
Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy SwingFetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing
Whip Smart Pleasure SwingWhip Smart Pleasure Swing
Lux Fetish Door Slam Love SwingLux Fetish Door Slam Love Swing

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Bring Out Your Playful Side with an Adult Sex Swing

Difficult sexual positions are no longer out of reach when you add a sex swing into the mix. With these flexible devices, any couple can perform the most difficult, most stimulating sexual positions ever and reap all the benefits – from aiding those with a disability to helping to angle your hips for optimal G or P-spot targeting.

With a sex swing, you can enjoy weightless sex in almost any position your dirty minds can conjure up. New sensations are at the tip of your fingertips! You can get a door sex swing, or a swing that hangs from the ceiling, depending on what works for your space. Throw on your sexy bdsm lingerie, stock up on your favorite sex lube and get ready to explore your deepest fantasies.

A swing is the perfect accessory to bring some playfulness back into your relationship, and turn your bedroom into your sexual playground. Before you take the plunge, we've addressed a few common questions about buying a sex swing to make your final decision easier:

Bondage Sex Swing FAQ

What is a sex swing and how do you use one?

A sex swing is a mechanism that looks similar to a regular swing, but is designed to suspend a person in positions that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. There are plenty of ways that you can use a sex swing – many people use it to enhance sex, bondage, or even help out people with disabilities.

How do I choose a door sex swing?

It depends on your personal requirements, but in general, you should consider 3 important things: comfort, safety and flexibility. Comfort means finding one that doesn’t pinch or put pressure on your legs, hips and back. More flexibility in your swing means that you can explore more positions.

Do we need to install a hook in our ceiling to use a ceiling-mounted sex swing?

Well, the short answer is yes. A ceiling hook is generally the best option for most ceiling-mounted sex swings, but there are plenty of other mounting options like using sex swing stands.

Is there a weight limit to adult sex swings?

Each sex swing has its own recommended weight limits, so you should always consult the instruction pamphlet. If you plan on exceeding the weight limit, keep in mind that the springs and the mounting system are the most important parts of keeping it sturdy. You can always purchase a larger spring separately, and you should always try and pick a swing with more mounting points to help with spreading the weight out and keeping it more secure.