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How to Choose Squirting Dildos

How to Choose Squirting Dildos?

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Dildo manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to provide exciting toys, and here we’ll discuss one such invention – the squirting dildo. These sexy toys imitate the look, feel, and function of a natural penis and deliver a complete experience.

Ejaculating or squirting dildos provide an unmatched user experience, as you can ejaculate a semen-like liquid that imitates the real thing. Here, we’ll take a deep dive into the exciting world of squirting dildos, and we’ll share a guide that can help you choose a squirting dildo.

What Is a Squirting Dildo?

The squirting dildo, also known as an ejaculating dildo, is a realistic dildo that has an ejaculating mechanism that provides the realistic ejaculating option. You can engage the squirting action via a syringe or a pump, and when engaged, the dildo will ejaculate a cum-like substance, imitating a real male orgasm. These dildos are fun to use, providing a deeply realistic experience, especially when playing solo.

Ejaculating Dildo Types

At first glance, the ejaculating dildos look like any regular realistic dildo toy. However, there are some fundamental differences, mainly in the ejaculating mechanism, and there are three basic squirting dildo types:

  • Pump-filled ejaculating dildos – These have a pump that sits at the end of a tube that runs through the center of the dildo. To fill this ejaculating dildo, you would squeeze the pump and dip the head of the dildo into the lubricant, allowing it to suck up the liquid as you release the pump. Other types on this model have a pump that sits in the base of the dildo.
  • Syringe ejaculating dildos – These use a syringe to create the ejaculation. When the user is ready to fire, they will depress the syringe to create the pressure required for spurting the semen-like lubricant.
  • Testicle-powered ejaculating dildos – These are the most lifelike, as the ejaculating mechanism is built into the testicles. You fill these by squeezing the testicles and dipping the tip of the dildo into the lubricant; when you release the pressure on the testicles, it fills up the reservoir.

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How to Choose the Best Squirting Dildos for You

As with other sex toys, the main focus when selecting an ejaculating dildo is on safety and user satisfaction. Here are the primary considerations you must note when choosing a squirting dildo:

  • Size: size is essential, especially for dildos, and you should opt for a model you can safely use. Don’t rush into things, but start off with a size that you can safely manage, as a dildo acts and feels differently than an actual penis. Also, you can always pick a bigger model if your initial choice is lacking.
  • Material: always strive to get sex toys made from body-safe materials like silicone and even TPE. You can select a realistic, lifelike model made from Cyberskin, as this is one of the most natural-looking sex toy materials. Please note that you should opt for a material that is easy to clean and provides a safe, exquisite user experience.

Squirting Dildo Benefits

Squirting dildos brings an entirely new level to dildo play, and it is not important if you are alone or with your partner; you can get a realistic experience. Although they might sound complicated to use, the ejaculating dildos are a breeze to use.

The squirting dildo materials are waterproof, which means you can play in the shower or bathtub, and cleaning these toys is effortless.

An exciting benefit of using a squirting dildo is enhancing the mood or filling up the toy with warmed lube that will enable more effortless glide. Also, you can engage the squirting mechanism when you need some extra lube, getting more comfortable use. Another plus is that if your partner ejaculates before you, you can finish the job and have your partner help you and use an ejaculating lube, providing the finish-together sensation.

You can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles with regular use of a squirting dildo. It can enhance your sex life when you can control your vaginal muscles and clench your partner during penetration. Practice makes perfect, and dildos don’t mind how much you use them.

There is nothing to say the ejaculating dildo needs to fire inside of the vagina, either. Many users love the feeling of semen on their skin. They can quickly climax and then shoot the cum lube over any body part for a satisfying finish.

Ejaculating Dildo Safety Considerations

The main concern with ejaculating dildos is the liquid you use for ejaculation. The main recommendation is to use a diluted water-based lube or use a special cum lube that is designed for this purpose. We suggest you do an allergy test on your chosen ejaculating liquid before you go and squirt it in and around your sensitive parts.

Also, make sure the dildo that ejaculates is only used for one activity, as you should only use it for vaginal play and not mix it up with anal play. Never share your ejaculating dildo, as the nature of the toy makes it potentially dangerous when shared between partners.

Squirting Dildo Cleaning & Storage Tips

This type of dildo needs more cleaning and care than a regular dildo. Depending on the type of pump or syringe, these will need thorough washing. Remove the squirting mechanism if possible, and wash and clean everything separately. Make sure you use mild soap and warm water and use a sex toy cleaner to disinfect everything.

Check if your squirting dildo is completely dry before storing it away from direct heat, sunlight, and moisture. If required, sprinkle the rejuvenating powder on your squirting dildo, place it in a specialized sex toy storage bag, and put it away from other sex toys.

We hope we covered all the bases here and helped with tips on buying a squirting dildo. We also have other helpful guides on dildos, vibes, and other sex toys, but we also have an excellently supplied sex toy store where we carry a broad range of exciting sex toys.


Is it possible to get a strap-on ejaculating dildo?

Yes, there are plenty of squirting dildos which are suitable for use with a strap-on. However, you must check the squirting mechanism to ensure it is easily accessible. The best type is probably the syringe firing type with the thin tube available. The testicle-firing dildos are likely too hard to reach and squeeze for this to work as well.

What happens if the pump or the tube becomes damaged?

When purchasing your ejaculating dildo, be sure you can buy replacement tubes and also the pump or syringe for your model. Your sex toy supplier should make these readily available so you can enjoy years of use from your squirting dildo.

My ejaculating dildo came covered in white powder; is this normal?

This is normal; the white powder is cornstarch or a specialized renewal powder. Manufacturers sell renewal powder, too, as some materials need this treatment to prevent stickiness. After washing and drying, sprinkling with a rejuvenating powder is a common practice to stop your ejaculating dildo from becoming sticky, to keep it dry, and to help prevent bacterial development.

What is pegging, and can we do it with an ejaculating dildo?

Pegging is where the female partner wears a strap-on dildo or manually performs anal sex on a male partner. You can try using an ejaculating dildo for this sexy game, and some adventurous men find this enjoyable. The activity can be great for role play, where control is exchanged and relinquished for either gay or straight relationships.

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