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Everything You Need to Know About Pocket Pussies

Everything You Need to Know About Pocket Pussies

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Pocket pussies are portable devices which are constructed to replicate parts of the female anatomy, and in the majority of cases, this is the vagina.

The materials used in their construction are made from soft materials and come in the form of small tubes which the man slides his penis in to. There are now hundreds of models men can choose from, and some are even molded from the genitalia of real women for added realism.

The insides of the tubes are lubricated before the man slips in his penis, and they’re full of bumps, ridges and nodules to feel as close as they can to what it feels like inside a vagina.

One of the most popular varieties of fake pussies are called fleshlights, because these pocket pussies are built for convenience and are often smaller, so they can be carried around while traveling.

A pocket pussy is often up to five inches in length and opens at both ends. The one end having the lips for entry, and the other end open to make cleaning the pocket pussy easier.

Although called pocket pussies, there are some of these devices which are designed to replicate a mouth or an anal cavity.

Pocket pussies can help men in a large number of situations, but the main reason they use them is for sexual gratification which is very-much different than using their hand. They feel excellent, really.

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Types of Rechargeable Pocket Pussies

Pocket pussies come in various guises which will determine if these are rechargeable or not. Here is a rundown of the types of rechargeable pocket pussies you can see on the market today…

Rechargeable strokers – These are basically just the sleeve which the man places his penis into. They are often open-ended for ease of cleaning. The rechargeable battery usually comes in the form of a sealed bullet which (once charged) is inserted into the bullet holder on the vaginal masturbating sleeve. In most cases, these can only offer vibrations. Some do come with a remote control which can be used to change the vibration intensity. These remotes can be wired or wireless depending on the type and price of the pocket pussy being purchased.

Pocket pussy masturbator cups – These types of pocket pussies often come in an outer casing of some sort. Many are in fake beer cans, or there are shapes which are like a sleek carrying case which hides what is inside, for secrecy. These come with vibrating modes as well as some models offering custom tightness of the sleeve around the penis. There are models which come double-ended too. On one end is the fake vagina, and on the other end there is a fake mouth to replicate oral sex.

Sucking and heating pocket pussies – Now you can find models of pocket pussies which have added sucking functions to simulate real oral sex. Other ‘top of the range’ models come with a heating function that warms the unit as you use it to add to the realism of either having intercourse, or receiving oral sex from a warm mouth. To add realism, there are a few models which come with a tongue, and on occasions, some have fake teeth as well.

Cyberskin Stealth Fleshlight Stroker

How to Choose the Best Pocket Vagina for You

When it comes to purchasing a new pocket vagina, there are a few things which need consideration. Here are some of the factors in play when you choose a pocket pussy.

The right size – It is vital you measure the girth and length of your penis. A tight pocket vagina will increase pleasure, but if you are using one to increase sexual stamina, then these models might not help. There are many which start at around 3.5 inches in length and go all the way to 9 inches. In the girth size, some are adjustable, but for the larger guy, there are models which come in at 2 inches in diameter.

Shape, texture and material – Most of the materials are either silicone or skin-like and are often said to be secret formulations. These are the closest you can get for feel, but when it comes to texture inside the sleeve, this is very different. There are models which are made for realism and are silky smooth with a few undulations in the internal channel, or there are models with bumps and nodules which deliver a very unique experience.

Overall pocket vagina size – Because of the name, many of these are small and suitable for carrying around, but if you are looking for sexual relief at home with your pocket vaginas, then there are larger models available. These range from the masturbator cup-type pocket pussy, to full body pocket pussies. These are molded hip sections and can be in the missionary position, or they are molded the other way so you are facing the buttocks for doggy-style action. With others, you can enjoy some anal if that is your desire.

Dani Daniels Pocket Pussy

What Are the Benefits

There are numerous benefits of pocket pussies which are not all related to them being discrete masturbation devices.

Relieve boredom – This doesn’t mean you masturbate because you are bored, it means men can give their hand a rest and experience something new and exciting. These pocket pussies can make it much easier to fantasize because of the textured sleeves that deliver exciting stimulation and more intense orgasms.

Delaying orgasms – There are often many cases when this is a good thing. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation can use pocket pussies as a training tool to help them last longer before they ejaculate. Even regular guys without any issues can gain benefit by using pocket pussies to increase their sexual stamina. One other area which can be mentioned here is men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence. The increased sensitivity found in a realistic pocket pussy can be a fantastic way to overcome their problems.

Stress relief – Sex is known to reduce stress, so men who masturbate can release endorphins into their body once they have ejaculated. Masturbation might not appear to be a means of raising your mood, but it does help, and using a pocket pussy to do so makes the entire thing easier and far more enjoyable too.

Better sex with a partner – After using a pocket pussy, men can find they are able to transfer some of what they learn over to the bedroom and become a better lover. Holding back ejaculation can be a big factor, and using the imagination as practice can be beneficial too. Additionally, many couples are now using pocket pussies as a means of foreplay, or they are using them when full intercourse isn’t possible for whatever the reason might be.

Lisa Ann Pocket Pussy

Some Safety Considerations

Cleanliness is one of the main safety concerns when using a pocket pussy. Although many are open-ended and allow the man to ejaculate clear of the end, this doesn’t mean all drops of semen will be clear of the device. Washing the device properly can prevent bacteria from building up.

The size can be an essential factor if you purchase one which is too tight. Even if you use lots of lube, you might find you experience chafing or soreness around the head of your penis. When no lube or not enough lube has been used, men have given themselves friction burns, or they have torn their foreskin during masturbation. Be super-careful here.

Allergic reactions can occur, although not very often. Because the sex toy industry isn’t regulated, not all materials can be body safe as described by the manufacturer. When using a pocket pussy, it is advisable to still use a condom, and as stupid as this sounds, it can actually prevent irritation, and it can save a lot of cleanups once you have ejaculated too.

In the case of rechargeable pocket pussies: These should never be used while they are plugged in and charging. They should also never be used in water unless the device is waterproof and sold as such. Water resistant means something very different, so read and reread the labeling.

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Where Can You Use Pocket Vaginas

Pocket vaginas can be used almost anywhere where you are able to masturbate, but there are other situations where you can use pocket vaginas too.

Some models are made waterproof, and although they might not look like a fake pussy, they still feel like one on the penis. These are suitable for use in either the shower or the bathtub.

A pocket vagina can be used in foreplay. With some thought, it is possible to replicate a threesome while there are only the two partners. These pocket pussies are well known for spicing up some creative sex sessions.

There are now lots of women who enjoy watching their partner masturbate using a pocket vagina as a prelude to sex, or if they are unable to join in for any reason.

Depending on your sexual orientation, it has been known for two guys to use some of the larger pocket pussy models together, too. The wide-girthed models can accept two penises at the same time. For anyone who is that way inclined, it can be highly erotic watching two penises rub together as they penetrate the pocket pussy.

Although strictly not a pussy, there are fake butts available as well. And these are often modeled on famous porn actresses, but there are also models which are modeled on male porn stars as well. These can also bring enjoyment to members of the gay community as much as they do for the straight community. And that’s an awesome treat for all!

Mia Khalifa Pocket Pussy - Anal Masturbator

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Like most adult sex toys, pocket pussies do need to be cared for. This is crucial so you can gain the full benefit from your fake pussy, and so you won’t have anything contaminating which can be passed onto your penis, or if used with a partner, being passed onto them. Remember to always, always practice safe sex and foreplay.

Because the majority of pocket pussies are made from silicone materials, it is vital to never use a silicone-based lube. This will break down the surface and make it porous, and once this happens, bacteria can easily find its way inside. Additionally, if the surface becomes porous, when you wash your fake pussy, water can seep inside. And if not dried correctly, you could also find black spots of mold forming within a day or so.

Pocket pussies need to be stored in containers that won’t allow any dust or lint to settle on them, and after washing, they should never be dried with paper towels. These can leave bits of tissue, and this can become uncomfortable if it isn’t noticed.

When pocket pussies have been dried, they can be sprinkled with renewing powder. This is pure cornstarch so you can use this as a substitute with no side effects.

During storage, the place you keep them should be cool and dry. Pocket pussies should never be allowed to touch another sex toy which is made from a similar material, either. And because, over time, these can begin sticking together.

Any rechargeable pocket pussy should be cleaned away from water, and any rechargeable bullet part should be removed from the pussy sleeve.

Sasha Grey Stroker

Common Questions People Ask

1. Why is my pocket pussy making my penis itch?

This can be down to a couple of things. Certain materials such as latex can cause an allergy in some people. This can be true even if it is stated as being made of rubber or that it contains rubber. The other scenario is that the pocket pussy has not been cleaned correctly. If this happens, it could be a case of bacteria buildup. One solution is to use a condom or look for another pocket pussy which is made from hypoallergenic materials.

2. Are there hands-free pocket pussies?

There are some models which are hands-free. These include a pumping action which can simulate thrusting or sucking. These are, however, larger than a conventional pocket pussy and might not be as discrete, and they will require more cleaning after ejaculation too.

3. Can I make a pocket pussy?

It is possible to make your own pocket pussy, but the entire process can take several weeks and some skill in carving the textures. It is a long time to wait, and for the price of what pocket pussies cost, the effort might not be worth it. There is also the fact that you might not receive the best experience from making your own. Some of the highly sought after models are crazy-good, and in the best possible way! Shop around, and if your budget allows it, get a few different ones to try. It’ll be the most fun you’ve had since the last time you masturbated! Yep!

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