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Squirting Dildos

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The squirting dildo looks like a lifelike penis, and it can ejaculate, providing you with an unmatched ultra-realistic experience. We have an incredible selection of squirting dildos and a variety of cum lubes.

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Get the Most Lifelike Experience with a Squirting Dildo

Many people are looking for a very realistic experience from their sex toys and a squirting dildo is the right choice for those folks. Not only does a squirting dildo look like an actual penis, it can also function like one and “ejaculate” in the end of a steamy session. That function is important for many couples, as well as for people who seek something very specific from their solo experience. Apart from being realistic, a squirting dildo can also meet numerous other criteria to ensure pleasure beyond belief.

It can be black, very detailed, hollow (a great choice for couples dealing with erectile dysfunction), vibrating, pulsating, compatible with an array of harnesses. All of these squirting dildo varieties await you at We also feature the full range of accessories needed to use a squirting dildo like dildo cum lube and various types of harnesses. Paired with a clitoral vibrator, a squirting dildo will lead to an amazingly fulfilling experience. Paired with an anal toy, it will result in some hardcore fun that so many are craving.

An Ejaculating Dildo Gives You a Lifelike Climax Like No Other Toy

For many people, sexual play isn’t just about form, it’s also about function. Having an ejaculating dildo brings orgasms to a whole new level because of the arousal linked to that function.

There are many couples out there that have to discontinue intimacy because of sexual dysfunction. With a squirting strap-on or squirting dildo and harness combination, you can make sex possible once again. The fact that the dildo can cum recreates something the couple has lost and is probably craving.

And even if you’re just looking for a new toy to add to your collection, a cumming dildo can be a lot of fun to play with. It will make all kinds of sex much more realistic. Plus, the ejaculate fluid put inside the toy doubles as lube. Not only does it ensure realism, it also facilitates penetration and makes thrusting more pleasurable.

In terms of the mechanism that makes these toys work, ejaculating dildos are available in a number of varieties. Some of them have a pump to squeeze or you’ll simply need to squeeze the shaft to make the dildo come. In other instances, a syringe-like mechanism will have to be employed. Both of these mechanisms bring benefits to the table. One isn’t better than the other and it’s simply a matter of determining what would work best for you before buying. Before buying, you should also check out the other features of squirting dildos apart from the ejaculation mechanism.

Some have suction cups at the base, allowing for hands-free use. Some ejaculating dildos are hollow and can be put over an actual penis. A squirting dildo can also be somewhat curved, hitting the G-spot and P-spot at a precise angle for a powerful orgasm. Don’t hesitate to check out the full range. You’ll certainly come across a squirting dildo to fall in love with and incorporate in your regular sexual routine. 

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