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Everything You Need to Know About Large Butt Plugs

Everything You Need to Know About Large Butt Plugs

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There’s no question about it; large butt plugs are designed for extreme stimulation. It doesn’t matter if it’s solo play or play with a partner, these large butt plugs do deliver.

These monsters are meant to be used by the most advanced anal players who wish to push themselves to the limits. They spice up sex games like no other anal sex toys out there while still keeping their very simple design.

Stretch and fullness that is loved by users of butt plugs is delivered well, and after using one of these large plugs, nothing else will even compare.

There are lots of designs, materials and even different sizes of large butt plugs, because even at the top end, there isn’t one size that fits all.

One thing is for sure, large but plugs can deliver the desired gape that is enough to please any user or their partner wanting pleasure.

Many anal play lovers see large butt plugs as the last challenge, and there isn’t much more beyond that can be purchased as easily. It’s hard to believe that something so substantial can be designed with comfort in mind, but it’s true. And these toys still make sure users get the ultimate stretch and satisfaction they’re searching for.

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Different Types and Styles

While smaller butt plugs may be restricted in the design area because of their size, there are no restrictions when it comes to large butt plugs. There are designs aplenty and more than enough to satisfy solo players or partners who want the best stimulation possible.

Here are a few types of large butt plugs you can find on the current market:

Large tunnel butt plugs – These give a flexible and soft seating position, and at the same time, they are hollow in the middle and can give any partner an inside view. Yep!

Large tapered butt plugs – These are the classic teardrop shape, and they might just bring a tear to the eye, pardon the pun. They are definitely not for the squeamish and deliver the ultimate in fullness.

Large glass butt plugs – With a vast number of designs and sizes, these large glass butt plugs deliver never felt before levels of smoothness to users who are looking for something extra special in the texture and feel department.

Large silicone butt plugs – Silky smooth, these silicone butt plugs come in all shapes and textures to deliver the best feeling. They can be ribbed, bobbled or spiraled to deliver some unique sensations as they’re twisted and turned.

Large fisting butt plugs – Fisting might be the only progression after using these toys, and many individuals seek this feeling out. Large fisting butt plugs often come in steel, and they take no prisoners when they work their way inside the anal cavity.

Large inflatable butt plugs – It’s hard to believe, but there are inflatable large butt plugs that can deliver an extra dimension in stretching capability. This isn’t to say they are large butt plugs to begin with; some are designed for easy penetration, and then the user pumps up to the largest size they can comfortably handle.

Vibrating large butt plugs – These are the big daddies and deliver jackhammer-like performance. With variable controls, these will more than satisfy the user wishing to feel full.

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How to Choose the Right Large Anal Toy for You

When it comes to choosing a large anal toy, you need to look at it the same way as ordering that slice of cake after dinner. You don’t want to go at it with eyes that are bigger than your belly, so to speak.

Even if you are a highly experienced anal toy user, these large butt plugs are significant, and selecting the wrong one could leave you highly disappointed or unable to use them.

There are lots of elements to consider, with size being the most obvious one. It’s possible to find the smaller end of the large butt plug sizes starting at 6-7 inches of insertable length, and these reach up to 12 inches and above. As if this wasn’t mind-boggling enough, the insertable length isn’t as crucial as the girth. The girth is exceptionally important too, actually.

Some large anal toys start with a diameter of around 4 inches and reach up to a mind-stretching 8 inches and upward.

One consideration is how you will be using your large anal toy. It is advisable to stick to ones of no longer than 9 inches in length for DP (deep penetration) and partner use. If your large anal butt plug is for solo use, then it’s up to you how long and fat you want its girth to be.

Material and texture at this size are crucial and it might be the case you like the size, but a slab of steel sliding into you may be just a little too far, and so silicone fits the bill more naturally, in many instances. Manufacturers even now include suction cup butt plugs for solo flyers that make them easier to insert.

Design choice is totally up to you, and only you’ll know what brings the most pleasure by trying a few out to compare.

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What Are the Benefits

Benefits of ass plugs can be earth-shattering in every dimension. They are the best way of stretching the rectum in preparation for further anal sex. This relaxes all the muscles, so when the penis is presented, it can penetrate with little effort.

Benefits also include the fuller feeling during sex, and this can be for women who want to feel like she has double penetration going on, or it’s possible for a male partner to wear one while he is engaged in vaginal sex.

The large butt plug is big enough to reach toward the prostate gland, so with his bodily movements, a male can receive prostate stimulation. This in itself presents health benefits for males, but also, it can deliver some full body orgasms that are not achieved by any other means.

When used in women, they can also find that their A-spot can be stimulated by their pelvic floor muscles. This brings benefits in itself, and if they learn how to tighten these pelvic muscles, then regular sex can be a lot more fulfilling for her and also her partner.

There is no question that the most significant benefits of large butt plugs are used in preparation of anal sex, and in the case of smaller butt plugs; these can be worn throughout the day or for extended periods. On the other hand, there is little chance anyone can wear a large butt plug for an extended period, as they deliver direct stimulation to every nerve ending in the anal area. So, it might be a little much for too long.

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Some Safety Considerations

Size is the most significant safety consideration. These large plugs won’t slip into the anus by mistake, and they’re at the extreme end of the size scale. If you are new to using adult toys of this size, you might feel some discomfort. Start smaller first.

If you don’t take it slow and use plenty of lube, you can easily cause micro tears in the skin around the anus. This is more than uncomfortable and can make it easy for bacteria to sneak inside and cause infections. Likewise, the materials in use need consideration too. Make sure body safe materials are being used to give a unique texture to the product, and to keep you safe as well. This is often the case on softer, realistic-feeling, large butt plugs more than the ones made from steel or glass.

For newer users of large anal plugs, the glass and steel ones will contain quite a bit of weight, so caution needs to be taken when moving around as there will be continual pressure on the sphincter.

When there is anal play using a large butt plug, they should never be used anywhere close to the vagina. Bacteria can easily pass and cause problems. The same advice goes for sharing anal toys between partners. And ideally, they should never be shared to avoid cross contamination and STDs or STIs (sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted infections).

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Where Can You Use Your Large Anal Toys?

These large anal toys will be too large to walk around while wearing comfortably. However, you can use them in a large number of scenarios. In a few cases they are used in BDSM as an addition to role playing, and here, these large butt plugs can quickly make the wearer slip into a submissive role where being dominated is the order of the day. Always make sure you practice safe (and consensual) sexual activity practices.

When the anus becomes the main focus, it will increase vulnerability and intimacy. When used, the wearer may find it difficult to concentrate, so a partner can easily stimulate or carry out other parts of the role playing and leave the wearer in a somewhat vulnerable (kinky) state.

Large butt plugs are the largest anal toy, but they are still designed to deliver some discomfort while not hurting the wearer, which is what this type of role playing is all about.

One of the best ways of using them is to warm them before insertion. Use warm water and never the microwave.

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Cleaning & Storage Tips

Large butt plugs require the same care and attention, but because they might be used with more force, they are often made from soft material or silicone, so the surface needs checking for any cuts or tears that might appear.

A sharp fingernail is more than enough to scratch the surface, and with repeated use, your large butt plug can become a home for bacteria, or the surface gradually gets worse, and you can no longer use your plug at all.

Steel butt plugs or glass butt plugs don’t suffer from this problem and are much easier when it comes to cleaning after use. This immediate attention after the butt plug is removed might only require a quick wipe with a wet wipe before you are ready to wash and sterilize your anal toy.

If you have a silicone, glass or steel large butt plug, you can first wash them in warm soapy water before either running them through a dishwasher or boiling them in hot water for a couple of minutes.

When dried, you need to store these in protective pouches, and then store them away from other sex toys. The weight of steel and glass can affect the shape of different sex toys. Because of the size of these large ass plugs, they can quickly be affected by heat and humidity, so make sure the area location is cool and dry when you store them between uses.

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Common Questions People Ask

Is it possible to overstretch the rectum?

It’s possible that some users who have been using big butt plugs (or taking part in anal play that uses large objects) can find they suffer from anal incontinence. However, the body can spring back, so just be careful not to overdo things. Allow your body some time in between uses, and go by how it feels when inside, too.

Will all large butt plugs be suitable for prostate stimulation?

Not really, the prostate only sits a couple of inches inside and upward. If you have a large butt plug that is long, you may find you miss the opportunity to have your prostate stimulated. Look for shorter large butt plugs with a wider diameter, because these have a better chance for prostate stimulation in males.

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