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Egg Vibrators

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Small but Mighty – Enjoy the Discrete Intensity of the Egg Vibrator

An egg vibrator is very similar to a bullet vibe in shape and compact design. One main difference is that the egg is designed entirely for hands-free use. As such, this compact but mighty little fellow is the perfect choice for some lazy self-exploration or public fun. Nobody will know you’re having the time of your life due to the discrete nature of the egg.

Vibrating eggs can be very simple and minimalist, or they can even be hi-tech gadgets. You’ll find both choices at HotCherry and then some more. We give you silicone eggs, remote and app-controlled egg vibes, customizable eggs, rechargeable vibes, and even voice-controlled options. They are high-quality products, and you can rest assured that you’re getting fine craftsmanship and an excellent range of product settings.

An Egg Vibrator Is the Most Versatile Small Vibe

Eggs give you the most versatility compared to any compact vibe type on the market. They are designed for both internal and external stimulation. You can use them vaginally. You can also use them on the clit, labia, perineum, nipples, thighs, necks, stomach, and anywhere else you like. Eggs are also a good choice for penis and even prostate stimulation. If you are choosing an egg predominantly for internal stimulation, ensure it comes with a retrieval string. This is true for most designs, but there may be some exceptions.

Most high-quality eggs are fully waterproof. You can rest assured that they’re safe to use in the shower and are also perfectly easy to sanitize. Medical-grade silicone is the standard for these toys. The material is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and silky smooth. It also protects the inside motor from water damage, especially if the egg is designed modern and optimally.

Don’t be fooled by the small size of the egg vibes. They say that good things come in small packages, and the saying is especially applicable to this kind of vibrator. An egg can host a really powerful motor. This way, it gives you a good range of intensities to explore. Some eggs can even be customized to offer unlimited vibration patterns and speeds. This versatility, added to the fact that the egg can be used on just about anybody's part, turns the item into a must-have.

An egg is great for masturbation, foreplay, and penetrative sex enhancement. Whenever the egg is controllable via an app, it can also be a wonderful product for those in a long-distance relationship.

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