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Complete Beginner's Guide to How to Use a Glass Butt Plug

Complete Beginner's Guide to How to Use a Glass Butt Plug

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While popular belief held that anal was an activity for gay couples, more and more straight couples are practicing anal play; for a good reason - the anus is filled with nerve endings that can bring intense sexual pleasure. If you're a curious beginner venturing into the uncharted territories of anal play, we suggest you give butt plugs a try.

Wearing a butt plug during any sexual encounter can deeply enhance your experience. While there are so many butt plug options, here we’ll pay special attention to glass butt plugs. These are body-safe options and are significantly smoother than silicone, which makes them easier to maneuver and more comfortable to insert.

Continue reading to learn how to use a glass butt plug and some additional considerations, like shape, size, and features.

The Appeal of Butt Plugs

Butt plugs provide anal stimulation, and glass butt plugs are among the safest anal toys you can use. The anus is tighter than the vagina, and yes, anal orgasms exist and feel fantastic. Stimulating the nerve endings surrounding the anal opening provides internal pressure and arousal for both males and females.

Butt Plug Anatomy

There are two main parts: the bulb, which is inserted in the anus, and the base that sits on the outside. The bulb's shape is usually tapered and spade-like, and provides a stretching sensation, which the flared base sits on the outside, preventing the plug to be sucked in.

Top Glass Putt Plug Picks

Why Use a Butt Plug?

You can use a butt plug for various reasons like preparing for anal sex, experiencing back-door stimulation, and much more. Here we expand on the main reasons why people turn to butt plugs:

Train the Booty

Training the anus can help prepare you for the "real deal" by familiarizing you with the feeling of having something back there. For this, you should start with a smaller butt plug and gradually step up to larger ones. Many manufacturers sell sets designed for this purpose, including a variety of glass butt plugs with increasing sizes to graudally prepare your booty for play.

A Multi-Sensory Journey

The allure of glass butt plugs lies in their perfect fusion of form and function. Manufacturers design glass butt plugs to be as visually appealing and pleasurable. The smoothness of the glass against your skin is an invitation to indulge in a most sensual experience.

The glass itself plays a vital role in their sensory experience. Glass has a unique ability to retain and transmit temperature, opening up a world of possibilities for temperature play. Imagine the tantalizing sensation of a cool glass butt plug on a hot summer night or the comforting warmth of a heated glass toy on a chilly winter evening.

An Intriguing Temptation

The intriguing temptation of glass butt plugs can ignite a spark of adventure for the more daring ones. Dog tail, raccoon tail, fox tail, and pretty much any other animal you can think of are all available as butt plugs for pet play and animal role-play enthusiasts. Embrace your inner fox with the Fox Tail Glass Butt Plug or find your inner bunny with a Fluffer Bunny Tail Glass plug.

Plugs can be tantalizing for people who prefer exploring power dynamics and pleasurable punishments in the bedroom. The simple act of having sex while your butt plug sits tightly in your anus will signify just how naughty you are. Furthermore, the clandestine allure of wearing one all day in public without drawing attention to yourself is also a plus, making it a potent foreplay tool for BDSM enthusiasts.

Threesome Without A Third

Inviting a third into the bedroom is a common fantasy to many, but not a lot are ready to go forward with this. So, that is where a butt plug can be really useful. Indulging in shared play or penetrative sex while wearing a butt plug will be like nothing you've experienced before and can lead to some toe-curling orgasms. The same goes for solo butt plug enthusiasts looking into double penetration; just replace the partner with a good old vibrating bullet or a vibrator.

How To Choose The Perfect Glass Butt Plug?

Butt plugs are simple to use despite the fact that they can be extremely intimidating for novices to anal play. There's only one rule you should follow: don't ever settle for a toy without a flared base! Unlike the vagina, the anus has a knack for "sucking" things up. Here are the key things to know when selecting a glass butt plug:

The Power Of Good Design

Glass butt plugs have come a long way, and now you can find them in a wide range of colors to suit your style: from playful pink to opaque colors – there's plenty to choose from. You can try plugs with attached tails to boost your fantasy or choose a jeweled plug if you want to feel that "royal" vibe, like the Booty Sparks Red Heart Gem Glass Plug.

You can pick between straight and longer butt plugs, rounded bulbs for added pleasure, or narrow tips for easier insertion. As for the stem of the butt plug, you can go with a wide, thin, or no-stem. Novice users should stick to glass butt plugs with a thin stem for the easiest positioning and to ensure the plug won't move, while experienced anal enthusiasts may go for the wide stem that will bring them stronger sensations.

Work Your Way Up

Don't give in to temptations, and be reasonable when selecting a glass butt plug size. Starting out slow and small will give you a good sense of the sex toy's texture and your own tolerance for it so you can later build upon it. The novelty factor alone may do wonders, whether you're using it with a partner or on your own. You can get a set with gradually increasing sizes and you can start with the smallest one and work your way up in size.

Give a graded kit a whirl if you are in a quandary about which size to choose. These sets typically include three sizes for you to frolic and experiment with

Prioritize Pleasure But Keep Safety In Mind

Glass is a non-porous body-safe material that is easy to upkeep and great to use around your private parts. So - are they safe - 99% of the time, it's a resounding yes. Unless we're talking about bad luck, where two things can happen to your glass butt plug.

The first thing is that the stem can snap since it's one of the most stressed areas of the plug, while the second is the gradual wear and tear that leads to cracks in the surface. Always check your plug before and after use. If you notice some surface changes, it's time to invest in a new butt plug. Go for Pyrex or borosilicate; they offer better quality and can withstand high temperatures if you are into temperature play, and are shatterproof, like the Icicles No. 47 Handblown Glass Plug.

How To Use Your Glass Butt Plug

Here are some tips for ensuring a fun and safe round of anal play using your new glass butt plug:

Preparing your body is key

You might think it's as simple as slipping it in, but you are forgetting some crucial steps: prepping yourself for anal play. Use the restroom for 30 to 60 minutes before engaging in anal activities. To clean the anal region, empty your bowels and wash with soap and warm water. Some people have reported they use an anal douche or enema to cleanse the anal canal, although this shouldn't be done too often.

Baby wipes that are hypoallergenic and don't have a scent are a good way to ensure you clean any leftover waste from your behind. While it's not mandatory, a lot of people prefer to shave before indulging in anal play. The reason is that any hair may tangle in with your butt plug and ruin the mood.

Quality Lube is a Must

The last part of your preparation involves lubrication. If you've already played with sex toys, you know the drill - lube is key to a satisfactory playtime. Unlike the self-lubricating vagina, the anus must be lubed – and generously to avoid harm and pain.

You have free reign when choosing lube to use with your glas butt plug: water-based, oil-based or silicone-based lubs will do work. Silicone-based lube might be better for beginners since it's long-lasting, and the texture will make your first time that much smoother. If you use lube with your glass butt plug, make sure you wipe your hands as to not drop the glass plug because of overly slippery hands.

Take It Slow

Rellax your sphincter and get comfortable before inserting your plug. Create the right atmosphere and start with foreplay before moving on to your anus. Massage it and try inserting a lubed finger or two (but carefully) to accustom yourself to the sensation.

The saying that slow and steady wins the race is applicable here. If you can't insert your plug on your first try, don't get discouraged - take your time. If you've never tried butt plugs, it's maybe for the best to let your partner help in the process. When you insert the plug, you'll need a few moments to adjust and gto thed to the sensation of fullness.

Learn How To Stimulate Your P-Spot

Don't think we forgot about the guys in this guide to glass but plugs. If you have a penis, you have a P-spot, and believe us, stimulating this spot will feel amazing! The prostate is located about three inches into the front wall of your anus, and a lot of men can ejaculate or experience an orgasm by simply stimulating this gland. Although it takes a lot of patience and practice, when you master the art of stimulating your P-spot, you'll reach an intense climactic full-body orgasm far better than simply jerking off. For that reason, we can recommend you try the Icicles No. 84 Glass P-Spot Vibe designed to help stimulate the P-spot and deliver body-quaking orgasms.

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Try Different Things

When you feel more confident and build upon your skills, you might try different positions and switch between the duration you wear your glass butt plug.

Here are some suggestions you are a solo player:

  • Squatting down: This position gives you extra agility and allows you to easily insert the plug while maintaining control.
  • Lying face down: This classic position gives you full control over the insertion and movement of the plug since you can adjust the angle and depth as desired

If you share your fun with your partner:.

  • Doggy style: Get on all fours and arch your back, creating a perfect angle for easy access to your anus.
  • On your back with legs pulled to the chest: This position is simple and gives the easiest way into your backdoor.

Bonus tip:

If you want a pretend "threesome," try the Cowgirl pose (or Cowboy). Your partner can lie down while you straddle them, facing toward or away from them. You control the depth and speed of penetration, and your partner can enjoy the visual stimulation and play with the base of the glass butt plug.

Explore the Possibilities

If nothing we said is enough, temperature play is the secret weapon of glass butt plugs. Heat them up or cool them down for a twist that'll make your body tingle with delight. If you want to take things up a notch, include sensory play – imagine feathers, ice cubes, or other textured sensations paired with your glass companion. It's a sensory explosion that will have you begging for more.

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Cleaning Your Plug

Once you've finished using your glass plug, you need to thoroughly clean it. Lucky for you, cleaning a glass butt plug is one of the easiest things.

Being non-porous (meaning they don't absorb fluids) and temperature resistant, you can boil it to disinfect and sanitize your glass butt plug. Another option, if your butt plug is dishwasher-safe (you can check the instructions or packaging), place them in the dishwasher. Be sure to put them on the top rack without other dishes. You can use a gentle sex toy cleaner, but avoid using any harsh cleaning products that can potentially damage the surface of the glass. It's important to note that butt plugs with internal vibrations may not be submerged in water, so check the user instructions.

Remember, proper maintenance of your plug will ensure its longevity. So, follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and storage, and prioritize cleanliness to keep your butt plug in tip-top condition. Show your glass butt plug some love and buy a specialized sex toy bag for safekeeping and storage away from dust.

Final Тhoughts

Congratulations, my adventurous friends! You've now graduated from Glass Butt Plugs 101. So what's the takeaway we leave you with? If you are a first-time user, learning as much as possible beforehand will maximize your enjoyment and enhance your experience.

Don't go cheap when shopping for a glass butt plug; research the many available styles and features. Regardless if you prefer solo play or with a partner, you should always prioritize clean and safe play and take things slow.

So gey your glass butt plug, get some lube, and go forth, unleash your desires, and let the magic of glass plugs transport you to new heights of ecstasy. Happy exploring, and may your glass butt plug adventures be nothing short of extraordinary!

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