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How To Use a Vibrating Egg for Internal and External Stimulation

How To Use a Vibrating Egg for Internal and External Stimulation

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If your first thought about vibrating eggs was outdated plastic balls with unsightly cords dangling at the end, you're living in the past. Vibrating eggs have caught up with silicone-produced and remotely controlled sex toys, threatening the popularity of regular vibrators and dildos across the market.

Despite their small size, vibrating eggs shouldn't be underestimated. They often come with multiple vibrating speeds and rhythms and can be controlled in several ways. You can use them for external and internal stimulation, both for solo play or with a partner. Whatever you do, intensive orgasms are practically guaranteed. Keep reading to learn the benefits of using a vibrating egg and how to choose the right one for your sexual desires!

Why Use a Vibrating Egg?

Vibrating eggs are little oval-shaped toys, usually featuring a retractable string at one end. Their small size does not indicate their power, as most vibrating eggs feature powerful vibrating mechanisms. While primarily used for external stimulation of the clitoris and other erogenous zones, some vibrators can also be inserted for vaginal or anal play. Depending on their shape and size, you can also wear the vibrating egg for a prolonged period. All of these features make this sex toy quite desirable for both solo and partner play.

One of the vibrating egg's most significant benefits is its shape. The oval form provides extra pressure on the vaginal walls, making the vibrations feel more intense than a vibrating dildo.

Additionally, vibrating eggs often feature more vibrating modes. The most modern vibrating eggs are wireless or remotely controlled, bringing the user another benefit - hands-free pleasure. Once you've inserted the vibrating egg into your vagina, you can stimulate your clitoris, focus on other erogenous zones or switch to anal play. And, since the vibrating egg doesn't stick out externally, it leaves space for your partner to please you orally with the sex toy inside you.

Most vibrating eggs can fit in your hand, making them a convenient travel companion. You can easily pack them for a trip and enjoy the stimulation whenever needed. Additionally, they can stay inside you longer, so you can slip them in, then get about your day while enjoying continuous stimulation.

You can also choose vibrating eggs with extra features, which we'll discuss later. Vibrating eggs are very discrete, and depending on the model, they can be quiet, allowing you to use them for your public sex fantasies. Additionally, their versatile nature will never leave you bored. Best of all, this sex toy is usually made waterproof, so you can easily use it under the shower.

Are Vibrating Eggs Safe?

Let us ease your mind: vibrating eggs are safe to use. Regarding materials, they're often made from ABS plastic, silicone, or stainless steel, which are both body-safe and nonporous materials. However, some manufacturers still use rubber, jelly rubber, or other porous materials for their vibrating eggs, which is something you want to avoid. They're just as pleasurable as silicone vibrating eggs; however, their material is a much better environment for bacteria and germs to spread, and they're harder to upkeep regarding hygiene and storage.

A vibrating egg from nonporous materials is also safe to be inserted and kept inside for longer. However, remember that not all vibrating eggs are for internal stimulation. A good indicator of this is whether the sex toy has a retractable cord attached to it, which allows it to be pulled outside of the body.

Since the mechanism is stored in the heat of the sex toy, the nonporous materials make it waterproof, making your sexcapades more interesting and easing the cleaning process. Silicone and ABS plastic are easy to clean, usually only with soap and warm water. To those worried your vaginal walls or clitoris will desensitize from using a vibrating egg - don't be. This sex toy can provide powerful stimulation; however, it isn't nearly as capable of creating such damage. And although continuous use of vibrating sex toys may leave you with temporary desensitization, it won't permanently damage your nerves. Taking a break from vibrating stimulation is best in such cases, and the problem will correct itself.

Safety tip: Using lube with your vibrating egg for external and internal stimulation is imperative. The lube makes the stimulation more pleasurable, allowing the sex toy to glide through the skin instead of irritating it. Your safest bet is water-based lubricants, which pair well with all sex toy materials and feel closest to your natural lubrication. If you intend to use a silicone-based or oil-based lubricant, consult the manufacturer's manual to ensure the vibrating egg's material is compatible.

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Types of Vibrating Eggs

We'll keep saying it: vibrating eggs are not to be underestimated. Although straightforward sex toys, they can be versatile in their texture, vibrating mechanism, and power modes. More or less, all vibrating eggs can be divided into three categories; however, the extra features are where the actual diversity of pleasure lies. Below, we'll examine the different types of egg vibrators and explain their advantages and disadvantages.

Wired Vibrating Eggs

As the name suggests, this vibrating egg follows the original concept: an oval-shaped sex toy with a wire at one end connecting it to the controller. Although it might be weird to see a wire coming out of you, this sex toy is an excellent choice if you're worried about insertion and keeping the vibrating egg inside. Although nothing can lose inside the vagina, and most wireless vibrating eggs have a cord, it still gives people peace of mind when using the wired type. Additionally, the anus doesn't have a natural ending, so wired vibrating eggs are recommended for anal play as the safer option.

Wireless Vibrating Eggs

The modern wireless vibrating egg has almost wholly overcome the previous type. As the name suggests, this sex toy has an insertable part (the egg) and controller separately, not connected through a wire. This makes the vibrating egg much more convenient, allowing more movement and space for different sex positions or kinky plays. Additionally, many wireless vibrating eggs have a fancy-looking remote controller which can be hidden in plain sight. This allows you to move the fun from the bedroom into the public space for discrete sexplay with your partner. It's important to note that the charging of this sex toy usually happens with a USB cable, meaning you won't be able to play with it if it's not charged.

App-Enabled Vibrating Eggs

There's an app for everything, and the sex industry isn't cutting corners. App-enabled vibrating eggs are the most discreet sex toy for public use and the most convenient. The sex toy can be controlled by an app as long as there's an internet connection. Some vibrating eggs in this category can be handled from anywhere worldwide, adding extra spice to your long-distance relationship. The app-enabled sex toy is also of great use in the kinky community. Your partner can tease or punish you whenever they see fit, increasing the excitement.

Extra Features & Charging

While this is not a pacific category, it's worth exploring which manufacturers go the extra mile for their sex toys and include additional features. Most vibrating eggs today include multiple vibration speeds and intensities, but some models also have preset vibrational patterns. Some sex toys allow you to create custom patterns and save them for future pleasures. You can explore which vibrations and intensity suit you to make your orgasms extra pleasurable.

For those who appreciate the surface of vibrating eggs just as much as their vibrating modes, we recommend textured sex toys. Silicone vibrating eggs are usually the best choice, as the material is more flexible, and any additional texture will provide a soft massage on your vaginal walls. The texture may be on the whole surface of the vibrating egg or just on one part to target the G-spot specifically. If you're ready to pay a little extra, we recommend choosing a vibrating egg with a feature allowing its vibrating mechanism to sync to music or ambient sound. This will make playing with the sex toy much more enjoyable, as you or your partner can control the pulsations through music changes instead of the remote controller.

Last but not least, some vibrating eggs come in pairs of two to double the pleasure. The balls can be separated or connected, providing different types of stimulation, such as vibrations or rotations. You can also opt for vibrating kegel balls connected as one vibrating egg to help you exercise your pelvic floor while enjoying the vibrating massage.

In terms of powering, vibrating eggs are either USB-charged or battery-operated. The latter type usually requires 2 AAA batteries; their endurance depends on how much you use the sex toy. For the former type, it is recommended that you charge the sex toy for 8 hours before your first use, and it will take about 1.5-2 hours to charge for subsequent uses. The best-vibrating eggs last up to 2.5 hours without the need to be recharged. Overall, USB-charged vibrating eggs are more convenient since you can take them anywhere and charge them when needed. Most of the extra features discussed above are usually attached to USB-charged vibrating eggs.

How to Use a Vibrating Egg

The shape and form of this sex toy are the main factors for its versatile use in and out of the bedroom. There are many ways in which the vibrating egg can enrich your sex life, and whether you're playing alone or with a partner, intense orgasms are guaranteed every time.

Spice Up Your Foreplay

The vibrating egg can be handy if you're getting ready for a solo session or want to warm up for a passionate night with your partner. Namely, you can use it for many erogenous zones instead of reaching for the clit directly. For example, your partner can start massaging your neck with low vibrations, then continue to your nipples and stomach. If you want to be teased, they can apply pulses on your inner thighs and labia or around your anus. Since vibrating eggs come with different power modes and patterns, no part of the body is off-limits when it comes to external stimulation.

Take Masturbation to the Next Level

Not many things measure up to pressing a vibrating egg against your clitoris. The best thing is you'll have total control over the vibration through the remote and dictate the pressure by hand. If you want a hands-free experience, nest the vibrating egg in your labia, squeeze it with your thighs, or use a pair of panties. You can insert the vibrating egg into the vagina or anus, provided it has a retractable string, and use your hands to play with the rest of your body until you reach an orgasm. Vibrating eggs are great for quickies, but you can also use them to extend your self-pleasuring through edging.

Start Your Sex Play Early on Date Night

Get ready for a night on the town, and don't forget to bring your vibrating egg. We recommend using a wireless vibrating egg that your partner can control through an app across the table. Wearing it in your panties is more fun and teasing; however, you should be mindful of the noisiness and ambient around you. Some vibrating eggs can be loud and will probably be detected by people around you. Inserting it into your vagina or anus will give you acoustic advantages, as your body will minimize the sounds. Still, if you keep your vibrations on low power or choose an extra quiet model, you can enjoy intense vibration without anyone noticing.

Add a Little Extra to Your Sex Routine

When it comes to good-old monogamous sex, there's almost no limit on how to utilize the vibrating egg. Your partner can tease you during foreplay, insert it while giving you oral pleasure or hold it against your clitoris while penetrating you. If you're a straight couple with a kink for double penetration, you can insert your vibrating egg in one orifice and let your partner fill in the other. Remember that you shouldn't switch the sex toy between your vagina and anus without washing it properly since it is unhygienic.

Make Your Strap-On Harness a Complete Pleasure System

Strap-on sex can be particularly exciting for lesbian couples; however, it often leaves one partner without the needed stimulation. While bullet vibrators can be placed underneath the harness, they can often miss the mark, especially if the harness isn't fully customized to your anatomy. And this is where the vibrating egg comes in! You can insert it into the vagina and enjoy powerful stimulation while penetrating your partner. To make things even more exciting, let them control the vibrating egg while you hold the strap-on and give each other memorable orgasms.

Give Shower Sex a New Dimension

Everything you can do in the bedroom with your vibrating egg, you can also experience underwater! Whether you want to enjoy shower sex with your partner or a relaxed masturbation session in the bath, charge your vibrating egg and get on with the vibrations. Since this sex toy is often waterproof, you can enjoy it without worrying that the mechanism will be damaged. Remember that you might need to use silicone-based lubricant for these adventures since water lubes tend to resolve when they come in contact with water.

Explore a New Dimension of BDSM

Since vibrating eggs nowadays are remotely controlled, they make an excellent power-play prop. They allow your partner to control how much or little pleasure you get, whether for punishment or rewards. Instead of manually inserting dildos or using wand vibrators, your partner can tie you up and let the vibrating egg find all your weak spots, leaving you to crave their touch. A wireless vibrating egg and a pair of handcuffs are perfect for this scenario.

Cut the Distance in Your Long-Distance Relationship

As previously mentioned, app-controlled vibrating eggs often have a long-distance feature that allows your partner to control the vibrations from any part of the world. You only need an internet connection to feel closer to your significant other. Since sexual pleasure is relatively limited in these situations and constant masturbation isn't enough, the vibrating egg can be an excellent way for both partners to include each other in their sexual lives while apart.

Return the Favor

Since the vibrating egg can be used for almost any external stimulation, there's no reason to exclude your partner's penis from the equation. You can use the vibrating egg on his perineum or along the penis to tease him into an erection. Additionally, you can apply light vibrations on his balls while giving him a blow job for extra stimulation. If you're open to experimenting, your partner can hold the vibrating egg in his anus and allow you to control it while thrusting his penis into you.

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Best Positions

  • Missionary: The vibrating egg can be inserted into the vagina, and the partner can penetrate in a missionary position, allowing for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation.
  • Cowgirl: The person wearing the vibrating egg can straddle their partner and control the speed and intensity of the vibration while riding them.
  • Doggy style: The person wearing the vibrating egg can insert it, and the partner can penetrate from behind, providing deep penetration and clitoral stimulation.
  • Spooning: The person wearing the vibrating egg can lie on their side while their partner enters from behind, allowing for close body contact and easy access to the clitoris.
  • Standing: The person wearing the vibrating egg can lean against a wall or counter while their partner penetrates from behind, adding a new level of excitement and adventure to sex.

Final thoughts

Whether you're tired of the vibrating dildo and want to try something new or have no experience with vibrating sex toys, the vibrating egg is a great starting point for your journey of exploration.

The sex toy can be used solo and with a partner, whether they're in the same room with you or across the world. You can practice relinquishing control and letting them dictate how much pleasure the vibrating egg brings you, or you can take over the deciding power when your partner orgasms. Even better, vibrating eggs can be used for external stimulation on almost all of your erogenous zones and inserted into the vagina or anus, making them highly versatile.

Best of all, vibrating eggs are discreet enough for travel, and if you opt for a USB-charged model, you can use it anywhere, anytime. Remember to read the manufacturer's manual on which lubricants complement the vibrating egg's material and search for the retractable cord before putting it inside.

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