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Sport Fucker Thunder Plug
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Stimulate Your Pleasure Center with a Butt Plug for Men

Butt plugs for men make prostate stimulation so easy to achieve. These plugs have many different designs and cater to various experience levels and references. You’ll find silicone plugs, training kits, glass plugs, and even inflatable plugs for those who want to take anal exploration a step further.

A Butt Plug for Men Lets You Immerse Yourself in a New Kind of Erotic Satisfaction

Anyone can enjoy prostate stimulation, regardless of sexual preferences or experience with sex toys. 

Just like women, men can experience several kinds of orgasms. Penile orgasms are most common, but prostate orgasms are described as more intense, full-body experiences. A butt plug for men is a simple and very effective tool to explore the second kind of pleasure.

Male butt plugs are usually narrower than regular butt plugs. The aim here isn’t to stretch the sphincter. Rather, the probe is used to massage the prostate gland. A thinner and longer probe gets the job done for most guys.

When looking for butt plugs for men, always check the dimensions and the materials such toys are made of.

Anal toys made of medical-grade silicone are considered the safest and easiest to sanitize. The material is also very smooth and somewhat flexible. All these features make it very usable and a great choice for anyone, even those who suffer from some kind of sensitivity. Glass plugs are another safe choice. Still, the rigidity produces a different kind of sensation.

As far as size is concerned, pay attention to both the length and the girth. Remember that you don’t need something thick to achieve a prostate orgasm. Rather, the perfect butt plug should be a bit longer and narrower than a standard anal toy if you use it predominantly for prostate massages.