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How Much Does a Butt Plug Cost?

How Much Does a Butt Plug Cost?

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Anal stimulation causes extraordinary sensations for many, and it is a favorite sexual play for plenty of men and women. Proper anal stimulation can elevate the sexual pleasure to another level. There are many different products for anal stimulation, but butt plugs are the most widespread and most commonly used. So, here we’ll take a closer look at how much you will have to pay for a quality butt plug.

What Decides the Price of a Butt Plug?

There are butt plugs for beginners and big plugs for experienced users. These plugs are made from different materials like silicone, glass, and metal; some with additional parts like jewels or tails, with different insertable lengths and volumes; plugs that vibrate or can be inflatable; and entire butt plugs kits.

The price range of butt plugs is between $15 to $200. We will look through most of the different plug types and materials. The price of the products depends on the material and added features they can have. There are various models: glass butt plugs, jeweled butt plugs, large butt plugs, silicone butt plugs, inflatable butt plugs, and tailed butt plugs. There are butt plugs that can glow in the dark to bring new light to the bedroom, even vibrating plugs for needy ones.

We must note that you must use lube with your but plug and always clean them properly. Also, make sure you store your butt plug in an adequate place.

Glass Butt Plugs

The glass butt plug has many variations in shape and size, and they come in a price range of $15 to $100. The variety of these plugs is broad, as some have only one round head, and some have two ends for more experienced users looking for deeper stimulation.

Glass butt plugs and glass as a material can bring a new level to your sexual fun, as glass can be heated or cooled down for different sensations. Also, glass butt plugs are firm and a bit heavier than silicone ones. Glass is one of the safest materials, is non-porous, and is easy to clean with warm water and soap; you can even put it in the dishwasher to sterilize it.

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Jeweled Butt Plugs

Jeweled butt plugs come in different materials, but their specificity is the jeweled back part. The toy will stimulate you, and the jeweled part will add to your sensuality and make you feel sexier. The jewel butt plug comes in materials like silicone, glass, metal, or growing in size. Depending on the materials, their price range is between $12 to $80. They are so well crafted and look so great as actual jewels.

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Large Butt Plugs

The large butt plugs are specialized to stimulate every nerve ending in the anus. The large butt plugs are made from different materials, but mostly they are silicone, and some have vibrating features. Their price range is from $20 to $200, and the material and looks affect the price.

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Silicone Butt Plugs

The silicone butt plugs price range is from $30 to $300. The silicone that is used for sex toys, including butt plugs, is established as a body-safe material. It is non-porous, semi-flexible, and durable. Silicone is silky smooth and easy to clean.

Silicone butt plugs come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and many have vibrating abilities and other exciting features. Medical-grade silicone is the safest choice because it is safe to insert in the body and is easy to clean and store.

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Inflatable Butt Plugs

The inflatable butt plugs come in price range between $40 to $200. These plugs are constructed chiefly from silicone, and they stretch. They can be inflated to a large size and give the ultimate experience. The inflatable butt plug is best suited for people with experience in anal play.

They are safe to use because you’ll completely control how much and how fast it inflates. Don’t worry; there is a safe release valve, and the pressure can be quickly released if you feel it is pushing your limits too much. Like the other butt plugs, they need a lot of lube and cleaning after use. Still, inflatable plugs are for the experienced ones, as any beginner should start with anal play using smaller, simple ones.

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Tail Butt Plugs

Tail butt plugs prices are between $30 to $100. They are constructed to bring joy and fun to the bedroom, especially suited for fetish play. If you are into role-playing, get one of these exciting toys. There are many different materials and different tails for the role you want to get into.

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Choose the butt plug you prefer most, use plenty of compatible lube with it, and always be careful when trying anal play for the first time. Also, browse our sex toy store and see what exciting sex toys we have for you!

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