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Everything You Need to Know About Vibrating Butt Plugs

Ultimate Guide Vibrating Butt Plugs

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Many individuals think that anal pleasure should be experienced by everyone at least once in their life. Although many individuals find the thought of anal sex unappealing, they are not swayed away from anal play.

For both scenarios, it can be difficult for new users to be accustomed to, so it’s imperative to make things as comfortable as possible until they are relaxed enough to go further.

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What Are Vibrating Butt Plugs?

Although vibrating butt plugs might appear intimidating, they can actually help new users of anal toys to become accustomed to the feeling more quickly. Vibrations around the sphincter can help it relax in a natural way, rather than trying to force it, and with these vibrations come a much more comfortable insertion of the butt plug.

Vibrating butt plugs also dish up plenty more benefits than butt plugs that sit in the rectum and just stretch or manually stimulate the nerve endings. This type of butt plug can deliver on all counts and even go that little bit further in providing the very best experience for users.

Like other butt plugs, those that come with vibrating units attached are not gender specific, so they are equally at home being used on males or females. This makes it easier during purchase too.

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Types of Vibrating Butt Plugs

The majority of butt plugs will be made from either silicone or steel. You may see a glass butt plug on occasion, but it is advised to stay away from these for safety reasons unless they’re sold by a reputable seller.

You might think that there are fewer models available now that glass is out of the picture, and in some ways that’s true, but there is the inclusion of another couple of types that are very different indeed.

Small plugs – These tiny powerhouses might not be ideal for stretching the rectum, but they more than make up for it when rimming.

Large plugs – These come with tapered tips or can be more rounded, and additionally, they do offer a more considerable girth. Large vibrating plugs are ideal for rimming because they have wider necks and bases.

Remote control plugs – For extra, more unique sensations and kinky fun, these remote-controlled plugs can be small and discreet for wearing out on the town, or they can be more substantial in size and will deliver many vibrations to both partners, or for solo players.

Vibrating butt plug with cock ring – These are for men only and comprise of a butt plug and a strip of silicone that reaches under the body where a vibrating cock ring sits at the base of the penis.

How to Choose Anal Plug for You

There are numerous designs of vibrating anal plugs to choose from, but one of the primary things you need to consider isn’t to do with the butt plug itself.

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Experience level can be vital, because if you are inexperienced, you can use a vibrating butt plug in the wrong way and spoil your experience using your vibrating anal plug.

With this in mind, you will need to think about size if you are new and inexperienced. The key dimension isn’t the length but the diameter. This is the part which sits inside and is the widest. If there’s any hint of it feeling tight and uncomfortable, this will only be accentuated when you hit the fire button on the remote to start the vibrations.

Small anal plugs begin with a diameter of 1 inch to 1 and a 1/2 inches. In some instances, you can select a set of anal trainers; these are smaller and are an excellent introduction to butt plugs.

Material and texture are the next consideration. It is advisable to remain with silicone or steel as these are the two most durable and body-safe materials used for butt plugs.

Gender is a consideration. Anal plugs, in general, are gender-neutral, but the vibrating ones with an attached cock ring are very male-specific.

Almost all vibrating anal plugs come with a broad base because this is where the battery and vibrating units are held. However, there are the smaller ones for wearing over extended periods, where the battery and the motor sit vertically inside the depth of the butt plug.

One last consideration is whether you will be using the anal plug for solo pleasure or for added stimulation with a partner. This might not affect the overall shape, but it can dictate the size and the control function.

No matter which one you choose (or you and your partner choose), you will both be in another world when you start the vibrations going! Hold on tight, stimulation is definitely coming.


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What Are the Benefits?

Vibrating butt plugs deliver quite a few benefits. If you are a regular user of butt plugs, you will find them easy to use, and easy to take care of too. If you are a beginner, you can see that the vibrations are not the turn off you expected, and they are a way to make things more relaxed and comfortable until you become accustomed to using large butt plugs if that’s the end goal.

In general, butt plugs are all about stimulation, and this they do in bucket loads. It doesn’t matter if it’s small or deep stimulation you are seeking, they can deliver both.

For males, they may use a shorter anal plug as men can benefit from repetitive stimulation of the prostate in this way. This is far better than having to manually twist a butt plug to make it push against the prostate.

Women are able to stimulate their pelvic floor muscles and also their A-spot. Not only this, but when they’re using a vibrating butt plug, these vibrations can carry through the thin wall as well, separating the wall of the rectum and the vagina. This can help with stimulating the G-spot in solo play, or when being used with their partner.

In dual use, both partners can also receive the full benefits of one device, and there are not many adult toys that allow partners to both benefit well, and at the same time.

When you have a discreet, smaller, butt plug and are out on the town, you can have some naughty fun by hitting the remote when you need a quick burst of stimulation. Many butt plugs move around as you walk, but with vibrations, the experience will be very different and extremely stimulatory.

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Safety Considerations

One of the most significant safety factors is over-enjoying the vibrations. There are lots of nerve endings that will receive stimulation, and as good as it will feel, too many of these can lead to numbness around the anus. If you do think that you are becoming numb, you should lower the speed and also move the butt plug a little to get some circulation going in the rim of the anus.

Many vibrating butt plugs might be manufactured abroad, and although silicone and steel are safe materials, you do need to be sure that they are produced using safe materials. If the construction of your plug uses less than high quality materials, you might find you get irritated from skin problems, or the actual construction of the coating on your vibrating butt plug begins to break down. Always buy from a trusted, reputable seller.

There is no question that vibrating butt plugs are fun, so there is a temptation to share the experience and share your vibrating anal plug. This should never be done because it can quickly spread sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or other types of infections.

There are a few models that are rechargeable. In no circumstances should these be used while they are plugged in for charging. To top this off, with some, the charging unit (or the battery compartment) might be classed as water resistant. These should never be used in the shower, and even models which are rated as waterproof, just read the guidelines to be super sure.

Malesation Spreader Wireless Vibrating Butt Plug


Where Can You Use Your Vibrating Butt Plugs?

Vibrating butt plugs can be used in many situations. They are ideal for men or women who wish to feel the buzz and extra stimulation in solo play as they masturbate, or while they use another sex toy.

Vibrating butt plugs are also a fun way for couples to have extra fun and to share the experience together. With the addition of another partner, it’s quite easy to simulate double penetration or group sex. Using them in this way can open up plenty of avenues for adult fun. In the case of double penetration simulation, this can be a safer way of obtaining this sensation, rather than including a third partner. This can benefit the woman too, because in some cases, this type of double penetration can cause pain, so it is a more comfortable way to obtain the same stimulus.

Wearing butt plugs in public can be both sexy and a real turn-on for a partner. And now, with vibrations added in, the remote can be passed to a partner who will push the button at the most unexpected times. This kind of adult play can be an excellent warm up for sex when you return home from doing the grocery shopping!

Pretty Love Vibrating Penis Butt Plug


Cleaning & Storage Tips

If you stick with steel or silicone vibrating butt plugs, then caring for them is pretty similar and quite easy when compared to many other soft materials. Once you have finished using them, you do need to wipe them down before proceeding with a more thorough cleaning.

At this point, you need to make sure you remove the bullet vibrator unit if one is included, or, if it’s a rechargeable vibrating butt plug, you’ll need to be sure the cover of the charging port is correctly closed.

No matter how they charge, you’ll need to wash them under warm water which is aided by using a gentle antibacterial soap. This can be bar soap or a regular dishwashing liquid.

If you have a rechargeable vibrating butt plug, these may not be able to be sterilized in the same way as ones that have to add on their vibrating units. Once you have the vibrating unit removed, you can either boil the vibrating butt plug for up to ten minutes, or you can give them a spin in the dishwasher. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning methods for rechargeable butt plugs, as they may say something very different for your unique toy.

Once you’ve washed them, you can dry your butt plug with a lint-free cloth and sprinkle them in cornstarch if they are silicone, or you might purchase a specially-made powder from the seller. This helps them to regain their smooth surface and not feel sticky.

Place the dried butt plugs in their original protective pouches and store in a cool, dry place, and separately from other toys. Also, make sure they don’t rest against anything hard while they’re stored in your adult toy box because they might lose their shape.

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Common Questions People Ask

I have seen and heard the term “rimming” with a vibrating butt plug, what is it, exactly?

“Rimming” entails one partner using their tongue to stimulate the rim of their partner's anus. Now, with a vibrating butt plug, this is achieved much easier, and individuals who have no real desire to lick their partner's anus can deliver the feeling via this means instead. Some vibrating butt plugs are designed primarily to replicate this rimming action.

Will a vibrating butt plug make me orgasm?

This isn’t guaranteed in a lot of individuals, however, it is fun trying. These vibrating butt plugs are used as additional stimulation, so relying on only these to deliver a climax is not their real intention. But, in the case of men, they can have their prostate simulated to the extent where they do orgasm. This is very different from a penis-induced orgasm and can be something that the entire body can enjoy.

I find it hard to pull out the vibrating butt plug after orgasm, any tips?

This happens to a few people. Sphincter muscles tighten during and after orgasm. If this happens, ease the butt plug to the point of resistance. Without tugging, you’ll need to take a deep breath and act as if you were pushing feces and push very gently. If this doesn’t work, angle the butt plug at a forty-five-degree angle and try again. Once one side exposes itself, you can tilt the butt plug straight again. Be sure to do this in a private space. 

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