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Best Realistic Vaginas - Top 10 Fake Pussy Toys

Best Realistic Vaginas - Top 10 Fake Pussy Toys

Editorial Team |

There are so many realistic masturbators on the market that you’re probably wondering how to choose one. Read this detailed guide to find out the most realistic vaginas you should consider.

Our expert team went meticulously through product descriptions, manufacturer claims, ads, videos and buyer testimonials. All this information was analyzed, compared and summarized to score best realistic vaginas available today. Based on our score, we came up with the top 10 products that the market has to offer.

If you don’t want to do all of the homework, check out our top 10 ranking below. We’ll explain why each toy is amazing and how it will add to your pleasure. A quick summary of pros and cons will also help for the selection of the realistic vagina you’ll get to use for years to come.

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Our Top 10 Best Realistic Vaginas

Top 10 Realistic Vaginas

Superb 9.8

#1 Sasha Grey Pussy Stroker

Any fan of Sasha Grey would be thrilled to own an exact replica of her pussy. That’s precisely what this stroker makes possible. The Sasha Grey masturbator has a realistic exterior with delicately sculpted labia and a clit. It is handcrafted from a soft and stretchy TPE – one of the materials that come closest to the experience of actual human flesh. Very tight and accommodating, the interior of the stroker is textured to build up to the excitement. The exterior allows for a perfect grip and it also makes the pussy stroker easy to take with you on a trip. Since it is crafted of TPE, the realistic vagina should be used only with water-based lube. As the material is waterproof, it can be submerged in water or a detergent solution for thorough cleaning after each use.


  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Feels very tight and stimulating
  • Fairly easy to clean


  • Small insertable length
  • Needs renewal powder (gets sticky otherwise)
  • Could be better in terms of suction

Superb 9.7

#2 Jesse Capelli Ultraskyn Pocket Pussy Masturbator

Make your porn star fantasy come true with the Jesse Capelli pocket pussy. The realistic masturbator is directly molded from the lady bits of your favorite actress. It is crafted from realistic and super stretchy ultraskyn. The material is as skin-like as it gets – you get a bit of elasticity, you get softness and lots of realism. Beyond the surface, you get a super tight and textured internal cavity that will make you come in no time. The realistic vagina masturbator is pocket-sized for a discrete experience and effortless transportation. It doesn’t feature sleeves, caps or other contraptions – just the pussy itself. Ultraskyn is hypoallergenic, non-porous and waterproof. These features make the toy very easy to clean and even easier to store after each use. For optimal care and longevity, use solely with water-based lube.


  • Great quality for the price
  • Feels really amazing, highly realistic
  • Ribbed internal texture is very stimulating
  • Easy to clean


  • Has a slight synthetic smell
  • Could be difficult to use for larger guys
  • Some guys would have loved more ribbing

Superb 9.5

#3 Doc Johnson UR3 Pocket Pussy

UR3 is one of the newest sex toy materials, engineered to give realism like never before. If you’ve never tried it before, you can explore the softness and flesh-like qualities with this Doc Johnson pussy masturbator. With its very tight opening, the stroker simulates the feeling of being with a virgin. The material is so resilient that it will retain its strength, elasticity and tightness, no matter how hard and how often you pound it. The realistic masturbator has one nice additional perk. Your own grip will control the amount of internal pressure. So, it’s really up to you to decide if you’ll get sucked in really hard or if you’ll build the vacuum gradually. The toy is compact, discrete and designed for a good grip. Its open-ended design facilitates cleaning and also makes the item great for larger guys.


  • Feels great
  • Easy to clean
  • Very lifelike and realistic


  • Could be too tight for large guys
  • Open-ended design can be messy
  • Not textured enough on the inside

Superb 9.3

#4 Pipedream Extreme Pocket Pussy Sex Toy

Just look at this toy and you’ll definitely get excited. The design is as realistic as it gets, with detailed labia and an anatomically-correct opening. The Pipedream Extreme has the softness and the stretchiness of actual human flesh that will take your masturbation to the next level. On the inside, there are dozens of little nodules to stimulate your penis. You can also add a bit of pressure by squeezing on the toy while stroking in it. A close-ended design makes it very easy to build the pressure and get the greatest suction ever. The Pipedream Extreme stroker is made of high quality, non-porous and waterproof TPR Fantaflesh. The material is designed for both realism and durability. On top of the realistic pussy masturbator, you’ll get lubricant and a moistening lotion that will give you the ultimate solo experience.


  • Very realistic, feels great
  • Tight and stimulating
  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Easy to clean


  • A bit too rubbery
  • Internal texture could be more pronounced
  • Some guys found it too tight

Superb 9.0

#5 Riley Reid Pocket Pussy

Live your porn star fantasy with this incredibly realistic Riley Reid toy. As you’ve probably guessed it already, this stroker is molded directly from the pussy of your favorite brags anatomically-correct exterior details and an incredibly stimulating, textured interior. The pussy is crafted from TPR rubber that has realistic softness and elasticity. You will also get a bit of a stretch that will accommodate your shaft nicely. Your Riley Reid realistic vagina is provided with a unique code that will give you access to four hours of video content to enhance your pleasure. This is the perfect toy to enhance the pleasure of your manual activities and to also help you build tremendous stamina for incredible partnered sex. As far as price to quality ratio goes, few offers can beat what this toy has to offer.


  • Toy and video content combo is great
  • Looks cute and arousing on the outside
  • Very realistic and satisfying
  • Flexible and lifelike


  • Slight synthetic smell
  • Not optimal for larger guys

Fabulous 8.8

#6 Lisa Ann Pussy Stroker

The Lisa Ann Pussy Stroker is compact enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Don’t be fooled by its size, however. Sometimes, the greatest experiences come in the smallest packages. The realistic pussy is molded directly from the ladybits of fan-favorite Lisa Ann. Each detail is handcrafted from a high quality thermoplastic material that resembles human flesh. You get to enjoy realistic details like a sculpted clit and labia, as well as an anatomically-correct opening. Inside, you’ll enjoy the tightness and the texture chosen to stimulate you and make you erupt like a volcano. If you need some additional stimulation, grip the stroker tightly to increase the pressure. Waterproof and non-porous, the stroker is very easy to sanitize after each use. For optimal care, use your realistic vagina with a water-based lube ad store it separately from other sex toys.


  • Internal texture is great
  • Realistic and flesh-like
  • Easy to clean up
  • Compact and discrete


  • Slight synthetic smell
  • If not cared for correctly, TPE can tear apart
  • Insertable length on the shorter side

Fabulous 8.7

#7 Sophie Dee Ultraskyn Pocket Pussy

The Sophie Dee realistic pussy has been handcrafted from ultraskyn to give you a ton of realism. The toy is beautifully sculpted on the outside and the material gives you the softness and the elasticity of human flesh. You get a compact stroker that is easy to hold and discrete enough to take anywhere you go. The exterior is crafted to give you the perfect grip, allowing you to increase the pressure exerted on your penis as you stroke and pound that pussy. On top of the pressure, you’ll get internal ribbing and texture for more pleasure than ever before. Ultraskyn is a long-lived, easy to care for material. An open-ended design simplifies cleaning even further. To prolong the life of your realistic vagina, use water-based lube and store it separately from other toys.


  • Feels great
  • Excellent quality for price
  • Easy to clean
  • Nice internal texture


  • Slight synthetic smell
  • Open-ended design can be messy to use
  • Insertable length on the shorter side

Fabulous 8.6

#8 Signature Strokers Ultraskyn Pocket Pussy

Do you get bored of the same pocket vagina easily? If you need variety, check out this spectacular collection. Each stroker is crafted after the anatomy of a favorite adult actress – from Blair Williams to Katrina Jade, Honey Gold, Cory Chase and many others. You get a total of eight unique pocket pussies to choose among. Each one is crafted from a realistic, soft and stretchy thermoplastic. It doesn’t get closer to human flesh than that. The interior of each pussy is tight and textured to make you come like a beast. You can also use the strokers to build up your stamina and become an exceptional lover. Each stroker is compact and small enough to be held easily. Open-ended design facilitates cleaning – just rinse the pussy after each use or soak it in a sex toy cleaning solution.


  • A cool collection of 8 different pocket pussies
  • Realistic, soft and flesh-like
  • Stimulating inner texture
  • Excellent quality for the price


  • Insertable length on the shorter side
  • Ultraskyn can get sticky (needs renewal powder)
  • Slight synthetic smell

Fabulous 8.5

#9 Asa Akira Pocket Pussy

Life cast from Asa Akira’s pussy, the stroker looks and feels amazing. It is made from a bodysafe and very realistic thermoplastic that has enough softness and stretch to it. A textured interior helps stimulate you beyond expectations. You can also squeeze on the toy’s exterior to increase the pressure and build excitement. Ergonomic exterior details allow for a better grip and very easy use. The toy is also compact and discrete. You can take it easily anywhere you go. Open-ended design increases the ease of cleaning. This is one of the best realistic vaginas on the market, as far as a price to quality ratio is concerned. Good thermoplastics are very long-lived, ensuring pounding after pounding without any deterioration. Just clean your toy thoroughly after each use and store it separately. This way, you’ll get to enjoy the fake pussy for years to come.


  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Feels very realistic
  • Stimulating inner texture
  • Very easy to clean


  • Open-ended design makes it messy to use
  • Slight synthetic smell
  • Not as detailed externally as other pocket pussies

Fabulous 8.2

#10 Alexis Texas Realistic Vagina Stroker

Are you a fan of Alexis Texas? You now have a chance to take her to bed (or have sex with her anywhere you want). The Alexis Texas realistic pussy stroker is compact, very detailed and highly satisfying. Made of a soft and stretchy thermoplastic, it’s the next best thing after an actual human partner (well, some guys would say it’s better). You’ll get a tight internal cavity with a textured design to stimulate you thoroughly. Fully waterproof, the pussy can be used in the shower and it’s also very easy to clean. Your kit will give you a couple of extras on top of the stroker. A ZT lube sample is provided for the ultimate experience. You’ll also get a download code to access four hours of Alexis Texas video footage.


  • Realistic, arousing exterior
  • Very flesh-like and realistic
  • Kit includes a few bonuses
  • Excellent price to quality ratio


  • A bit too short and tight for bigger guys
  • Closed design is more difficult to clean
  • Thermoplastic can get sticky with use

Things You Should Pay Attention to When Shopping for a Realistic Vagina

It’s pretty clear what a realistic vagina does. The keyword here is “realistic.” To make sure it feels as real as possible, you’ll have to pay attention to a couple of things. The most important ones include:

Material: The material is the number one thing that will determine how realistic a vagina toy is going to be. If it’s too stiff, you’ll have a difficult time penetrating it. Too soft of a texture will take away from the pleasure. Some of the best materials are skin-like and very realistic. These include thermoplastics (known as cyberskin), TPR and medical-grade silicone. Keep in mind, however, that while silicone is the safest and most long-lived material, it happens to be a bit stiffer than more realistic possibilities.

Internal texture: The beauty of a realistic vagina toy is that it usually comes with internal ridges, nodules and chambers that will caress and excite your penis. The product pictures should show you a cross-section of the interior. Having a toy that is very textured and that has several different internal textures will give you the most pleasure.

External appearance: Since you’re looking for a realistic vagina rather than just a stroker, the external appearance is important. It should look like an actual vulva with details like the skin, the labia and the clit. Some realistic vaginas are molded after the lady bits of adult actresses. If you find this a turn-on, do look for such a realistic vagina.

Length and internal circumference: You should get a realistic vagina toy that can take your entire cock for a perfect experience. The insertable length is very, very important. If you’re a seriously endowed guy, a standard insertable length of six inches isn’t going to be perfect for you. The other dimension to pay attention to is the internal circumference. It will determine how tight the vagina toy is going to feel. Most guys prefer a tight sensation but don’t overdo it to an extend that the masturbator feels uncomfortable. If it’s made of a soft material and it is too tight, there’s also a real risk of splitting the stroker open.

Pressure and internal vacuum: Many realistic vaginas have a valve or pressure points that you can use to increase the internal suction. Adding more pressure to the internal tightness and texture will make you come in no time. What matters here is understanding how the pressure is built and how you can control it while stroking.

Sleeve or no sleeve: Some realistic vaginas are housed inside a plastic sleeve, others are not. Choosing one option or the other depends on personal preferences. Some guys prefer to have a plastic sleeve because it makes the toy look discrete and it also facilitates the grip. Others are perfectly fine having the realistic vagina on its own. If you choose a toy with a sleeve, make sure that it’s easy to disassemble for cleaning purposes.

Additional features: Similar to anal masturbators, most realistic vaginas are simply strokers you can push inside and make masturbation a lot more fun. Sometimes, however, you’ll get additional features. A realistic vagina that vibrates and pulsates can be a lot of fun. The same applies with a toy that has a suction cup. You can stick it to a wall for a bit of hands-free fun.

Ease of care and cleaning: Since a realistic vagina is going to house some bodily fluids when you’re done with it, ease of cleaning will be of vital importance. The ease of cleaning is mainly determined by the design – whether it’s open-ended or not. An open-ended stroker has an opening at the front and the back. Closed strokers build a lot of pressure but they can be a bit more difficult to clean. Check out the manufacturer instructions to determine how easy the toy is to take apart and to wash. Realistic vaginas that are waterproof can be submerged in water and washing solutions, which makes them a bit easier to sanitize.

Storage requirements: Some materials have very particular storage requirements you need to account for. Realistic vaginas made of cyberskin, for example, should be stored separately from other sex toys. Some of them will also need to be powdered between uses, otherwise they will get sticky. Look at the storage recommendations before buying to make sure the procedure isn’t too complicated or demanding.

Portability and discreteness: If you travel a lot, chances are that you’d want to take your pussy toy along. For the purpose, you need a realistic vagina that is compact and discrete. The external appearance of the toy and the particular storage requirements will help you decide just how portable the vagina is.

Why Use a Realistic Vagina

Realistic vaginas are very lifelike and give you the sensation of penetrating the real thing. They are a popular male sex toy that can be used by both solo players and couples, gay or straight.

For solo players, a realistic pussy is a great masturbation toy. They have the natural physiology of a pussy with all the realistic features like labia, bones, creases, and pubic hair, so it looks and feels like a real female organ. In fact, you can close your eyes and imagine you’re having sex with the perfect woman of your dreams. It’s no longer an unreachable fantasy. Realistic pussies are a great addition for partnered play as well, especially for couples where the woman/man enjoys watching their partner penetrate another pussy.

Most of them can fit into a pocket and be packed discreetly in a suitcase, so you can take them everywhere you go. There are so many designs and sizes that every person, male or female, can find their perfect pussy easily.

Types of Realistic Vaginas

The sex toy market is flooded with realistic vaginas, and every new design is more innovative and realistic than the previous. Today, you can now find several types of realistic vaginas on the market:

  • Pocket pussies - As their name suggests, these toys are small and fit into a pocket. They are very discreet but resemble a real pussy, making them a perfect choice for those that want to take their favorite toy wherever they go.
  • Fleshlights - The name of this type of realistic vaginas is a result of their shape that resembles a flashlight. There is a textured tunnel in the hard outer case, but instead of light at the opening, it has a vulva with all the features of a vagina.
  • Porn star molded - The name says it all. These realistic vaginas are molded by the vagina of a real adult actress. They are often approved by the sex actress herself, giving the authenticity a lot of customers look for.
  • Realistic vagina and ass set - Some models come with a whole set with the anus and buttocks. You can penetrate both holes or play with one hole as you penetrate the other.
  • Sex dolls with realistic pussies - Those that want to feel like you’re having sex with a real person would thoroughly enjoy a sex doll with a realistic vagina. The sex doll can be just a torso or a full, person-sized doll with breasts and a vagina.

Cleaning & Maintaining Tips

Before cleaning your realistic vagina, you should give it a thorough inspection to ensure it’s not damaged, as no cleaning will fix physical damage. If you notice cracks in the material’s surface, discoloration, rust, battery leaks, or any rough or raised areas, it may be time to throw the toy and replace it with a new one.

Carefully cleaning your realistic vagina is very important. Because of the intricate details and features, the lube of body fluids can get trapped and compromise it, so you need to be careful in cleaning every crevice and hole. To clean a realistic vagina, you can run it under warm water or use warm water and antibacterial soap. If you want to ensure the toy is cleaned and disinfected, use a dedicated toy cleaner.

After you’ve washed the toy, let it dry completely and make sure every part is completely dry to prevent mold or bacteria growth. The vagina may still feel a bit sticky or gooey after cleaning it, so apply some renewal powder or corn starch to the surface to keep it smooth as the day you bought it.

Once you’ve cleaned the toy, it’s time to store it properly. Store the toy in a clean, dry, and cool area to ensure you maximize its lifespan. If the toy came in a box, it’s the ideal place to store it, but any sturdy box will do if you don’t have it. Usually, it’s not recommended to store toys next to one another unless you keep them in separate bags, so make sure to either store your realistic vaginas in different boxes or separate bags.

Best Lube for Realistic Vaginas

It’s important to use plenty of lube when using realistic vaginas. The most commonly used lubricant is water-based, as it’s body-safe, feels most natural, doesn’t stain sheets, and is cost-effective. However, it tends to be less slippery than silicone lubricants and dry out faster, so you would have to re-apply it more often.

On the other hand, silicone lubricants last a lot longer and make penetrating easier. They are also hypoallergenic, so they are body-safe, making them an excellent option for when you want the tight, sticky experience.

Oil-based lubricants are also a good and inexpensive option you can easily find in stores, but they can irritate your skin and stain your sheets, which is why many users avoid using them.

All-natural lubricants solve the medical issues related to other types of lubricants but come at quite a higher cost and can still stain fabrics. They are also harder to find since their all-natural mixture can be complicated to confirm, so we don’t see them used as often.

Final Words

A realistic vagina can really take your solo sex experiences to the next level. Guys who have tested such toys confess that they were skeptical at the beginning but that having sex with a realistic pocket pussy quickly turned them into believers.

The softness, stretchiness and texture all work together to give you pleasure you wouldn’t get to enjoy any other way. To have that “wow” experience, however, you should think twice before buying. Two realistic vaginas that are seemingly the same can be very, very different to use. Quality pays off in better textures, better stimulation, higher levels of safety and more amazing orgasms than ever before.

We’ve pointed out some of the most important things to look at before buying a realistic vagina masturbator. Needless to say, these are just guidelines. Every guy has his specific requirements and desires when it comes to solo play. Think about what matters the most to you – intensity of the experience, ease of maintenance, longevity or maybe even a combination of all these considerations. When you have a good concept of what you’re trying to find, you’ll need to spend less time on research. Ultimately, you’ll identify the toy that comes closes to your requirements and that makes you the happiest guy alive.

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