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How to Choose a Large Butt Plug

How to Choose a Large Butt Plug

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Butt plugs provide anal stimulation, but the large butt plugs test the limit of your body by stretching the anus and providing a sense of over-fullness that many find pleasing. Much larger in length and diameter than regular butt plugs, the large butt plugs are also suited for people wanting to experience anal gaping and people who enjoy stretching their limits. Our experts discuss all you need to know on how to choose a large butt plug, and we also discuss a few tips on how to safely use a large butt plug so you can reap all the pleasure and none of the pain.

What Is a Large Butt Plug?

A large butt plug has the same shape and design as a regular butt plug, but it differs in its size. Generally, any butt plug that is over 3 inches in insertable length and 1.6 inches in diameter is considered a large butt plug. The large butt plugs are made from quality materials and come in all the regular shapes as regular-sized butt plugs, but you need to have previous experience using anal toys to be able to safely insert and wear a large butt plug.

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How to Choose a Large Butt Plug?

Selecting a large butt plug is almost the same as selecting any type of anal toy, as the key things are a body-safe material and size you can safely manage. Still, we list all the important things to note when you are shopping for a large butt plug:

  • Experience level – to safely take a large butt plug up your backdoor, you need to have previous experience with butt plugs, so we suggest you start playing with an anal training kit that starts with small anal toys and has models in progressively larger sizes, to get your anus used to the stretching sensations.
  • Design – large butt plugs come in a straightforward spade-like design, with some models having a slightly elongated shape that allows easy insertion and comfortable wear.
  • Size – we are talking about large butt plugs, so you need to be aware of their size. A general rule considers butt plugs that are over 3.5 inches long and more than 1.7 inches wide to be on the large side, and anything over this size is definitely a large butt plug.
  • Material – the best sex toy material is silicone, as this is a body-safe, non-porous material that is effortless to clean. However, there are many well-made models made from TPE, rubber, glass, and even metal that you can use and clean with ease.
  • Extra features – here, we list large butt plugs with vibrations, models with manual “vibrations,” weighted butt plugs, models with suction cups, and similar features.

Benefits of Using a Large Butt Plug

Using a butt plug adds a sense of forbidden pleasure to your sexual pleasure, as we often have a preconceived notion we are doing something we should not do. The key to pleasurable anal play is to relax and let go of the pleasure you are about to receive and not be afraid to enjoy yourself. So, here are the key benefits you’ll get when you add a large butt plug to your sexy games:

  • Enhanced anal stimulation – the large butt plugs provide more intense sensations than regular butt pugs and even inflatable butt plugs. It is because these are larger in length and diameter and offer a constant push against the sensitive tissues in the anal region.
  • Anal training & anal gaping – the large butt plug is the next level in your anal training, as its extensive body will train the anus for more comfortable anal sex. It is also suited for people who want to try more hardcore anal plays like anal gaping.


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Tips to Safely Use a Large Butt Plug

Before you can place a large butt plug up your anus, you must first start with smaller toys like anal trainers, anal beads, and regular butt plugs, as the large butt plugs are large. Here are some essential tips to help you safely start playing with a large butt plug:

  • Wash your large butt plug – always clean your butt plugs before and after use. Rinse it with soap and warm water before you use it, and after you are finished, give it a good scrub down with antibacterial soap and warm water. If you are using a silicone toy, you can dip it in a mild bleach solution to ensure it is spotless and bacteria-free.
  • Always use lube – the anus does not self-lubricate, so lube is mandatory when you use any anal toy. We recommend you use a quality water-based lube with your silicone butt plugs, and you can use a silicone-based lube with your large butt plugs made from glass, metal, or latex.
  • Start slow & listen to your body – never rush when it comes to anal play, but take a deep breath and slowly insert the large butt plug in the anus. It is advisable to have a bowel movement before any type of anal play, so take your time to poop, and if you feel like it, do an anal douche to clean the anus. Lube the large butt plug and your back door and get in the most comfortable position for you and push in slowly. Your body will give some resistance, so don’t force things, but try relaxing with some foreplay and never force things but listen to your body.

Our guide on how to choose a large butt plug covers the basics, but we also have a lot more information and guides on choosing and using other sex toys in our blog. We invite you to browse our sex toy store, where we carry a perfect selection of sex toys like dildos, vibrators, male toys, BDSM tools, sexy lingerie, lubes & essentials, and more.

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