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How to Choose Double-Ended Dildos?

How to Choose Double-Ended Dildos?

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Double dildos are unlike any other dildo on the adult market. Designed for double penetration in one form or another, these sex toys are fun exciting, and offer a wealth of possibilities. These are unique because you can use both ends and either use these solo or share them with a partner. Here, we’ll discuss the basics of double-ended dildos, and we’ll also outline the basics of how to choose a double-ended dildo for double the fun!

Double-Ended Dildo Basics

Double-ended dildos dish up double the fun. This type of dildo is very much longer than a conventional dildo because it needs to reach across the divide between two partners; a flexible model needs to bend in half to fill up the vagina and anus if you opt for solo DP play.

Because of the nature of double dildos, most come in soft rubber or silicone coatings. However, double dildos designed with shared play in mind can also come in a more rigid material, with some models made from glass or stainless steel.

The double dildo was initially a sex toy for lesbian couples. However, things have moved on much further, and these adult sex toys are taking on a much more versatile role. Now, there is a vast majority of straight or gay couples who have found these double dildos ideal for dual stimulation too.

Different Types of Double Dildos

Double dildos mainly come in two varieties, but they have different uses. Here is a rundown of each variation on the double dildo:

Double-ended dildos

These are the ones designed with lesbians in mind. Manufacturers use the same materials as regular dildos to make double-ended dildos. Still, these usually come with ample length and have two penetrative ends, one of which may be thinner and tapered for easier anal penetration. Double-ended dildos typically come in lengths of about 18 inches: this length is enough to be used by two partners, or the dildo to be bent in half and used for solo double penetration.

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Double-headed dildos

The double-headed dildos are different in design, and both ends look like penises intended for the double penetration of a single person. These usually come in realistic shapes and textures, but some models are smooth and unrealistic. There are also double-headed dildos where one side is shaped as a dildo, while the other can be a fist or another shape.

Strapless Dildos – A Special Type of Double-Headed Dildos

We must mention strapless strap-on dildos, as these are a special type of double-headed dildos. One side is shaped as a bulb that goes into the wearer’s vagina, while the other side is shaped as a probe or a dildo and is used for penetration of the other partner. The idea is for the woman to wear the strapless dildo by holding the vagina bulb with the pelvic muscles and to penetrate her partner (male or female), and both partners receive simultaneous stimulation.

How to Choose the Best Double Dildos for You

Because of its singular design, you will need to know some things when you go and select a double dildo. Still, when choosing a double dildo, you will need to know your intended use: solo double penetration, sharing with a partner, or exploring your sexual horizons.

  • Size: Double-ended dildos are usually larger, which should be the primary consideration when purchasing such a toy. If you wish to use your double dildo for DP, look for a model with a tapered anal probe.
  • Material: The material your double dildo is made from is essential, as it affects user experience. The best, body-safe material is silicone, but you can also find well-made TPE or PVC double dildos. However, you can also get excellent double dildos from glass and stainless steel.

Double Dildo Benefits

Let’s now discuss some benefits you can get from double dildos. For partners, there has never been a toy where they can feel penetration at the same time, and this goes for female and male partners, as well as homosexual couples.

You can experience double penetration while playing solo, which is exciting. You can try playing with two dildos for double penetration, but this can be uncomfortable, so if DP is your fantasy, a double-ended dildo is the toy to use.

You can use a double dildo for roleplay. For example, the female partner can assume the dominant role, and use a double dildo on their partner.

It can also be used as a two-way toy between partners, like using it for simultaneous penetration. Heterosexual and homosexual couples can use a double-ended dildo and can use it to significantly enhance their sex lives.

Double Dildo Safety Considerations

The primary safety consideration is related to the sharing of a double dildo. It does not matter who uses the double dildo; cleaning it before sharing it is essential. Also, remember which side is used by which partner so as not to mix up the sides.

When using the double dildo for anal penetration, you can also consider using it with a condom to protect yourself and your dildo. Also, make sure you always use compatible lube, and we propose you use a quality water-based lube, as it is the best choice for all sex toy materials and all skin types.

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Taking care of your sex toys means they will be safe to use for years. The primary thing is to know how to properly clean and maintain the double dildo. Cleaning a double dildo will depend on the material, and if you have a silicone, TPE, or PVC dildo, you can wash it with soap and warm water, and use a mild sex toy cleaner to disinfect it.

If your double dildo is textured, use a soft-bristle brush to clean all the crevices where body fluids may hide. Also, if your double dildo is bent in a fixed shape, you must be careful when cleaning it to avoid damaging the material.

Some materials like TPE, may require sprinkling with rejuvenation powder to refresh the surface. After cleaning and drying your double dildo, make sure you store your dildo in a safe place. It means away from direct sunlight, away from heat and moisture, and away from other sex toys. We suggest you get a dedicated sex toy storage to store your double dildo and keep it safe.

There you have it, guys, the main things you need to know when buying a double dildo. Also, make sure you check out our other sex toy guides below and browse our sex toy store, where you can find much more exciting sex toys!


Is anal penetration with a double dildo safe?

If you follow the correct care and cleaning instructions and safety suggestions, then yes, having anal penetration with a dildo is very safe. Both partners also need full consent and have plenty of water-based lube handy. Go slow and build momentum as you get used to the feeling. Never force it, and always use lubrication. Speak to your partner and communicate throughout the session.

Are there health risks in using double-ended dildos?

The same risks apply to the use of any sex toy/s with partners, just as it does with regular sex. Using condoms on both ends of your double-ended dildo can reduce the risk of STDs. Never share your end of the dildo with another partner, or make sure you wash and disinfect your toy before using it yourself.

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