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How to Use Aneros Prostate Massagers: Techniques and Pro Tips

How to Use Aneros Prostate Massagers: Techniques and Pro Tips

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The great thing about the sex toy industry is that it doesn't play favorites. There are tons of toys for both men and women to enjoy, whether with a partner or solo. However, while women often freely discuss their pleasures, men cannot say the same.

Prostate stimulation is one of the many taboo subjects. Most straight men avoid it out of fear of the unknown, while gay men usually keep the subject under wraps. However, given that prostate massages can lead to the most powerful orgasms a man can ever achieve, it should be all but ignored.

Despite anal sex toys still being considered a novelty in almost every sex community, the sex toy industry doesn't have a shortage of anal stimulators. Many brands and manufacturers specialize in procuring effective anal prostate massagers; however, Aneros has proven to be a favorite among the male population.

There are a plethora of Aneros prostate massagers to choose from for those who want to turn up the heat in the bedroom with their partner or want a change from dildos and butt plugs. The pleasure is guaranteed if you choose a manual massager for more extensive control or a vibrating one for expedient stimulation.

Best of all, the Aneros prostate massagers are easy to handle, and with a bit of help from our guide, you'll be reaching prostate orgasms in no time. Keep reading for more tips and tricks on how to use them.

Why should men stimulate their prostate?

You'd certainly be right if you thought prostate stimulation could be used for pleasure. The prostate is to men what the clitoris is to women, wired with thousands of nerve endings that, with the proper stimulation, can bring you waves of pleasure. Located beneath the bladder and before the rectum, this little gland can be easily stimulated through the anus.

Aneros prostate massagers are designed with male pleasure in mind, which means you can find different models to experiment with and enjoy. You can use them alone or spice up your sex life with a partner, and when done right, your Aneros prostate massagers will help you reach the big O.

Men who've gotten a taste from prostate orgasms have rarely turned back from it. You can enjoy a prostate orgasm by itself through anal stimulation or go for a combo with prostate and penis stimulation and win the war on two fronts.

However, orgasms are not the only argument for using Aneros prostate massagers. Many medical professionals have claimed that prostate stimulation can reduce the risk of infections. The prostate gland accumulates liquids, which are released once you achieve prostate orgasm, releasing any bacteria in the area. Additionally, prostate massages can increase the effectiveness of medication designed to treat prostatitis. Health benefits plus immersive satisfaction, now who can say no to that?

Our top picks for Aneros prostate massagers

How do aneros prostate massagers work?

The main goal of Aneros prostate massagers is to stimulate your prostate gland by moving your muscles. Models for manual use let you control how deep and fast you want to massage the spot. On the other hand, vibrating models, such as the Aneros Vice 2, can do the job for you, allowing you to command the device through a remote-control device.

The brand offers models designed to fit the male contour and ideally provide a pleasurable experience. While there are some differences between each Aneros prostate massager, the overall design of the shape is the same.

Each Aneros prostate massager has three parts: the main body, front arm, and rear arm.

The main body is the longest and most vital part of the sex toy. Its diameter can vary; however, its length is perfectly adapted to reach your prostate gland. The shaft can be smooth or ribbed and vibrate to provide the most intense stimulation. The efficient design also allows you to move through the rectum easily for added pleasure.

The main body is the only internal part, while the front and rear arms are designed for external pleasure. The front arm is designed to press the spot between the testicles and the anus. This spot, called the perineum, can provide extra pressure to the prostate gland when adequately massaged. The so-called perineum tab is curved upward to reach the perineum. You can find Aneros models with a flexible p-tab that allows you more extensive control over the intensity of the massage.

The rear arm is only included in some models, but many gentlemen prefer it. As opposed to the P-tab, this one is curved upward to push against your tailbone and add new sensations into the mix. In Aneros prostate massage manuals, you may also find it as the Kundalini Tab or K-tab.

In terms of materials, there are also a lot of choices. Beginners and those who prefer a smoother experience usually choose Aneros prostate massager models with plastic cores coated with soft silicone. For example, men who like sturdy constructions for more intense stimulation can opt for the Aneros Progasm Ice Prostate Massager, made only from plastic.

How to use Aneros prostate massagers?

All the features we described above are specific to Aneros models, which brings the next important question - how to utilize the prostate massagers for maximum pleasure?

No matter the model you choose, using the Aneros prostate massagers is easy to grasp, whether you'll be doing it alone or leaving it up to your partner. There are a few simple steps to follow to ensure a pleasurable experience that we'll discuss below.

Up the Hygiene of Your Booty

Anal play, no matter the goal, always requires extra hygiene to prevent bacteria or infections from catching on. Since prostate massagers are designed to reach the gland through the anal canal, it's only reasonable to take care of your rectum in advance. Additionally, who wants to think about poop while trying to reach an orgasm?
The best way to clean the rectum of excess waste is to make sure you empty your bowel a few hours before sex play and shower. Additionally, you can wipe the rectum with wet tissues as an extra measure.

Some people go the extra length and give anal douching a try. This involves inserting water into the anus for a more thorough cleaning. However, this may damage the rectum's lining and irritate the anal canal, causing extra pain and increasing the risk of infections once you insert the prostate massager.

Turn the heat up

As with any erotic engagement, foreplay is mandatory. Since we're talking about inserting a sex toy anally, it is no surprise that the process may be uncomfortable if you aren't in the right mood.

Giving your body some time to get aroused will help relax your pelvic floor and anus. Then, you can insert the Aneros prostate massager, causing less friction in the anal canal and reducing the pain and discomfort, especially if it is your first time.

Additionally, when you're feeling hot and turned on, your prostate gland accumulates fluid and expands. This makes it easier to find and reach the gland with the Aneros prostate massager and quickly proceed to the stimulation part.

The right lube goes a long way

If there's one principle you should never forget during anal play, it is the usage of lube. You can place the lube around your anus and on the sex toy. The anus isn't cable of lubricating itself; thus, you may need to use lube before and during anal play.

The lube allows you to insert the Aneros prostate massager of your choice quickly and proceed to penetrate your anus with as little friction as possible. However, the type of lube you choose is of great importance and should be coordinated with the materials of your prostate massager.

As a rule, water-based lubricants are the best choice since they can be paired with almost any material and are the easiest to clean up. If you've chosen a silicone-coated Aneros device, it's best to avoid silicone lube since it may deteriorate the sex toy over time.

Some people opt for lubricated condoms over their Aneros prostate massagers. This is an excellent option for those who dread cleaning after and want to save time.

Give your anus a massage

Before jumping to your prostate gland, give your anus a proper, relaxing massage. You should practice this whether you're experienced with other anal sex toys or trying anal play for the first time.

Use a finger to create circular emotions around the anus. Once comfortable, you can add one or two fingers inside and explore the penetrating stimulation.

Time for you Aneros prostate massager

Once you're in the right mood and all lubed up, it's time to insert the sex toy. First, you place the tip of the main body on your anus while ensuring the P-tab is facing the front of the body.

Calmly inhale and push the Aneros prostate massager into your anus as you exhale. Note that you don't have to insert the sex toy in one deep breath, and you shouldn't be rough when pressing it inside. Instead, listen to your body and go at your own pace.

Once the prostate massager is fully inserted, take some time to locate your prostate gland with the tip and position it correctly. Moreover, make sure the front tab is pressed on your perineum.

Whether manual or remotely controlled, the sex toy can sometimes rotate or move during sex play. If you feel discomfort after some time or the power of the stimulation decreases, make sure to position it again in the right place.

Best positions for using Aneros

Positioning plays a significant role in the whole experience. The right portion can help your body relax better, ease the insertion, and even allow you to contain the Aneros prostate massager for prolonged periods.

Men who've used Aneros models swear by a few positions. The first and simplest is lying on your back and pushing your knees toward your face. This is an excellent choice if you're using the prostate massager alone, and you can lay on either side to leave your dominant hand flexible.

Laying on your side allows you to easily insert the massager with one hand while experiencing minimal strain on the anus. From here, you have the utmost control over the sex toy and can easily stimulate your prostate gland for an extended period.

Lying on your back allows both of your limbs to be free, so you can stimulate the prostate gland with the Aneros massager while also masturbating. Remember to place pillows beneath your head and lower back, as this curves the body right, allowing your partner to easily slip the massager into your anus.

If you want to enjoy the Aneros prostate massager with a partner, then lying on your stomach is the most relaxing option. You can keep the legs together or apart or even put them in the air, depending on your comfort level.

Kneel on all four and fully expose your anus for doggy style. This will give extensive agility to your partner, and you can enjoy them penetrating from the back while also stimulating you in the front.

Tips for using aneros solo

Given its efficiency in providing powerful orgasms, it's hard to resist using Aneros prostate massagers alone once you've tried them. Apart from choosing the correct position, here are a few more tips to keep in mind for entertaining and pleasurable prostate stimulation.

Take your time

Those unfamiliar with anal sex may be tempted to rush the process and be eager to skip to the good part. However, this is highly undesirable and ill-advised.

You want your rectum to be fully flexible and capable of taking in the Aneros prostate massager without damaging its lining and causing bleeding or infections. Your body should be relaxed, aroused, and ready for anal insertion. Taking your time also means ensuring your toy is clean and without defects.

At last, taking it slow means giving your body time to adjust and adapt to the whole process. Forcefully inserting the toy and being too rough from the start with the movements will only cause you pain and undermine the entire experience.

Relax and do your kegels

From the pubic bone to the center of the perineum and reaching your tailbone lie the pubococcygeus or PC muscles. These muscles control the movements of the prostate massager and allow you to experience pleasure without manually directing the sex toy.

Their strength also determines how much prostate gland stimulation you can experience and how fixated the toy will stay inside. For solo play, these muscles will decide how many hand movements you'll need to direct toward the toy in your anus and whether you can use them to stimulate other parts of your body.

It is best to practice the popular Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles. Squeeze and release the PC muscles for a few minutes daily to strengthen them and ensure longer-lasting sessions with your Aneros prostate massager.

Tips for using Aneros during sex

The Aneros prostate massager can significantly aid your sex life with a partner. If you're open to experimenting with different positions and sex acts, you can wear the massager while orally satisfying your partner or allowing them to give you a blow job.

Those who've been practicing with Kegel exercises can also try penetrating their partner both vaginally or anally and ensure powerful orgasms. You can also add other sex toys in the mix to stimulate your partner or allow them to use different sex toys on you.

Since these sex toys give more intense sensations and are inserted anally, many kinky couples include them in their BDSM plays. Using any Aneros prostate massager, your partner can control your arousal and withhold your orgasms as a form of exerting dominance and punishment.

Final thoughts

The sex toy industry is vast, and there are numerous toys for anal play. Still, Aneros is one of the few brands offering diverse designs and models for prostate massagers. From Aneros Helix Trident to Aneros Progasm Ice, users of all levels and experiences can find something they enjoy and feel comfortable with.

Most of the models are made from plastic, but you can also choose from silicone-coated designs. Moreover, you can enjoy remotely controlled prostate massagers and minimize your engagement in the process, or opt for manual models for bigger control.

Aneros prostate massagers can function great as individual pleasure devices or entice your sex life in the bedroom. Give it a try when you're in the mood for masturbating with intense prostate stimulation or if you're feeling kinky and want your partner to induce your most powerful prostate orgasm yet.

Either way, engaging in anal sex and playing with your prostate gland guarantees pleasure, and Aneros prostate massagers will get you there faster and better. Choose the model you like and prepare yourself for a type of pleasure you have never known before!

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