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Elevate Your Intimacy with a Strapless Dildo

The strapless dildo is such a fun and innovative product. It takes partnered play to the next level and many label it the next generation of double dildos. Why is this so?

A strapless dildo allows a person to receive penetration while also giving it to their partner. This sex toy ensures better skin-to-skin contact, higher intimacy and a ton of bedroom passion if you’re willing to look beyond the obvious.

Strapless Dildos FAQ

How Exactly Do You Use a Strapless Dildo?

At first, a strapless strap on dildo may seem intimidating but it’s not that difficult to use.

The product was originally designed for lesbian couples but it also appeals to heterosexual couples interested in pegging.

A strapless dildo is worn by a lady and it has no harnesses or straps. One of the ends (the bulb) goes inside the vagina and is held in position by the pelvic floor muscles. The other end of the toy is used for penetrating a partner, whether they enjoy vaginal or anal sex.

Can a Strapless Strap on Dildo Fall Out?

That’s a common question with this sex toy type.

Doing some kegel exercises is an excellent choice for strengthening your pelvic floor and making sure the strapless dildo stays in place. Some couples also find it easier to use a harness the first few times, securing the dildo in place until they get the hang of it.

When experimenting with a strapless dildo, you’ll find out that some sex positions are better and others are out of the question due to the risk of the toy slipping out.

Who Should Give a Strapless Dildo a Try?

The strapless strap ons are a great choice for both lesbian and heterosexual couples. It’s probably a good idea, however, to experiment with some other sex toys first and improve your technique before moving on to this one.

Apart from testing out double dildos, you may also want to experiment with tongue vibrators, anal toys and regular strap-ons before taking things up a notch with a strapless dildo.

Is a Strapless Dildo Safe?

A strapless dildo is perfectly safe if you use a bit of precaution with it.

For a start, ensure proper arousal before inserting anything in your own or your partner’s body. Generous amounts of lube will also be beneficial as strapless dildos tend to be quite rigid.

Since this is a shared kind of sex toy, it may be a good idea to put a condom over the shaft. This will reduce the risk of STIs and it will also simplify the cleaning process.

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