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Sex Swings

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Bring Out Your Playful Side with a Sex Swing

Have you ever wondered about using a sex swing? Well, stop wondering and get one! A sex swing allows for very deep penetration and proper G-spot stimulation as one of its main benefits. In addition, it delivers some sensory stimulation, it makes many positions much easier to get into and it adds lots of variety to your sex life. A sex swing is a great choice for all kinds of sex – vaginal, anal or oral. It’s also a fun option that both straight and gay couples can try out for a bit of added spiciness.

Sex swings come in all shapes and sizes and you’ll find many of those at HotCherry. We have door-suspended swings, full suspension swings, bondage swings and supporting harnesses that make certain positions easier and more enjoyable

A Sex Swing Removes Physical Limitations

For many people, having sex in a certain position will be a mission impossible due to physical limitations. Pregnant women, elderly individuals and those dealing with certain disabilities can all be limited when it comes to enjoying intimacy. A sex swing removes those limitations and increases the range of options anyone can enjoy.

Most sex swings have a sturdy, comfortable seat, straps and harnesses that support the body and reduce tension. There are many positions that can be explored with such a contraption, as long as both people involved feel ready to try out something new.

Having bed-bound sex is also not optimal when it comes to diversity and keeping things fresh. Something as simple as a door-mounted swing can freshen up a well-known experience, getting it to feel like honeymoon sex all over again.

A sex swing isn’t an accessory reserved just for BDSM lovers or those who enjoy kinkier sex. In fact, it’s an erotic aide most people can benefit from. Most people who have tried a sex swing at least once confirm the fact that it has upgraded their intimate lives. Let’s face it – many sex positions can be difficult or even impossible to try out without a bit of support. That’s a pity because some of them allow for amazing stimulation. With a sex swing, you don’t have to be a yoga guru in order to explore the kama sutra from A to Z. Your body will be fully supported, you wouldn’t have to worry about mobility and you’ll get to enjoy the moment without any anxiety.

And if you’d like to take it a step further, you can always try a bondage swing. Not only does it make certain positions easier, a bondage swing also features a dominance element that adds excitement through the possibility of power play.

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