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How To Use a Sex Swing for Stronger Orgasms

How To Use a Sex Swing for Stronger Orgasms

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Many people have turned to sex toys and personal pleasure devices to increase their satisfaction during sex, and sex swings are one of the couples' favorites. Numerous studies have found that sex swings boost partners' morale and sexual desire. In addition to enabling the execution of different erotic positions that would otherwise be difficult, the swing makes sex activities more thrilling and effortless.

This guide will help you get the most out of a sex swing, regardless of whether you have used one before or are just getting started with one.

What is a Sex Swing?

A sex swing is exactly what you may guess: a swing used during sexual activity. It's a hanging device that lets you lift yourself or your partner into the air to try out new angles, provide support, and perform sexy things you can't do when gravity is a factor. Typically crafted from leather, rope, or another robust material, sex swings can hold a person's body comfortably and securely while allowing for more flexibility and variety in sex.
Sex swings also enable people with physical limitations to enjoy more sexual activities by reducing muscular and joint pain.

You can use a sex swing for any sexual activity, whether oral, vaginal, or anal sex. The type of sex swings you use will determine the range of positions you can try out. Depending on the swing and configuration, users can experience weightlessness, full-body touch, or G-spot stimulation. Moreover, BDSM enthusiasts can use sex swings as bondage tools.

Sex swings allow couples to experience sex positions that would be impossible to try on a bed or the floor. A wide variety of styles are available - some are for outdoor use, some with an adjustable harness, others with a chair-style setup, and some for bedrooms and other indoor areas.

Why Use a Sex Swing?

If you and your lover are the types to enjoy trying new things, you might want to think about purchasing a sex swing:

For Stronger Orgasms

Sex swings offer fresh, stimulating, and enjoyable sexual experiences by letting your partner stimulate body areas from unattainable angles on a bed. These positions often allow deeper penetration, which can be satisfying for both partners. During sex, swings provide comfort during risky and exciting movements, enabling couples to take their enjoyment to new levels.

To Aid with Health Dysfunctions

Sex swings can also help those with arthritis, muscle ailments, and bodily stiffness have a more comfortable sexual experience. We also know that making love requires a particular amount of physical flexibility and that not everyone can perform to their full potential. No matter your mobility issues, using a sex swing can push the limits of your sexual interactions.

For Self-Exploring

You can use the sex swing to engage in solo play. Your exploration could involve experimenting with various sensations or engaging in self-love activities while pleasing yourself in whichever way brings you the most joy. Take it easy and have fun — there's no wrong way to experiment!

If You Are Lazy

It can also help lazy sexers. The partner in the swing position is fully supported and at ease. You won't have to worry about lifting during this new sex encounter; instead, you can unwind and enjoy the sensations that come your way. When you use a sex swing, the only thing that limits the positions you can get into is your imagination. You and your partner have the freedom to try out a variety of positions until you discover one that is comfortable for both of you. Also, the swing's support can make even the most uncomfortable position more comfortable and, with it, more pleasurable.

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Types Of Sex Swings

Sex swings come in wide varieties, and you can use them in many ways to spice up your sex life. There are several general types:

Traditional Swings

Stirrups, a seat, and two straps support the standard sex swings. They provide full-body support and can be comfortable depending on your chosen fabric and shape. You can hang them from ceiling hooks, frames, hallway walls, and a swing stand. Some swings have handles, armrests, headrests, and footrest rings. They enable a greater variety of sexual positions than any other pair.

Body-Mounted Sex Swings

A body-mounted sex swing is a wearable harness that attaches directly to a person rather than a ceiling, wall, or sex swing stand. One partner wears the sex swing similar to a life jacket, with additional straps supporting their buttocks and legs. The individual wearing the body sex swing must remain standing while they secure their partner in the swing. The partner standing on the ground can control and move the harness using the handles and the leg straps.

Door-Mounted Sex Swings

Because of its low cost and easy installation, a door sex swing is an excellent first sex swing, but its location limits motion and sex positions. These swings are mounted above a door and fastened to the door frame, and some models also feature straps for the legs and arms. They work like playground swings, supporting the partner in the air with a butt strap.

Sex Slings

Sex slings offer support like a hammock. They are available in various materials, including fabric, leather, and wood. Still, compared to other types of swings, they have a more constrained range of positions available to the user. Sex slings offer the swinging partner comfort, but they tend to come at a higher price than other swing sets.

How To Choose a Sex Swing Set That Works For You?

Here are a few things to note when picking out the best sex swing for you. It is possible that, just like with any other new sex toy, you will have difficulties setting it up properly. Here are some sex swing troubleshooting tips:

Check your space and weight restrictions: You want a swing that fits your space and can support your weight. There are weight limits on many sex swings, so it is essential to check these limits before using the swing. It is not safe for you to use the swing if your combined body weight is greater than the maximum weight limit stated on the set, and doing so could result in injury. You must also consider the kind of swing you want and the most suitable accessories for you and your partner.

Check out the material: You should prioritize durability, comfort, and washability while selecting a sex swing. Manufacturers typically use fabrics like nylon, cotton canvas, or leather for sex swings. Swings made of cloth materials usually have more padding and are simpler to take care of, while swings made of leather have a more sumptuous feel and are a fantastic fit for the BDSM aesthetic!

Comfort is vital: Choosing a swing that is not only manufactured from soft materials but also has safety features to prevent you from becoming chafed while you use it. To avoid discomfort, seek padded straps. If using an outdoor setup, protective padding may shield you from the pain of the rough seat surface or potential hard edges pressing into your body while swinging. Using a traditional sex swing, you will also need a head strap to prevent neck pain. And a hammock-style sex sling is the way to go if you value relaxation above all else.

How To Install Your Sex Swing?

At first look, the process of installing a sex swing may appear complicated, but, it is pretty straightforward:

1. Choose a good spot for your sex swing

It should be large enough to fit the swing and let you and your partner move about while playing. Avoid areas in your home exposed to high temperatures and humidity, and steer clear of air conditioning or heating systems.

2. Secure the swing seat with the proper hardware before hanging it

You can take a few different approaches when it comes to putting together your sex swing and making use of it. I'll discuss some of the more popular options, and you can choose what's ideal for your situation:

Ceiling Mounts

Mounting a sex swing to the ceiling is the most popular method. To hang the sex swing from the ceiling, you will need unique mounts. After you mount it, all that is left to do is fasten the sex swing to them, and you are good to go. Just check that you are not overloading your home's structural beams. Specific beams don't support loads; thus, using a sex swing on them will cause damage. Get a solid comprehension of your living space, as well as of the maximum load that your current arrangement can support.

Sex Swing Stand

While first learning how to utilize a sex swing, a stand is another helpful piece of equipment. It doesn't need ceiling mounts; you can attach the sex swing to the frame. However, some stands are unsuitable for certain types of sex swings, so it is essential to check before you buy. Stands are easy to build but take up a lot of space. When making a purchase, you should always double-check the stand size.

Door Mounts

When it comes to door sex swings, the only thing you need to do to set one up is to attach the straps of the sex swing to the door and then have the leftover material over the door frame. After that, close the door and enjoy your sex swing. Please properly close the door since leaving it open can lead to injuries.

Hallway Mounts

Instead of a ceiling mount, install the mounts on both walls of a tight hallway. They will be the anchors for your swing, and installation is a breeze from there.

3. Follow Your Sex Swing's Mounting Instructions.

For most sex swings, you will need to secure four of the provided hooks into two separate pieces of wood; for inflated swings, you will need some inserts; and for ceiling-mounted swings, you will need a single anchor point.

4. Sit in Your Installed Swing to Test It's Stability

Try them before playing with a partner to lessen the risk of injury. When you start playing on the swings, try to find an experienced partner to help you evaluate the equipment for potential problems or mistakes.

5. Have Fun When You've Double-Checked Everything

Wearing comfortable clothes that enable easy and unconstrained movement when participating in swinging activities is the most vital thing to keep in mind; let loose and have fun.

Sex Swing Positions to Try

Now that you've mounted your sex swing set, it's time for the next phase of learning how to use it - Testing different positions!

Missionary swing

How: The receiving person should lie back in the swing and hold the straps for support. From there, the top partner can move up and go in. They can use the straps to support and steady the swing.

What makes it great: The missionary swing is ideal for clitoral stimulation and deep penetration.

Swingin' Doggy-Style

How: Place the bottom facedown in the swing. They supported themselves with a chest and belly strap. If your swing has stirrups, you should also strap their legs in. After making sure your partner is comfortable, you can enter from behind.

What makes it great: Doggy is the ass-lovers' ideal position on a bed or a swing.

Lying Back

How: The bottom positions themselves while lying on the swing with one of the straps behind their middle back and the other behind their rear end. They then position their legs on the penetrator's shoulders.

What makes it great: It's fantastic because it provides a lot of depth, and if your partner has a clitoris, you'll have easy access to it in this position.

Lap Swing-Dance

How: One partner will sit in the swing while the other will sit on the partner's lap. Both partners maintain their feet firmly planted on the ground. Either a frontal or a rear-on approach will work for this.

What makes it great: While on a swing, having sex in this position can help you achieve more fluid and rhythmic motions since you're swaying with the assistance and guidance of the swing.

69 while Swinging

How: For this position, one partner reclines in the swing, and the other fastens the straps over their lower back, butt, and heels — the other partner kneels, keeping both feet firmly on the ground. Then you two go to town on one other!

What makes it great: The swing makes the movements much more manageable.


How: Anal swing sex can be challenging for several reasons, including finding the most comfortable position and whether or not you are a beginner. It would be best to begin by imitating the doggy style and then experiment to determine each partner's optimal positioning.

What makes it great: A sex swing might provide more alternatives for positioning the bottom of the receptive partner at the optimal angle.

Swing rider

How: So, considering you and your partner will be flying through the air, it's evident that this position is for those with more significant experience. In this position, the partner who is doing the penetrating leans back in the swing. Then the rider straddles them and rides.

What makes it great: This position is ideal for deep penetration, close eye contact, and bonding over both hanging in the air.


How: This one presents a more significant challenge. It starts with the bottom looping the middle strap over the thighs. Afterward, they grab the top straps and put their legs into the stirrups while holding onto them.

What makes it great: It's another booty-lovers position great for vaginal or anal sex.

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To safely use your sex swing, you should keep a few points in mind:

Safe place

A solid ceiling bar in the middle of the room is a great, secure place to hang a sex swing. There is also the option of using a sex swing with its accompanying support system. Sex swings with a stand are more expensive and take more work to set up, but it might be easier than getting out nails, screws, and hammers to put together some of the other swing sets.

Safe use

Carefully read through the owner's handbook and any installation directions that come packaged with the sex swing you decide to purchase. If you are not careful, it is pretty easy to slip and fall out of a sex swing, which can cause you to harm either your tailbone or the area you land on.

When learning how to utilize a sex swing, you need to be cautious about the load and the weight you are putting on it. Before using the sex swing, always double-check that you installed it correctly. If you don't properly install the mounts, the sex swing may collapse and cause serious injury to you or your partner.

Safe approach

Deciding to use a sex swing is a joint decision, but the communication doesn't stop there. Ensure your partner is comfortable with your actions during sex and ask for permission or assurance before changing positions, especially if it's your first time. You should pay attention to their needs and adjust your actions accordingly.

Experienced players interested in BDSM power plays and other kinky dimensions should exercise caution when taking the reins. You must always maintain safety and pay attention to the cues provided by your partner's body whenever you are in a position of control over them. Swing sex, like wine, becomes better with time; however, both partners should be honest about what works for them and what doesn't.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Consider these tips for your sex swing play:

  1. Begin with a simple door sex swing. Door sex swings are more approachable for newbies and are easier to set up than other alternatives. If this is your first time utilizing a sex swing, you should be sure that it is an activity you enjoy before purchasing a whole arrangement.
  2. Maintain open and honest communication while using a sex swing. You and your partner must have an available line of communication to guarantee that the swinger is content and has a good time during the experience.
  3. Use momentum. Whether the partner standing uses their penis or a strap-on dildo, they can use the speed of the swinging partner to achieve deeper penetration and a more intense sexual experience.
  4. Relax. Try not to feel disheartened even though there is much to consider concerning sex swings. If you are the swinger, you should let go of any tension that has built up in your body and allow your partner to take the lead. Your first time on the swing won't be exciting or sensual. It will be like learning to ride a bicycle for the first time. Swings, however, can provide you with some of the most pleasurable sexual encounters you've ever had once you get the hang of them. So, having a sense of humor and adequately controlling your expectations is vital. There is no guarantee that everything will work perfectly on the first try. Instead, it would be best to concentrate on discovering new things, becoming proficient at using the swing ,and having fun.
  5. Spice up the play with accessories. Playtime shouldn't be stressful—it should be enjoyable and lighthearted, so don't overextend yourself. If you want some extra kinkiness on those nights when you feel particularly daring, pick up a pair of handcuffs or some fetish eye patch, the options are limitless.

How To Clean Your Sex Swing?

When using a sex toy with a partner, cleaning it thoroughly after each use is essential. It is not uncommon for fluids and lubricant to end up on your swing, and, likely, cleaning a sex swing won't be as simple as washing your other sex toys. Nonetheless, taking precautions against bacterial infections and maintaining your swing in the best possible condition is necessary.

  • If the sex sling is leather made, clean it with a moist cloth and leather cleaner. If the sex swing is nylon, you can scrub it with antibacterial soap and water. Because excessive moisture can shorten the life of your leather sex sling, you should take care not to soak it.
  • The cleaning process for fabric swings that are not detachable from their metal components is more complex. The most effective method for cleaning these is to place them in the sink with some mild soap and warm water and let them soak for a while.
  • If you own a fabric swing with detachable straps, remove the fabric straps from the leather hardware, store them in a laundry bag, and wash them in the machine in a low heat setting. After, hang dry or tumble dry on low heat. Remember that thicker straps with loads of padding can take days to air-dry. Thus, before hanging them up, you should remove the excess moisture by wringing them out or squeezing them between dry towels.

How To Store a Sex Swing?

For those with active families who don't have time to deal with their sex swing being discovered by their kids or in-laws, hiding it is an important consideration. Storing your sex swing is simple, and like washing instructions, it will depend on the specific type you purchase.

If you're worried about being seen, a door swing or a sex swing that folds up quickly will be your best option. Put the swing in a box and store it under your bed.

However, if you want to avoid others figuring out what those hooks are for, you can hide them. If you feel uninspired and lazy, you could attach a few paper lanterns and fairy lights to disguise them. Or, if you want a more deliberate disguise, you can mount a false smoke alarm or a planter holder above them.

Final thoughts

Whether you and your partner want to spice up your sex life or to try something different occasionally, a sex swing is a fantastic addition to your repertoire. Additionally, engaging in a sex swing sex can open up a new world of thrilling positions for couples of varied heights.

Although there may be an initial adjustment period when first using a sex swing, you and your partner will quickly become experts and develop your unique preferences for positioning and techniques.

You can get to places you never thought you could before with the help of the swing. If you want to spice things up or try something new in the bedroom, the sex swing is a fantastic choice.

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