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How to Choose Vibrating Panties

How to Choose Vibrating Panties

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Panties are a basic necessity we all wear for hygiene and modesty. But what about panties that work towards our pleasure? Yes, there are panty models that you can wear as regular panties but transform into a veritable orgasm-inducing toy that you’ll be glad you’ve put on. These are women’s underwear that have vibrating attachments incorporated into the design that you can engage at the touch of a button. Here, our sex experts outline all the essential things you need to know about how to choose vibrating panties, the different models, and how to take care of this fantastic sex toy.

What Are Vibrating Panties?

The vibrating panties are a piece of lingerie that combines a small clitoral vibrator and sexy panties, allowing the wearer to experience closely targeted stimulation on the clitoris. These are designed to provide a sexy feeling and empower the wearer and are often controlled by a convenient remote controller for easily accessible pleasure. The vibrating panties come in a nice variety, and you can choose different models that you’ll undoubtedly enjoy.

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How to Choose Vibrating Panties?

When you select your set of vibrating panties, you need to pay attention to several key things, like:

  • Style & design – the first thing you need to consider when selecting vibrating panties is the style of the panties and the design. We are, of course, talking about the cut of the panties, like a thong, lacy panties, or a panty vibe that you can attach to your favorite panties. If you are getting a vibrating panty model, we recommend you select a model made from comfortable material like cotton or microfiber that is pleasant to wear for longer.
  • Vibe material – the next thing to consider is the material from which the panty vibe is made. We are fans of silicone, which is why we always recommend you get sex toys, including vibrating panties, from silicone. Silicone is non-porous, body-safe, and effortless to clean, and is perfect for prolonged wear, as the panty vibes press along the clitoris for a long time.
  • Attachment type – the way the panty vibe attaches to the panties is essential, as most models have a magnetic attachment that you use to position the vibe against the panties. Some panty models have a small pocket where you can place a small bullet vibe, but we still recommend you get a model with a magnetic clip that is more secure and will hold the vibe in place even when you move and wear the panties for a long time.
  • Vibe controls – the way you control the vibrating panties is essential, and most quality panty vibes have remote controllers for easy wireless controlling of the features. There are high-tech app-controlled panty vibes that allow you to customize the vibrations and even allow you to make your own vibrating patterns.
  • Power source – you can choose between a battery-powered model or a rechargeable model. Still, we are fans of the rechargeable panty vibes, as these have better battery lives and are more environmentally friendly.
  • Waterproof use – we are all for using a vibrating panty model that is waterproof, as you can use these in different settings, including the pool. Also, you can more easily clean a waterproof panty vibe and keep it clean and ready for future use.

Vibrating Panty Types

The panty vibes are models designed to be worn in the panties and to provide targeted stimulation, and these come in simple and advanced designs:

  • Removable panty vibrators – these panty vibes attach to your panties and position against the clit, and you can remove them and wear them with any panty model.
  • Panties with built-in vibes – these are vibrating panties that have the vibrating bullet built-in into the design, and you can’t remove the vibe but only use the panties as they are.

Benefits of Using a Panty Vibrator

The obvious benefit of the panty vibes is the arousal, and on top of a guaranteed orgasm, there are other benefits of using panty vibes:

  • Profound arousal – the way the vibrating panties operate is that they provide targeted sensations against the clit, so even without engaging the vibes, you will get a constant pressure against the clit that will keep you in an aroused state for longer. When you engage in the vibrations, you will undoubtedly experience an intensely pleasurable arousal that will lead to powerful orgasms.
  • Sexual pleasure – this is the main thing why you would use any type of vibrator, as the targeted vibrations on the clitoris make for a pleasurable sexual experience, allowing you to experience slow-building orgasms.
  • Improve health & sleep – regular orgasms help improve health; the orgasm triggers a complex hormonal mechanism and balances testosterone, which has a positive effect on heart, bone, and skin health and is excellent for falling asleep faster.
  • Strengthen pelvic muscles – regular orgasms help with incontinence and also help with strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, which allows you to get tighter vaginas and more powerful orgasms. It also helps with increased blood flow through the genitals and better relaxation.

Tips for Using a Panty Vibrator

We share some essential tips that can help you use your panty vibe with better results. First thing first, start with a clean toy that has a full battery so that you can enjoy the fun for longer:

  • Wash and dry the toy – wash the vibrating panties by hand with a mild soap and leave them to dry before you put them on. If you use a detachable panty vibe, you should give it a quick rinse with soap and water and pat it dry before positioning it in your panties.
  • A dab of lube helps – lube makes things more comfortable, so even if you are wearing the vibrating panties for longer, you should apply a dab of lube before you start, just so the vibe has something to stick on to and not chafe the skin. We recommend quality water-based lube, as this is the best option for vaginal use, is compatible with silicone, and is easiest to wash off.
  • Charge the toy & learn the controls – before you position your panty vibe on your most sensitive areas, you should understand the controls and see what each button does. Also, make sure you have a fully charged toy, especially if you plan to wear the vibrating panties for the whole day, as you want to have enough power for all that sexy teasing.
  • Experiment with vibrations and patterns – the vibrating panties usually come with different patterns and intensities, so you should experiment and see which one you enjoy the most. If you only want slow-building arousal, then put the low, rumbly vibrations on, and if you are after a quick finish, then the high, intense vibration patterns are the way to go.

Our guide on how to choose vibrating panties covers the basics, but we have prepared plenty of guides on choosing and using various sex toys in our blog. We invite you to browse our sex toy store, where we carry a broad range of vibrators, dildos, male toys, anal toys, BDSM gear, and so much more.

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