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15 Best Vibrating Butt Plugs for Buzzing Sensations

15 Best Vibrating Butt Plugs for Buzzing Sensations

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A regular butt plug is excellent, but a vibrating one’s even better. It gives you that delicious stretch plus the pleasurable buzzing sensation that takes the fun to the next level.

Shopping for vibrating butt plugs is an easy task because you have choices.

To make the task even easier, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best vibrating butt plugs you can get today. Our rankings are based on product qualities, brand reputation, as well as the positive and negative experiences real users have had with each one of those.

1. Weighted Butt Plug: B-Vibe Weighted Snug Plug 3

2. Warming Butt Plug: Lora DiCarlo TILT Dual Vibration Warming Plug

3. App Controlled: We-Vibe Ditto Vibrating Silicone Plug

4. Rimming Butt Plug: B-Vibe Petite Wireless Rimming Butt Plug

5. Remote Controlled: FemmeFunn Plua Vibrating Butt Plug with Remote Control

6. Beginner Friendly: B-Vibe Novice Vibrating Silicone Butt Plug

7. Slim Plug: Blush Luxe Slim Vibrating Butt Plug

8. Long Rechargeable Butt Plug: VeDO Bump Rechargeable Long Butt Plug

9. Budget Choice: Satisfyer Backdoor Lover Plug Vibrator

10. Jeweled Butt Plug: Naughty Bits Shake Your Ass Petite Vibrating Butt Plug

11. Prostate Massager: LELO HUGO Rechargeable Prostate Massager

12. Large and Luxurious: Lovense Hush Butt Plug - 1.75"

13. Remote Control Anal Beads: B-Vibe Triplet Remote Control Anal Beads

14. Prostate Stimulator: Aneros Vice 2 Vibrating Silicone Prostate Stimulator

15. Rechargeable Silicone Butt Plug: Zero Tolerance Wicked Twister Rechargeable Butt Plug

Are you ready to start exploring new facets of your sexuality? Let’s get started with a few essential pointers first.

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Vibrating Butt Plug

When looking for a vibrating butt plug, you need to pay attention to the things that matter when getting a regular anal toy, plus a few additional criteria:

Size: Start with the basics before moving on to other considerations. How experienced with anal play are you? The answer to the question will help you decide on the plug size best suited to your needs. There are many options on the market. All butt plugs have a tapered tip, the widest point, and a stem that ends in a flared base. Look at the length, the thickest diameter, and the circumference of the stem. These three dimensions (especially the thickness) will help you determine how manageable the butt plug is.

Material: It’s always a good idea to get sex toys made from non-porous materials. When it comes to anal play, that’s a must. Sex toys can harbor bacteria if they have micropores on the surface. Hence, the safest bets for butt plugs are glass, stainless steel, and silicone. Vibrating butt plugs can be difficult to make from the first two materials. Therefore medical-grade silicone is always going to be your safest bet.

Shape and special considerations: You know what a regular butt plug looks like – the shape is classic and chosen because it allows for easy insertion and for gradual, pleasurable stretching. The classic vibrating plug, however, isn’t the only choice. There are alternative designs that satisfy the needs of specific groups of people. Prostate massagers are narrower and longer than regular butt plugs to offer a consistent prostate massage. There are also vibrating anal beads that intensify the stretching and the vibrating sensation. Finally, you may come across traditionally shaped vibrating plugs that have a bit of texture or some ridges. If you’d like to experience something new after trying a smooth plug, such a design would be a great choice.

Vibration settings: We’re getting to the fun bits! Always check out the range of vibration settings before buying. Some vibrating butt plugs give you both different speeds and vibration patterns to choose among. That’s the ultimate experience, and you’ll enjoy a ton of variety. If you’re looking for a more budget purchase, go for a butt plug that gives you several different vibration speeds to choose from.

Vibration controller: How do you switch between the different vibration settings? With butt plugs, there are two best choices. A wireless remote is the first one. A mobile app is equally convenient. Some vibrating plugs have push buttons on the bottom of the flared base, but you’ll have to decide if you’re comfortable with this type of controller.

Battery type: The best adult products today feature a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Not only is this a more sustainable choice than replaceable batteries, it also yields a better return on investment. If your vibrating butt plug is powered by a rechargeable battery, check out the run time and the charging time before buying.

Safety, safety, safety: One final thing – always think about safety when buying sex toys. In terms of anal play, you should get items that have a flared base. It can be round or shaped like an anchor. The design doesn’t matter if the base keeps the plug from getting sucked inside your body.

15 Best Vibrating Butt Plugs


  • Really comfortable for hours of use
  • Great for everyone, regardless of experience level
  • Slim flexible stem increases ease of manipulation
  • A great sense of fullness


  • Prone to some discoloration
  • Can absorb odor

Ultra-comfortable yet providing an added sense of fullness due to its weight, the B-Vibe Snug Plug 3 is equally great for beginners and more experienced players. Two steel balls inside the silicone body of the plug give you the heftiness required to take the sensation of having a toy stretching you out to the next level. At the same time, the tip is designed for easy insertion. A slim stem and an ergonomic base make the plug great for prolonged wear. It can also be inserted and kept inside during partnered play. The soft ridges and the torpedo shape deliver some added stimulation as the plug moves inside your body. Made of premium materials, this weighted plug is phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and fully waterproof for extra easy sanitization.


  • High quality construction and materials
  • Good range of intense vibrations
  • Dual stimulating points
  • Silky smooth silicone


  • More expensive than other plugs
  • Doesn’t have a remote

Lora DiCarlo’s Tilt plug gives you something extra in more than one way. For a start, it has two independent motors that can deliver both internal and external stimulation. The plug can also be used just externally to stimulate any erogenous zone you wish to target. On top of that, it warms up gently to give you a more pleasant, comfortable experience. The design is entirely unisex. Whether you wish to have your G-spot or your P-spot targeted while getting gently stretched out, you can achieve the goal effortlessly. Tilt’s contoured arm will sit outside the anus to offer safety and some added vibrations. Powered by a rechargeable battery, Tilt will give you up to one hour of continuous run time. Settings are easy to adjust via the push buttons at the base of the toy. Crafted from medical-grade silicone, this plug is super safe and completely waterproof.


  • Strong vibrations
  • Long battery life
  • App offers nice customization options
  • Easy to clean


  • A bit expensive
  • On the smaller side

The ergonomic, futuristic design sets Ditto apart from classic butt plugs. Its specific shape and curves have been chosen to hit all the right spots for delicious internal stimulation. Add customizable vibration settings to the mix and you get a universe of pleasure to enjoy on your own or with a special someone. Like all other We-Vibe adult products, this vibrating butt plug is controlled via a dedicated mobile app. Not only does it provide access to a ton of features, but it also enables remote play for people who are away from that special someone. Powered by a rechargeable battery, Ditto will give you up to two hours of continuous run time. Its body is made from silky smooth silicone that also gives the plug waterproof properties.


  • Compact and user-friendly regardless of experience
  • Well-made, high-quality materials
  • Good range of vibration settings
  • Travel-friendly


  • Some issues with the magnetic charger
  • On the smaller side

A petite design and a powerful vibrating motor work together to give you a rimming toy that’s easy to use and feels great simultaneously. A motor makes the tip vibrate independently from the beads at the base. Both deliver intense sensations specifically targeted at the prostate and the anus. These combined features the compact body of the plug turning it into the perfect rimming aide. At the same time, the design is 100 percent unisex. It doesn’t matter if you want to have your G-spot or P-spot “tickled.” B-Vibe Petite can do both. Equipped with a wireless remote that has a range of 30 feet, the plug is an excellent choice for couples. Its power source is a rechargeable battery that delivers a run time of up to one hour.


  • Lots of customization options
  • High quality construction, luxurious materials
  • Good range of vibrations
  • Easy to clean


  • On the smaller side
  • Material is a bit stiffer than other kinds of silicone

Plua looks super cute, but it packs a powerful punch. With its 10 vibration speeds, the plug has something to offer to everyone. Start out slow and gentle or build the intensity up for an unforgettable, toe-curling experience. Make effortless changes via the push of a button. A simple and intuitive wireless remote is provided with the plug. With a memory and a standby mode, it enables a lot of control and some personalization. Finally, there’s a boost button to take you to the highest setting in a matter of seconds. Anatomically designed and silky smooth, the plug feels luxurious and expensive. Apart from being completely non-porous, its body is also waterproof. Plua is powered by a rechargeable battery that will give you 65 minutes of run time at the highest setting.


  • Beginner-friendly design, high-quality materials
  • Good range of vibration settings
  • The wireless remote works well
  • Quiet operation


  • Small size is not ideal for prostate massages
  • A bit expensive

The non-threatening size of the B-Vibe Novice plug makes it a great choice for beginners. At the same time, the plug offers a lot of variety and excitement through its design and functioning. Flexible, silky-smooth silicone and a tapered tip make insertion a breeze. As far as vibrations go – there’s a lot to explore. Choose your favorite out of six vibration intensities and 15 different patterns. You can control the settings via the wireless remote provided with the butt plug or the push buttons located at its base. The remote works at up to 30 feet, allowing for some naughty play in so many locations. Powered by a rechargeable li-ion battery, Novice will give you about 90 minutes of uninterrupted play time. On top of all that, the plug is super portable – you get a travel lock and a carrying case in the kit.


  • Really wearable and comfortable
  • The bub delivers a nice sense of fullness
  • High quality silicone construction


  • Vibration isn’t the most powerful
  • Both sizes are a bit larger than anticipated

Here’s an excellent, ingenious product that doesn’t need batteries to vibrate. Blush Luxe Slim is a vibrating butt plug that’s powered by your own body movements. You don’t have to do much to experience delicious, pleasurable vibrations. Just insert the plug and relax into the experience. With its slim body, the plug is ideal for prolonged wear. The safety base has the form of an anchor, which minimizes contact with your skin and potential rubbing. This high-quality product is made of silky-smooth, body-safe silicone. The material is also quite flexible to guarantee your comfort and convenient use. For even more convenience, you get two sizes to choose from based on preference and experience level.


  • Longer for a brand-new experience
  • High quality silicone
  • Good range of vibrations
  • Comfortable, beginner-friendly design


  • A bit expensive
  • No travel lock

A longer butt plug is the perfect choice for prostate stimulation or getting a somewhat different experience. VeDO Bump is a high-quality product that delivers lots of benefits. Its extra-long body is perfect for more experienced players and those seeking a targeted prostate massage. At the same time, a tapered tip and silky-smooth silicone construction facilitate insertion. The butt plug is powered by a strong motor that delivers six vibration intensities and 10 distinct patterns. You can control the settings via the intuitive wireless remote. With just three buttons, it’s a breeze to manage. A push button at the base of the toy is also available. Powered by a rechargeable battery, Bump will give you up to one hour of uninterrupted playtime. Finally, the plug is completely submersible – have some shower fun or wash it thoroughly without a single worry about damage.


  • Excellent price-to-quality ratio
  • Good range of vibration settings
  • Intuitive controls
  • Beginner-friendly design


  • No remote control available
  • Some issues with getting charger to work

Budget-friendly choices can have superior quality, just like the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover. This vibrating butt plug gives you an outstanding price-to-quality ratio. Made of silky-smooth silicone, it’s safe and durable. In addition, the plug is powered by a strong motor that delivers a good range of 12 vibration settings. Adjustments are easy to make via the push buttons at the wide safety base. To add to the pleasure, Backdoor Lover has an ergonomically curved body to hit all the right spots. It is also gender-neutral to hit everybody’s sweet spots. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the butt plug delivers reliability and convenience. For even more practical appeal, its body is completely waterproof.


  • Beautiful, stylish design
  • Smooth, high-quality silicone
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • A bit larger and thicker than anticipated

If style and visuals matter to you, Naughty Bits Shake Your Ass will appeal to you. The little butt plug looks amazing, and it functions even better. The silky-smooth silicone body houses a powerful motor. You’ll get to explore 10 vibration settings that will give you a powerful, unforgettable orgasm every single time. At the same time, the plug is designed for easy insertion and beginner-friendly fun. It’s petite and flexible to work with your anatomy. It’s also waterproof, allowing for meticulous sanitization after every single use. Controls are possible via the gem-decorated push button at the base of the plug. Finally, you’ll get convenience through a secure travel lock and a rechargeable battery that powers the vibe.


  • Design is perfect for prostate stimulation
  • Good range of vibration intensities
  • Delivers a great sense of fullness
  • Truly orgasmic, even for novices


  • A bit expensive
  • Remote requires some getting used to

With Lelo Hugo, you’ll easily experience a powerful prostate orgasm that defies expectations. A few cool features will lead you to the big O. For a start, the anatomically correct design delivers precise stimulation right where it is needed. Apart from its shape, Hugo uses two powerful motors – one at the tip and one at the base. This way, it can deliver both internal and external vibrations. With eight stimulation modes, it also gives you options to explore. A wireless remote is provided with the plug to allow easy adjustments. You can also hand the controller to a lover and enjoy a new kind of intimacy together. Like all other Lelo toys, Hugo is crafted from premium materials. Silky-smooth silicone feels good against your sensitive bits and makes the plug completely waterproof.


  • Great sense of fullness
  • High quality construction and materials
  • Fun customization options via app
  • Intense but silent


  • Expensive in comparison to other plugs
  • Not suitable for inexperienced users

Big and luxurious, Lovense Hush is a butt plug for those who know what they want and who already have some experience. While it’s thicker than other plugs, Hush has a perfectly shaped head for easy insertion. The spiral around the neck traps lube to facilitate the taking out of the plug. Flexible and streamlined, the plug can be used in public places or worn for longer periods of time. As far as controls go, the Lovense mobile app has a lot to offer. Voice activation and syncing to music are just two cool features. Essentially, the app offers endless customization, and it also turns Hush into the perfect butt plug for those in a long-distance relationship. The plug is crafted from high quality materials and its body is completely waterproof. For added convenience, you get a USB-rechargeable battery.


  • Fun and fulfilling
  • Powerful vibrations
  • High-quality materials
  • Remote works well


  • Material can retain some odor

B-Vibe Triplet gives you a modern take on the classic anal bead design. Three flexible beads deliver exciting fullness and make it easy to take as much as you feel comfortable with. Add vibrations to the mix and you get a highly exciting anal stimulator. A powerful motor delivers six vibration intensities and 15 distinct patterns. Take it slow and easy or rock your world hard and fast – it’s up to you. The splash-proof, wireless remote puts you or your lover in charge. It works at up to 30 feet, allowing you to use your imagination and test out various sexy scenarios. Apart from power, you get convenience with these innovative beads. A travel case and lock make them super portable. You also get a USB rechargeable battery and a battery level indicator.

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  • Really strong vibrations
  • Design ensures amazing prostate stimulation
  • Ergonomic design is just right
  • Intuitive, smart remote


  • A bit expensive
  • Not suitable for inexperienced players

Aneros Vice 2 is the prostate massager for intermediate and advanced users. With its curved, thick profile, it delivers a nice stretch and a great sense of fullness. To top it all off, you get two powerful motors capable of delivering four speeds and 18 different vibration patterns. Controls are possible via the intuitive remote that features simple push buttons. As an added fun element, there’s an interactive button to help you customize the settings or give you a “boost” when you’re ready to go over the edge. Aneros Vibe 2 is a vibrating butt plug that’s designed for a comfortable hands-free experience. The silky-smooth silicone body allows for effortless insertion and ensures perfect safety. And while this plug is advertised as a prostate stimulator, it can also be tried out for G-spot stimulation or the external massage of any erogenous zone.

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  • Texture adds a nice difference to the experience
  • Smooth and flexible silicone
  • Easy to insert
  • Size is just right to feel good without being overpowering


  • Texture isn’t everyone’s cup of tea

The Wicked Twister is just that – a butt plug with some texture and a lot of character. The spiral texture adds to the power of the vibrations, delivering a completely new experience that smooth butt plugs can’t bring to the table. There are 10 speeds and rhythms, allowing you to ease into the experience or dive right into the pleasure. The butt plug features all standard safety features –a tapered tip for easy insertion, a flexible neck, and a flared base. Controls are possible via a push button at the base, or a wireless remote provided with the plug. Made from satin smooth silicone, the plug is fully waterproof. Use it anywhere you like, and you’ll never have to worry about water damage.

Why Use a Butt Plug at All?

There are several reasons why adding a butt plug to your sex toy collection is a good idea.

Something new and exciting: Even the best sex can get repetitive. Introducing something new will instantly wipe away the boredom. When it comes to anal play, there’s the added element of something taboo and slightly kinky. If the mere thought gets you excited, a butt plug is a way to go.

Intensified orgasms: You don’t have to go for anal sex to experience the fantastic pleasure that it can give you. The anus is filled with nerve endings that can be stimulated during penetration. Something as non-threatening as a vibrating butt plug will be sufficient to deliver that fantastic new sensation. Anal penetration can intensify clitoral, vaginal, and prostate orgasms. Some people also claim to have experienced a full-on anal orgasm much more powerful than anything they’d ever felt before.

Safe sexual exploration because you’re in charge: Anyone who doesn’t feel ready to try anal sex with a partner can experiment with a butt plug. A plug puts you in control, helps you test out what feels good, and establish your boundaries. You can get a partner involved in the experience but a toy like a plug is almost always a lot less alarming than actual penetrative sex that you don’t feel entirely prepared for.

A butt plug is such an inclusive product: Anyone can have fun with butt plugs. They’re perfect for understanding new sensations and determining what works well for you. Plus, a plug can be very stimulating, whether you have a G-spot or a prostate.

Great way to bond with a partner: For most people, anal play with a partner involves a lot of trusts. Hence, trying something like a butt plug together can help you bond with your partner both sexually and emotionally. You decide if you will stick with toys or eventually try anal sex. The brand-new experience you get to share will mark a new chapter in the progression of your sexual relationship.

Why Do People Like Vibrating Butt Plugs

A regular butt plug works by stretching the anus and stimulating the nerve endings located there. The weight of the plug, combined with that stretching, feels pleasurable.

A vibrating butt plug adds another dimension to this kind of sexual exploration. Not only will the vibrations stimulate the anus with some added intensity, but their effect will also be felt in other sensitive spots like the vagina or the prostate. If you want an experience that’s more targeted and focused than regular anal penetration, a vibrating plug is the one to test out.

Final Words

A butt plug is one of the most versatile adult items you can get if you’d like to experiment with some anal play. A vibrating butt plug can be used like a standard one, plus it delivers the added benefit of enjoyable or downright orgasmic pulsations.

As you’ve found out already, butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t just go for the classic design if that’s not exactly what you’d enjoy the most. Explore the variety and experiment with some anal play on your own beforehand. This way, you’ll get a pretty good idea of what will feel best.

And finally – don’t make a compromise when it comes to the quality of anal toys.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing alone or with a partner. Safety and stellar construction should always come first. When you have these two elements in place, you can look for additional fun things to try and fall in love with.

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