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10 Best Water-Based Lubes

10 Best Water-Based Lubes

Editorial Team |

What’s not to love about water-based lube? It is lightweight, super slippery and it works with all kinds of toys and condoms. On top of that, it comes really close to natural bodily lubrication (a massive turn-on for so many folks out there!).

Finding good water-based lube, however, isn’t that easy. Since water-based lube usually lacks the longevity of silicone and oil-based formulas, the quality of the formula matters. When you come across the perfect product, you’ll enjoy super lubrication for a very, very long time.

This is why we created this detail guide on the best water-based lubes that deliver superb performance. As an added bonus, we’ll also examine the things that matter when picking this kind of lube.

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Our Top 10 Water-Based Lubes

10 Best Water-Based Lubes

Superb 9.8

#1 Wicked Sensual Care Aqua Waterbased Lubricant

Aqua is the water-based offering in the Wicked Sensual Care collection. The premium formula is definitely worth trying. This lube is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and paraben-free. Apart from being safe, it gives you the perfect amount of slipperiness to take sex or solo play to the next level. It can only be described as silky smooth. At the same time, the product is super economical, reducing the need for reapplication during sex. Aqua doesn’t get sticky or tacky, giving you perfect smoothness and lubrication for a very, very long time. When you’re done, you can clean any residue effortlessly. The formula is also non-staining, compatible with all sex toy materials and non-disintegrating to condoms.


  • Completely non-irritating formula
  • Bottle locks to prevent leakage
  • Super smooth and slippery
  • Performs just like silicone lube


  • Dispenser isn’t optimal
  • Some complaints about longevity
  • Unflavored and doesn’t taste too good

Superb 9.7

#2 FuckWater Water-Based Lube

FuckWater doesn’t just have a great name, it’s also an amazing, premium lubricant. The long-lasting lube is glycerin and paraben-free to give you a safe, non-irritating experience. To increase its longevity, the maker of this lube added a silicone ingredient called dimethicone. Dimethicone is safe to use with condoms but it could cause damage to silicone sex toys (something to keep in mind when choosing a lube for solo play). FuckWater’s water-based lube is easy to clean and the formula is completely non-staining. For your convenience, choose product sizes ranging anywhere between two and 16 ounces. Whether you need lube on the go in a travel-friendly bottle or the most affordable large package, you’ll definitely be happy with this one.


  • Very sleek and long-lived
  • Non-sticky, lightweight formula
  • Scentless and doesn’t cause irritation
  • Feels like natural lubrication


  • Some complaints about thickness
  • Some people had an issue with the scent

Superb 9.5

#3 Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant

With 95 percent organic ingredients, the Good Clean Love Almost Naked water-based lube is a perfect choice for sexy time. The formula is compatible with all toys and condom varieties. This lube is also formulated for the perfect, non-irritating glide and it’s safe to use during pregnancy. You’ll get a premium natural lube that’s free from glycerin, propylene glycol, parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances. At the same time, the lube is infused with natural herbs for a more hydrating effect and increased sleekness. All Good Clean Love lubricants contain benzoic acid (food-grade ingredient) as a preservative, 10 percent vegetable glycerin that has antibacterial properties and a natural enzymatic system of preservatives.


  • Long lasting and lightweight
  • No harsh ingredients
  • Good bottle size


  • More expensive than other lubes
  • Some users reported irritation and burning

Superb 9.3

#4 Pjur Woman Water Based Personal Lubricant

Pjur Woman Nude and Aqua are water-based lubricants especially formulated for the needs of women. Moisturizing and super-smooth, the lube is amazing for ladies in menopause and all other women who may need a little bit of additional lubrication for great sex. The Pjur Woman Nude and Aqua formula is free from glycerin, parabens, oils, fragrances and harsh preservatives. Since there are no irritants in the composition, the lube is completely hypoallergenic and non-irritating. All ingredients are medical-grade, ensuring optimal quality. As the lube is water-based, it is compatible with all types of condoms and sex toys. Non-staining and easy to clean, the product doesn’t leave a mess behind (no matter how heated things get in the bedroom). Aqua and Nude are dermatologically tested products and they’re suitable for application on all mucous membranes.


  • Safe and perfectly non-irritating
  • Perfect for aging women and those who experience dryness
  • Smooth and non-sticky, feels natural


  • Dries up faster than other kinds of lube
  • Can form some white film

Superb 9.0

#5 Kama Sutra Love Liquid Classic Water Based Lube

Kama Sutra’s Love Liquid is a dermatologically tested water-based lube. It uses only the best of ingredients to give you a safe experience and a long-lasting slippery effect. The premium lube is luscious and silky smooth. It will give you a sufficiently long good use without drying out or becoming sticky. This unscented moisturizer is perfect for use with all kinds of sex toys. It’s also compatible with condoms, ensuring your safety. Don’t worry about cleaning things up after you’re done with a steamy encounter. Because the lube is water-based, it doesn’t leave stains or a mess behind. You’ll simply need to rinse toys with a bit of warm (soapy) water and you’ll be good to go again.


  • Works well, lasts a long time
  • A little bit goes a long way
  • Gentle and non-irritating
  • Cost-effective and affordable


  • Thicker than other water-based lubes
  • Does contain glycerin

Fabulous 8.8

#6 Sliquid Swirl Natural Intimate Lubricant

Sliquid lubricants are recognized for their natural composition and this is also the case with the Swirl series. Unlike other products under the brand, Swirl is a flavored type of lube that’s great for oral sex. You can choose among a number of delicious flavors like cherry and vanilla, pink lemonade, green apple, pina colada and various others. The entire range is water-based, free from glycerin, parabens and other irritating chemicals. A unique blending approach is used to make the product as close to the body’s natural lubrication in texture as possible. Plant cellulose is utilized as a thickening agent, which eliminates the need for having glycerin in the lube. Apart from being super slick, the Swirl lubes are non-staining and easy to clean. The fact that they can be reactivated with a bit of water or saliva is an added bonus.


  • Delicious flavors
  • No sugar, no risk of irritation or yeast infections
  • Perfect slipperiness and glide


  • Bottle can be difficult to squeeze
  • More expensive than other lubes

Fabulous 8.7

#7 Swiss Navy All Natural Lubricant

Swiss Navy’s whole range of lubes is well known for the quality of the ingredients. This is very much true when it comes to the company’s all natural water-based lube. Free from parabens and glycerin, the formula is gentle and it ensures the perfect glide each time. The lube stays put instead of being absorbed by the skin, which means that you’ll get a long, long time to enjoy your favorite erotic activity. Its formula is also non-staining and very easy to clean when you’re done. As all other high quality water-based lubes, this one is compatible with all kinds of condoms and sex toys. It comes in leak-proof packaging – the anti-spill bottle is very easy to use and amazing to take along on trips. Choose one of the three available bottle sizes for added convenience.


  • Lightweight and perfectly slippery
  • Quality ingredients only
  • Feel very much like natural lubrication


  • Some issues with a faulty pump
  • On the runny side

Fabulous 8.6

#8 Sensuva Natural Water-Based Personal Moisturizer

Aqua by Sensuva is a natural personal moisturizer that’s formulated to replicate the body’s natural lubrication. Smooth and hydrating, the lube will ensure hours of fun without drying up or getting tacky. Free from glycerin, parabens and other harsh chemicals, Aqua is a perfect choice for people with sensitivities. It doesn’t cause irritation or burning, guaranteeing safety and good sensations with every use. In addition, all ingredients are food-grade to make ingestion fun. Finally, the formula is pH-balanced to be compatible with the vagina’s natural acidity. As other high quality water-based lubes, Aqua by Sensuva is compatible with latex condoms, as well as all kinds of sex toys. It’s also non-staining and easy to clean up with just water.


  • Slippery enough for both vaginal and anal sex
  • Great consistency, silky texture
  • A little bit goes a long way
  • Excellent price to quality ratio


  • A couple of chemicals in the list of ingredients
  • Some users did experience a bit of irritation

Fabulous 8.5

#9 Sliquid Naturals Intimate Lubricant

Natural and water-based, this Sliquid lubricant is a great choice for everyone who prefers a lightweight texture. This personal lube has been formulated to feel very much like natural bodily lubrication and it does deliver on the promise. Because it features plant cellulose as a thickening agent, there’s no need for glycerin (a thickening agent that is known to make lubes dry up fairly fast). The hypoallergenic formula is minimalist and it relies on just a few high quality ingredients to reduce the risk of irritation. In addition, the formula is free from parabens. The lube is 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free. Free from flavors and additives, you’ll find it really authentic and arousing. The lube is compatible with all kinds of sex toys and condoms. It’s also easy to clean with just a bit of warm water.


  • Lightweight, great texture
  • Very slippery, not sticky at all
  • Can be reactivated with a bit of water
  • Excellent for women


  • Dries up faster than other lubes
  • Some users reported a bit of irritation
  • More expensive than other lubes

Fabulous 8.4

#10 Ride Bodyworx Water Based Lubricant

The Ride Bodyworx water-based lubricant has a number of great qualities. The gel-like lube is thick and very slippery to prolong the good sensation and eliminate the need for frequent reapplication. It doesn’t get runny, which is an added bonus with water-based products. The lubricant isn’t going to stain your sheets or leave a mess behind. And if you’re using it with your favorite toys, you can simply rinse them with a bit of warm water when you’re done. Infused with natural seaweed extract, the lube is moisturizing and very gentle. The formula lacks harsh or irritating ingredients like parabens, glycerin and other chemicals known to cause burning or stinging. Made in the US, Ride Bodyworx products are vegan and cruelty-free to give you a guilt-free experience you wouldn’t forget.


  • Thick gel, doesn’t get runny
  • Slippery and very enjoyable
  • Unflavored, unscented, perfectly non-irritating
  • Stays slippery for a fairly long time


  • More expensive than other water-based lubes
  • Some users may have issues with the thicker consistency

Things You Should Pay Attention to When Shopping for a Water-Based Lube

According to many people who are loyal water-based lube fans, it is the one product that comes closest to the real thing. And when you buy the right kind of water-based lube, you’ll enjoy a lovely slippery sensation without stickiness or oiliness.

If you’re shopping for water-based lube for the very first time, here are the things to look at:

List of ingredients: Always, always, always check the list of ingredients before buying lube. The best products are free from glycerin, allergen, parabens, petroleum derivatives and harsh chemicals. If you have specific sensitivities or allergies, make sure that a certain irritating ingredient isn’t present in the formula. Generally speaking, the fewer ingredients a lube has, the better. Try to find out what each ingredient does and how it could affect the quality of the lube you’re about to use. In time, you’ll find out there are only a few essential compounds that must be present in the formula for the lube to work.

Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free: Some people like having scented lube. Fragrance, however, can be an irritant. If you want high quality lube that comes as close to natural lubrication as possible, seek formulas labelled as hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. These formulas are usually the most delicate ones and they’re ideal for use by women experiencing issues with natural lubrication (some fragrances, colorants and chemicals can cause irritation and even yeast infections).

Only natural ingredients: There are 100 percent natural water-based lubes out there. For some people, this is the ultimate goal when buying. Lubes that have only natural ingredients tend to be a bit more expensive. If you’re committed to going chemical-free, however, such an investment is going to be worth it. One thing you have to understand, though, is that natural isn’t always better. Products that contain essential oils aren’t right for everyone. Some people may experience irritation. This is why you should always do a patch test on your skin before applying lube to your genitals. If you don’t experience irritation, you’re good to go.

Long-lasting and non-sticky: Low quality water-based lube can dry up too fast, which means you’ll have to reapply the product several times during sex. This isn’t convenient and it certainly isn’t economical. Look for long-lived water-based lube. Now, telling if a product is going to remain slippery for a long time is somewhat difficult. Trying a sample bottle is a great idea. The same applies to reading online reviews and benefiting from the experiences of others. Keep in mind that all water-based lubes will become dry eventually. The best ones will not leave a dry residue behind. You don’t want a product that will become sticky as it starts to dry.

Can be reactivated: Very often, water-based lube can be reactivated when it starts to dry. Just add a bit of water (or even saliva) and you’ll be good to go. Before buying, try to find out if the respective kind of lube can be reactivated effortlessly.

Edible and flavored: To fulfill some fantasies, you’ll need an edible kind of lube. Now, this is a very specific requirement but if you have it, make sure that the water-based lube of preference is edible. Most products of this kind are safe to ingest. Edible lubes, however, tend to come with a pleasant taste that will make the experience super fun.

The pH of water-based lube: The pH of water-based lube is important if you’re going to be using the product during vaginal penetration. A healthy vagina has a pH in the range of 3.8 to 4.5. These are the values you should be looking for in a water-based lube. When lube has the same acidity as the vagina, it’s not going to disrupt the fine balance of the vaginal microbiome.

Additional properties: A lube is intended to make sex easier and more pleasant. In some instances, lube will have additional properties. Tingling, warming and cooling lubes can be fun to try. If you’re using such lubes for the first time, the feeling can be a bit overwhelming. Go for a sample bottle or small packaging to determine if you like what you’re getting. There are also water-based lubes with spermicidal properties (acting as a form of birth control). Some women, however, may experience irritation. Also, do remember that such lubes don’t prevent the transmission of STIs. Barrier contraception like condoms will be needed for reliable protection.

Special considerations for anal lube buying: Lube is absolutely essential for good anal sex. The anus doesn’t produce natural lubrication, which is why you need a good, very slippery product. If you’re going to be using lube mainly for anal sex, make sure it’s formulated for the purpose. Some people find water-based lube a bit lightweight for anal sex. This is why you could look for a hybrid formula that contains a bit of silicone. Such lubes are a lot more slippery while remaining easy to clean and non-staining.

Ethical considerations: Here’s one last thing to research. Do you find it important to make ethical choices when buying products? In that case, look for vegan and cruelty-free lube formulas. Luckily, most meet both criteria, giving you 100 percent guilt-free pleasure.

Why Should You Buy a Good Water-Based Lube

If you haven’t tried lube before, you don’t know what you’re missing. A lot of moisture is essential for amazing sex, whether you’re flying solo or having fun with a partner. And when it comes to activities like anal sex, for example, lube is absolutely essential to increase enjoyment and reduce the risk of injuries.

Water-based lube gives you the most natural experience possible, especially when it gets compared to the thicker and oilier silicone and oil-based lubes. To work well, however, water-based lube has to be formulated correctly.

There are a few problems you may run into if you don’t buy high quality water-based lube.

The first issue revolves around longevity. Because it doesn’t contain oils or silicones, water-based lube can dry up very fast. The companies that make such products have to enrich the formulas in a way that keeps them lightweight but ensures a slippery sensation for long enough. Poorly made lube can dry up really, really fast. This means you’ll have to reapply the product time and time again. In the end, such lube would prove to be much more expensive than a premium product that comes with a higher price tag.

The second issue that’s very common is tackiness. When they start to dry, poorly made water-based lubes can become sticky. Stickiness is definitely something you don’t want to experience while having heated sex. Again – reputable manufacturers invest in the right ingredients. They keep the lube non-sticky even when it starts to dry up. To reactivate the lube and enjoy its perfect consistency, you will simply need to add a bit of water.

Apart from looking at the specific issues with this kind of lube, you will also have to keep a few general considerations in mind.

Cheap lube can often contain fillers, chemicals and other synthetic ingredients that cause irritation.

Think about it – lube is applied to (and inside) some of the most sensitive body parts. Would you feel comfortable placing harsh chemicals there? These can cause nasty problems like redness, burning, stinging and even yeast infections. You shouldn’t be risking your health just to save a few dollars on lube.

Choose reputable companies that reveal enough information about the composition of their products and how they’re being made. Some countries don’t make companies reveal the full list of ingredients of their products. Such lubes are a definite health danger. They can easily cause an allergic reaction because you don’t have information about all the ingredients. Also, “mystery” ingredients are almost always questionable and they can cause the unpleasant side effects we already discussed.

There’s one more bad thing that could happen if you don’t know what ingredients lube contains. Sometimes, water-based products are “enhanced” with silicone-like compounds. Such compounds increase the longevity of the lube but they could cause issues when sex toys are being used. Sex toy manufacturers provide a lot of information about how these items should be maintained and cared for. Avoid lubes that could potentially damage your expensive toys. While water-based lube is generally safe, some of its ingredients may cause silicone to disintegrate.

You can easily save money on premium lube by choosing the biggest possible packaging or waiting for a discount campaign. There really is no excuse. The market features lots of reasonably priced products that are well-made. Just learn a bit about the qualities of good water-based lube and don’t make a compromise with these requirements!

Final Words

Water-based lube can be a lot of fun. If you pick the right kind of water-based lube, you’ll definitely fall in love with it. Natural, slippery and reminiscent of actual body moisture, water-based lube is a lot more lightweight than its oily counterparts. You’ll simply have to give it a try to decide if this is the kind of product you fancy.

Don’t hesitate exploring our top 10 water-based lubes or the other products in this category featured on the HotCerry website. We do our best to offer only high quality products to our clients. A big range of water-based lubes is available to meet every single need and offer the kind of effect that you’re seeking for better sex.

As a final word of caution we’d like to point out a few things.

Always read the list of ingredients before buying lube. Make sure there are no components you’re sensitive or allergic to. Also, learn which chemicals aren’t optimal and should be avoided (parabens, petrochemicals, glycols, etc.). If a manufacturer doesn’t reveal the full list of lube ingredients, chances are that they have something to hide.

Even if you buy a product with an amazing list of ingredients, do a patch test before squirting a large amount of lube on your genitals.

Some people could experience irritation, burning and stinging even from a premium formula. A patch test will save you from experiencing massive discomfort and pain.

We really hope that you’ll find the water-based lube that’s just right for you. There’s so much to explore – natural lubes, formulas to enhance your pleasure, long-lasting lubes that are especially formulated for anal sex. Decide what you want to get and give the respective product category a try. Once you find the right product, you’ll never go lube-less again.

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