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10 Best Male Masturbators for Incredible Orgasms


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What’s the best male masturbator? Now, that’s a difficult question to answer. If you don’t want to spend hours on research, you can count on our guide. We looked at dozens of masturbators, we compared them side by side and we found out what actual users had to say. All of these factors resulted in our ranking of the top rated male masturbators.

To give you options, we’ve looked at both affordable and premium toys. In either case, an optimal price to quality ratio was established. This means you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck and you’ll get to enjoy your masturbator for many years to come.

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Our Top 10 Best Male Masturbators

Top 5 Male Masturbators Over $50

Superb 9.8

#1 Tenga Flip Zero Masturbator

The Tenga Flip Zero looks so futuristic and cool that it scores bonus points on appearance alone. This impressive toy, however, doesn’t just look good. It feels incredible and it comes with smart, practical design choices for easy cleaning. The Tenga masturbator has a complex internal structure aimed to offer various degrees of stimulation. The textured layers overlap for a seamless, intense experience like no other. Since there’s one insertion point, there’s no risk of lube or bodily fluids leaking out. This design also gives you a gentle vacuum that feels extra-good. Several pressure points can be triggered externally to make the vacuum and the pressure more focused. Flip Zero’s design is also practical and the ty is made of long-lived, quality materials. The masturbator can be flipped open for effortless washing. A clear case for storage purposes will also be provided.


  • Impressive suction
  • High quality, no leak design
  • The inner structure ensures super intense stimulation


  • More sensitive men could find the stimulation too intense
  • Side clips could be difficult to open
  • A few complaints about plastic top cover quality

Superb 9.0

#2 Private Tube Jolee Love Ass Masturbator

If anal sex is your thing and you’d like to experience it on your own, try the Private Tube Jolee Love masturbator. The toy’s molded after the body of the favorite adult film actress. On top of looking good, it comes with an internal structure aimed at giving you lots of pleasure. The interior is very tight and ribbed to rub against your penis and get you to an orgasm in seconds. Due to this fact, the masturbator is a great choice for building your stamina and experimenting with edging. A few design elements also make the toy very practical. A cap at the base gives you full control over the pressure. Made of plastic, the outer casing is discrete and it also ensures a good grip. Your Jolee Love masturbator is crafted from super realistic and phthalate-free Real Skin TPR that is durable and very easy to care for.


  • Intense stimulation and amazing inner texture
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Realistic and really flesh-like


  • On the expensive side
  • Could start feeling sticky after a lot of use

Fabulous 8.5

#3 Main Squeeze Pussy Masturbator

Who’s the girl of your dreams? You can imagine having sex with her when using this super realistic pussy masturbator. The toy has a very arousing, anatomically-correct exterior. The interior is a whole different story. The inner ridges and the texture will stimulate your penis in a way no girl could. In addition, you control the suction and the pressure to make the experience very intense or to slow things down. Open-ended, dual cap design simplifies cleaning when you’re done having fun. In addition, the masturbator features high quality and lightweight plastic casing. It gives the toy a discrete appearance and simplifies storage. Your masturbator is very easy to take out of the sleeve and disassemble for hygienic purposes. In addition, the material has quick dry properties for easy sanitization.


  • Very flexible and realistic material
  • Allows for good gripping
  • Great value due to the product’s quality


  • The design allows for lubricant leakage
  • A few issues with suction control
  • Material could be a bit too soft for some users

Fabulous 8.7

#4 Pdx Elite Vibrating Mega Milker Stroker

Are you looking for a futuristic, high quality masturbator? You’ve just found it. The Pdx Elite is a toy for men that ensures sensations like no other. What does it do so differently, you may ask? For a start, there are seven vibration patterns for extra pleasure. The advanced compression technology also gives you that hot “milking” action in intensities you simply cannot resist. The suction cup design also makes the masturbator different from other male toys. Stick it to a wall (will attach to a smooth surface) and enjoy some hands-free action. A few other cool characteristics worth pointing out include a clear window that allows you to watch the action, LED illumination and a rechargeable battery. The masturbator is crafted from realistic thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and the casing is made from ABS plastic.


  • Vibrations and milking compression feel super good
  • The suction cup is a nice added bonus
  • Feels flesh-like and realistic


  • Quite expensive
  • Could be noisy when the vibrating motor is on
  • Some reports of issues with charging cable

Fabulous 8.6

#5 Private Tube Alexa Tomas Mouth Masturbator

Oral sex masturbators aren’t as common as pussy toys, which is why this Alexa Tomas mouth masturbator deserves a place in our list. On top of giving you the chance to have oral sex with a favorite adult actress, the masturbator is well-made and practical. The ribbed interior will make you moan and shake you to your inner core. Crafted from lifelike TPR, the toy is soft and inviting. You’ll also enjoy the insertable length of 7.6 inches that will engulf your member and stimulate from all directions. It comes with discrete outer casing and a screw-on cap. This practical design makes the masturbator very easy to take on a trip. The soft interior can be taken out of the plastic sleeve for easy cleaning and sanitization. Just make sure that your masturbator is completely dry before putting it back in the sleeve and storing it.


  • An intensely pleasurable oral sex toy
  • Lightweight, discrete and practical
  • Flesh-like material is realistic and durable


  • More expensive than other masturbators
  • Could feel a bit too soft

Top 5 Cheap Male Masturbators Under $50

Superb 9.7

#1 Mood Thrill Triple Texture Masturbator

The simple, modest Mood Thrill Triple Texture Masturbator packs a lot more than it appearance lets on. While the outside is really streamlined, the inside is textured to stimulate your shaft to the max. The entrance portion has large massage beads that morph into thick ribbing and smaller stimulating beads in the end portion. Open-ended and long enough, the masturbator is suited to the needs of all guys (regardless of length and girth). It is crafted from realistic and soft ultraskyn to give that added dimension of sexual simulation. The quality of the material makes the toy long-lived and easy to clean. Wash in soapy water (or sex toy cleaner) after each use and pat dry. That’s all it takes to enjoy the Mood Thrill for years to come.


  • Amazing price to quality ratio
  • Feels great and doesn’t require a lot of lube
  • Practical and portable


  • No outer sleeve
  • A bit bulkier in design than other masturbators
  • Some guys found it a bit too tight

Superb 9.5

#2 Tenga Egg Male Masturbator

Who would have thought that the humble Tenga Egg is such an amazing male masturbator! And it really does bring a lot to the table. For a start, the price of this toy is difficult to beat. In addition, the egg comes in a discrete package – nobody would be capable of telling what it actually is. On the outside, you get a cute item. The inside, however, is a different story. Raised inner texture and super stretchy material will engulf your member completely. The collection features several designs that will give you different sensations – wavy, silky, cool. Made of soft TPE, the Tenga Egg feels like actual human flesh. You can get started with the fun as soon as the toy arrives because the package includes a lube sample. Just pour it in and you’ll be ready to go.


  • A price that’s difficult to beat
  • A big collection, offering different textures and sensations
  • Very travel friendly, fits in a pocket


  • Intended for a single session (but could be used a few times)
  • On the shorter side
  • Will tear apart after a few uses

Superb 9.3

#3 Sasha Grey Pussy Stroker

If Sasha Grey is your favorite adult actress, this is the masturbator for you. It’s exterior is an exact replica of her beautiful ladybits and the interior will give you an even bigger surprise. Textured and soft, it will stimulate you and give you sensations you haven’t felt before (whether with a partner or on your own). The inner opening is also quite tight for even more satisfying penetration. On top of feeling good, the stroker is also practical. It’s crafted from a lifelike thermoplastic elastomer that’s soft and flexible. The material is bodysafe and fairly easy to clean. It’s also compatible with all water-based lube varieties for a comfortable fit. Lacking an outer sleeve, the Sasha Grey stroker is a budget-friendly choice that gives you a good price to quality ratio.


  • An excellent price to quality ratio
  • Feels really great, highly stimulating
  • Fairly easy cleaning


  • No outer sleeve
  • Insertable length is fairly short
  • Could feel sticky after a few times being cleaned

Fabulous 8.5

#4 Super Head Honcho Masturbator

Oral sex masturbators can really diversify your solo routine. This Super Head Honcho masturbator will give you the sensation with a bit of added intensity. The interior brags three suction cavities and a ribbed design that will get you coming in no time. An insertable length of 6.5 inches makes it great for bigger guys. Use the masturbator solo or with a partner to spice up oral sex. The cool, transparent body of the toy is made from bodysafe TPR that is durable and very flexible. Waterproof and easy to clean, the Super Head Honcho will give you lots of good use before a replacement is required. The modest price tag is also difficult to beat, ensuring an excellent price to quality ratio.


  • Deep enough for bigger guys
  • Feels really good when you’re inside
  • Well-made and excellent price


  • Lacks intensity for more experienced users
  • A few complaints about opening being on the smaller side
  • Synthetic smell

Fabulous 8.2

#5 Squirt It UltraSkyn Squirting Pussy Male Masturbator

If you want to take your solo play fantasy to the next level, you need the right toy. A squirting pussy masturbator is a great choice. Squirt It is just that and then some more. Tight and ribbed, the masturbator will have you screaming in pleasure in no time. You can also squeeze the exterior to control the pressure and suction. But that’s not all you get. A syringe-powered mechanism will get your pussy masturbator squirting in a powerful orgasm that can enhance your own. Crafted from realistic ultraskyn, the toy feels very soft, flexible and reminiscent of human flesh. It is also waterproof, allowing use in all kinds of conditions. The squirting mechanism is easy to disassemble and flush, giving you optimal hygiene with each cleaning. If you need a budget-friendly toy, you’ll be happy with this price tag.


  • Very affordable, great for beginners
  • Looks very nice and feels amazing
  • Sufficient insertable length


  • A few complaints of synthetic smell
  • Squirting mechanism requires getting used to
  • Could become sticky after numerous cleanings

Things You Should Pay Attention to When Shopping for a Male Masturbator

If you’re curious about the most important qualities of a male masturbator, here they are:

Type: Male masturbator is a very, very general term. Under the category, you’ll discover a good selection of different products – masturbation sleeves, pocket pussies and fleshlights, anal masturbators (meant to resemble anal sex), oral masturbators, porn start masturbators, dolls and many others. Think about the type of sex you like the most or a brand new sensation you haven’t experienced before. This way, you can determine what type of masturbator is best for you.

Material: The material that your masturbator is made of plays two important roles. First of all, the quality of the material makes the toy realistic (or not). In addition, it determines how long-lived your toy is going to be. Some of the most popular materials out there include medical-grade silicone, cyberskin and PVC. Avoid porous materials like jelly and low quality plastics. These can harbor bacteria and they can be very difficult to sanitize.

Ability to maintain shape: This one is very, very dependent on the material that the masturbator is made of. A high quality masturbator should maintain its inner texture and tightness even after hundreds of uses. TPE and medical-grade silicone are known for their longevity. If you use such a masturbator according to manufacturer instructions and you take good care of it, the item will feel brand new for a very long time.

Inner texture: Most masturbation toys for guys are created to be penetrated. This is why the interior is much more important than the exterior. Manufacturers will usually provide potential buyers with pictures or diagrams of what the internal texture looks like. Ridges, nubs and other stimulating little protrusions are much-needed to give you the ultimate pleasure.

Ease of disassembling and cleaning: Male strokers that are difficult to take apart may be impossible to wash clean after each use. This is why simpler designs work best for this type of sex toy. Always check the manufacturer’s care and cleaning instructions before buying. If you need a science degree to understand maintenance steps, chances are that another toy would be a better pick. If you want to make cleaning as simple as possible, look for open-ended designs (the problem here is these can be messier to use so choose your priorities).

Sleeve or no sleeve: A sleeve is some kind of casing that “contains” the actual male masturbator. It is usually made of plastic (some toys could have a metal sleeve) that allows for a better grip and more stability. Some less expensive male masturbators don’t have a sleeve. It’s really up to you to decide which way to go. The sleeve doesn’t affect the experience, it’s more important for practical purposes (storage, discreetness, etc.).

Size: The importance of size is big for any kind of sex toy you’re about to buy. If you’re getting a masturbator, you need to check out both the length and the girth. A bigger length allows for deeper and much more satisfying penetration. Also, the size of the toy should correspond to the size of your penis in order to feel comfortable.

Additional features: Apart from offering a realistic experience, some top male masturbators go an extra mile to deliver pleasure. If you want the absolute best and most thrilling experience, choose a masturbator with some additional features. These include vibrations, compression that gives you a “milking” sensation, suction (especially if you want to experience realistic oral sex) and two-in-one toys (the two ends offer different types of sex, for example – vaginal and anal). If there’s a vibrating bullet, it should be removable for easier cleaning.

Extras: To give you full enjoyment, some manufacturers will add extras to their male masturbator kits. Getting some of these products will allow you to test them for free and determine if you’d like to buy those again in the future. A few of the common extras provided alongside male masturbators include lube, cleaning products and renewal powders. Renewal powders are actually very nifty products. After numerous cleanings, some materials could become sticky. The aim of the renewal powder is to eliminate that tackiness while keeping the material soft and flesh-like.

Why Should You Buy a Good Male Masturbator

Well, why shouldn’t you? After all, when spending money on a product, make sure it’s the right one. And while the price tag doesn’t guarantee quality, the cheapest items out there pose certain risks.

Obviously, that’s a simplified version of things. Buying a good male masturbator is important for more than one reason.

For a start, you want to feel the difference between using your hand and using a toy. For that purpose, the toy should be properly designed. A material that feels natural and a good internal texture are more than important. The same applies to the suction. Suction is unique to male masturbators and it adds to the pleasure. Poor quality toys will usually exert minimal pressure or none at all. Also, you’ll have very little control over the intensity. Material, suction and texture should all work together to bring the masturbation experience to a different level.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can consider vibrations, pulsations and milking action. Masturbators that have such features are more expensive but they’ll rock your world.

Beyond the pleasure, however, you also have to look at durability and safety.

Strokers and masturbators aren’t created equal. It’s easy to see how big the differences are by going through buyer reviews. So many people are disappointed in their poor purchases. A masturbator that’s of lower quality may tear apart easily, it may feel weird to use or it may be poorly constructed. The wrong construction (sharp edges, an opening that isn’t properly sized) will feel uncomfortable and it could even lead to some minor injuries.

We’ve mentioned this before and we need to point out one important fact again (since many people aren’t aware of the way the sex toy industry works).

Regulation in the world of sex toys is minimal. Any manufacturer can label their toys “body-safe.” There are no universal standards and all kinds of materials can be used to produce cheap toys.

The problem is that such cheap materials can be toxic. When in contact with your body, they could release chemicals. Such chemicals lead to an array of issues – from skin irritation to potentially carcinogenic effects.

Make sure your male masturbator is phthalate-free. Again, companies can write a label stating their toy is phthalate-free. Such claims can be difficult to verify, unless a toy is actually tested in a lab. A few of the quality materials that are free from phthalates and other nasty chemicals include medical-grade silicone, glass, ABS plastic and TPE. Jelly and rubber are most often problematic, which is why you’re better off staying away from such products.

As a final word of caution, remember there are lots of replicas out there.

The best way to buy a genuine, high quality male masturbator is to approach a reputable retailer. At HotCherry, we sell genuine products, which is why they retain high customer satisfaction. Buying off of sites that sell all kinds of stuff can result in having a knockoff product sent to your home.

Authentic male masturbators come with a price tag. If a certain “label” is being sold for the fraction of the typical price, you’re being offered a replica. Don’t fall for such offers because you’ll regret the decision later on. Replicas are poorly made and dangerous. Spending a bit more on a good male masturbator will keep you safe, give you the ultimate experience and ensure the long life of your toy.

Final Words

You’re used to one kind of masturbation but why limit yourself? There are so many pleasurable ways to have solo fun, especially if you invest in a high quality toy.

Male strokers can fulfill just about every fantasy of yours. And while you could be reluctant at first, getting used to a solo play toy will make you never want to go back to manual fun. Ever!

Starting with the fleshlight and moving on to more complex toy, there is so much to explore and enjoy. Chances are that you’re actually unaware of the huge range of possibilities.

Do take some time to look at the different kinds of male masturbators. Starting off with a versatile toy is the way to go. If you really enjoy the sensation, you can move on to other types of solo play toys. Anal or oral sex with a porn star has never been easier to achieve. We promise that once you get the right toy, you’ll experience sex like you’ve never had it before.

We hope wholeheartedly that you’ll find the information in this guide useful. Getting lost in the vast ocean of sex toys on the market is so easy. This is why we’ve combed through the information and the hundreds of product choices. It’s our firm belief that the male masturbator selection we created for this guide contains the best that manufacturers have to offer right now.

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