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How to Choose a Glass Butt Plug

How to Choose a Glass Butt Plug

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Butt plugs are the perfect toy for the introduction of anal play into your sexy games; these have optimized shapes and sizes that are perfect for inserting in the anus and stimulating the thousands of nerve endings in the anal region. The material the butt plug is made from has a significant role in the way you can use it and the sensations it provides, and here we’ll discuss one particular type of butt plug – the glass butt plug. Our experts will talk all about how to choose a glass butt plug, and we’ll list the key things to know to safely use these fantastic sex toys.

What Is a Glass Butt Plug?

A glass butt plug is a butt plug made from glass and is heavier than a silicone butt plug. The glass butt plug has a spade-like shaped body, a narrow neck, and a broad base, but because it is made from borosilicate glass, it has a good heft to it, providing extra-pleasurable sensations. But one of the critical features of the glass butt plugs is that it can be heated or cooled, and you can use it for temperature play, creating even more sensational feelings.

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How to Choose a Glass Butt Plug?

Selecting a glass butt plug is simple, as you only need to consider only a few things that will determine how you can use it. Be diligent and never be overzealous in selecting a model that is too large and impossible to use. Let’s now outline the key things to note when choosing a glass butt plug:

  • Design – the glass butt plugs come in several designs; you can select between the “standard” spade-like butt plugs or get more specialized designs that resemble anal beads. We need to note that you can wear the more petite spade butt plugs for longer, as this shape is optimized for beginners into anal play. Still, absolute anal play beginners need to start with anal training kits that come as sets of differently-sized butt plugs with streamlined designs for easy use.
  • Size – you need to be aware of your experience level when selecting a glass butt plug. We recommend you get a smaller model that you can safely use, so look for a beginner-friendly size. One thing we must note about the butt plugs is that these weigh more than silicone models, so even a smaller one will be heavier, and you’ll know it is there.
  • Shape – the shape of the butt plugs determines how you need to insert it and the effect it will have. Here are the main aspects of the glass but plug you should look at when choosing your model:
    • The tip – you can either get a glass butt plug with a narrow or a blunt tip. The narrow tip is easier to insert, while the blunt tip plug provides a smoother experience.
    • The body – the body of the glass, but the plug is usually round and smooth, so when selecting one, you need to look at the diameter of the butt plug, which we clearly state on our product description pages.
    • The neck – the neck of the glass butt plug is the part that sits on the anal rim, keeping it open, so we recommend you get a glass butt plug that has a narrow neck for comfortable use.
    • The base – the glass butt plugs all come with broad bases that sit safely on the outside of the anus.
  • Extra features – the glass butt plugs are pretty awesome as they are. Still, some models come with additional features, like a silicone base that acts as a suction cup. You can even find vibrating glass butt plugs for an incredibly pleasurable user experience.

Benefits of Using Butt Plugs

Using a butt plug in your sexy games is quite fun, and if you choose a glass butt plug, you can have more enhanced sexy time because of the fantastic feeling glass provides:

  • Enhanced pleasure – butt plugs enhance pleasure during solo or partnered sexual play, as these stimulate the sensitive nerve endings in the anus and provide pleasurable pressure to the entire experience.
  • Temperature play - the glass plug is perfect for temperature play, as the glass retains heat well. Place the glass butt plug in warm water to warm it up, or place it in ice water to cool it down and experience sensations you can’t compare to anything else.
  • Anal training – you can use a butt plug to train the anus for anal sex. For this, you need to gradually increase the size of the butt plug over time, which will make anal sex more comfortable, allowing you to receive your partner’s penis with ease, as you’ve already prepared the anus for insertion.
  • Prostate stimulation –men can use butt plugs to stimulate the prostate, which is also referred to as the P-spot or male G-spot. This can lead to powerful orgasms, as the P-spot is a part of the male reproductive system, and when stimulated, it can cause whole-body orgasms.

Tips for Safe Use of Glass Butt Plugs

When you use a glass butt plug, you need to be careful and know what to expect, as the glass is weightier than silicone models. Focus on safety when you use a butt plug, and when you use a glass butt plug, keep note of the following:

  • Clean the toy – always clean your sex toys before and after use so you don’t have to worry about your health. We recommend you always rinse your glass but plug it with soap and water or use a sex toy cleaner to remove residue. But glass butt plugs are effortless to sterilize, as you can boil them, wash them in the dishwasher, or clean them with bleach to ensure a completely sterile sex toy.
  • Always use lube – the anus is not self-lubricating, so using lube is necessary for safe and pleasurable play. Unlike other sex toy materials, glass is compatible with all lube types, and you can freely use your favorite lube, whether it is water-based lube, silicone lube, or even massage oil. Please note that the glass butt plugs are slippery when lubed, so have a towel nearby to wipe your hands so you don’t drop your glass butt plug and chip or shatter it.
  • Start slow – anal play should never be forced, as the tissues in that region are very sensitive, and too much force can harm them. We recommend everyone starting with anal play to take things very slowly, use lots of lube and breathe deeply to help the body relax and take in the intrusive sensation of the glass butt plug. Another thing we must note about using a glass butt plug is that it may initially feel weird or unpleasant. Still, with proper foreplay and relaxation, the glass butt plug will start to feel incredibly arousing.

We hope our simple guide on how to choose a butt plug is helpful as we cover the basics. However, for more information and guides on choosing and using other sex toys, please check out our blog and browse our sex toy store, where we carry a perfect selection of sex toys, ranging from anal toys to dildos, vibrators, male toys, BDSM tools, sexy lingerie, and much more.

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