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Silicone AC/DC Double DildoSilicone AC/DC Double Dildo
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Real Skin Double Head DildoReal Skin Double Head Dildo
Real Skin Double Head Dildo
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Dillio Double DildoDillio Double Dildo
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Blush B Yours Double Headed DildoBlush B Yours Double Headed Dildo
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Doc Johnson The D 16 Inch Double DildoDoc Johnson The D 16 Inch Double Dildo
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Colours DP Pleasure Double DongColours DP Pleasure Double Dong
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Thinz 13 Inch Double DildoThinz 13 Inch Double Dildo
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King Cock Medium Double Trouble DildoKing Cock Medium Double Trouble Dildo
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Art Deco Double Anal DildoArt Deco Double Anal Dildo
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Strap U Strapless Vibrating DildoStrap U Strapless Vibrating Dildo
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Double Header 12 Inch Long DildoDouble Header 12 Inch Long Dildo
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Wall Bangers Vibrating Double DildoWall Bangers Vibrating Double Dildo
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King Cock 12 Inch Slim Double DildoKing Cock 12 Inch Slim Double Dildo
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Tantus Strapless Slim Silicone Double DildoTantus Strapless Slim Silicone Double Dildo
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Tantus Strapless Original Silicone Double DildoTantus Strapless Original Silicone Double Dildo
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Glas Double Ended Glass DildoGlas Double Ended Glass Dildo
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Translucence 18 Inch Double Pleasure DildoTranslucence 18 Inch Double Pleasure Dildo
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King Cock 16 Inch Tapered Double DildoKing Cock 16 Inch Tapered Double Dildo
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Glas Double Sided Glass DildoGlas Double Sided Glass Dildo
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Double the Pleasure with a Double Ended Dildo

Are you having sex with someone who enjoys penetration as much as you do? Would you like to experiment with double penetration during solo play? If any of this applies to you then a double head dildo is the sex toy for you.

A double ended dildo is such a versatile sex toy. You can build intimacy with your partner while you’re both enjoying the penetration. The angle can easily be adjusted to hit the right spot every single time. On top of that, a double headed dildo can be paired with other sex toys for couples.

Double Headed Dildos FAQ

What’s the Appeal of a Double Sided Dildo?

There are very few sex toys out there that allow both you and your partner to experience the same thing. The double head dildo is one of the rare toys that allows that. It can also help spice things up while also building intimacy and trust in the relationship.

Does Size Matter for a Double Headed Dildo?

A double headed dildo is by design longer than a standard dildo. The added length is needed so that two people can use the two head dildo and ensure comfortably deep penetration at the same time.

Sex experts suggest that longer dildos also greatly reduce the risk of STI transmission due to the reduced genital contact between the partners. Apart from paying attention to the length, you should also examine the thickness of the toy to purchase exactly what you need to get off.

Do You Need a Harness to Use a Double Dildo?

The short answer is no but some people prefer using a harness in their double dildo play.

If you are experimenting with a double ended dildo for the very first time, a harness can lead to the unnecessary complication of things. The absence of a harness also results in a more intimate experience.

Harnesses are better for those who like to go really hard and want to make sure that the dildo isn’t going to slip out in the heat of the moment.

What’s the Best Position for Using a Double Headed Dildo?

Whether you’re using the toy on your own for double penetration or with a partner, a double ended dildo isn’t ideal for standing sex positions.

The reason is fairly simple – gravity can make the toy slip out and fall. Being on all fours on the bed is a good choice because you’ll have control over the thrust and the depth of penetration.

If you’re flying solo, lay down comfortably and place a pillow under your butt so that it’s slightly elevated. You’ll have easier access to your vagina and anus this way.

Is anal penetration with a double head dildo safe?

If you follow the correct care and cleaning instructions and safety suggestions, then yes, having anal penetration with a dildo is very safe. Both partners also need full consent and also need to keep plenty of water-based lube handy. Go slow and build momentum as you get used to the feeling. Never force it, and always use lubrication. Speak to your partner and communicate throughout the session.

Why does double penetration feel so good?

DP (deep penetration) isn’t for everyone, but for those who do enjoy it, they find all of the sensitive nerve endings that are connected to the pelvic floor muscles really deliver unique sensations. In some cases, this stimulation can induce orgasm. There’s only one way to know if it’s for you, and that’s to try it out for yourself. Always ask a partner first if it’s for dual play. They might not want to, or they might absolutely love the idea!

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