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Wearing Butt Plugs - Myths and Facts

Wearing Butt Plugs - Myths and Facts

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Butt plugs – the toys we know and love, whether from our own personal use, or from watching our favorite adult films. They can be worn anywhere and everywhere, from the house, to your workplace, shopping malls, grocery stores, the car…the combination of private and public possibilities are endless.

Designed to be inserted into the anus and left in place, these lovely little butt plugs create a sensation of fullness that can be pleasant even outside of the bedroom. In short, they can add a dimension of fun and naughtiness to your daily routine.

How Long Can You Wear a Butt Plug?

According to most manufacturers and medical professionals, the standard time that you should wear a butt plug is usually not more than 2-3 hours, even when you feel completely comfortable. This is because your rectum walls are so close to your sphincter, which can cause reduced blood flow when there is pressure inserted for long amounts of time. If this happens, there is a risk of damage to the rectum and a likeliness to get ulcers. Since there are no pain receptors inside the rectum, you may not even realize that anything is wrong until after the damage is done.

Of course, there are always people arguing the other side. Many sexuality educators will say that you can wear a plug for 10-12 hours without harm, as long as you’re paying attention to your body’s signals, and that you’ve worked your way up from wearing the plug for just a few minutes.

We highly suggest the conservative approach, since it’s better to be safe rather than to be sorry. The worst thing to do would be to dampen your pleasurable anal play experience by pushing your body beyond its limits, so we strongly recommend limiting the time you spend plugged in to 2-3 hours.

anal play

Myth or Fact

There are plenty of facts and myths circulating about butt plugs, and plenty of opinions differ between manufacturers, medical professionals and sex enthusiasts. Therefore, we have done our best to address many of these, and clearing the air on some misinformation that may be traveling around.

MYTH: You shouldn’t wear butt plugs in public

Butt plugs are often encouraged to be worn in public places! While many people argue that wearing a butt plug while out and about may cause it to fall out, or that it’ll be too obvious, both aren’t necessarily true. If you choose a properly sized butt plug for you, or use a harness or tight underwear to keep it in place, you shouldn’t have any problems with it falling out. With regards to the butt plug showing, this also depends on which butt plug you choose to wear. If you wear one with a tail – sure, you’re likely to get caught! But if you wear one with a t-shaped handle that cradles your butt cheeks, you’re probably in the clear.

FACT: It can get stuck or lost inside you

While this is possible, this is highly unlikely to happen for a few reasons. The biggest reason being due to butt plugs usually coming with a flared base, specifically to help keep the butt plug anchored firmly outside of your body. This helps you avoid some accidental too-deep slippage, and a shameful trip to the hospital.

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MYTH: Lube is optional

This could not be falser! Your anal opening does not self-lubricate, which means that it’s a must to use lubricant when inserting a butt plug. Silicone-based lubes are great to use since they last a lot longer than water-based lubes, and don’t wash off in the shower, if you plan to have some fun in there. However, if you’re using a silicone butt plug, you absolutely cannot pair it with a silicone lube, since it eventually breaks down the toy. If you’re using a silicone butt plug, opt for a water or oil-based lube instead.

The proper way to apply lube is to first coat the butt plug, then apply some to the anal opening. As you’re gently pressing the plug to your anus, make sure to take a deep breath and consciously relax your muscles. After you’ve done this, apply more lube to the plug, and re-insert it with slightly more pressure than the first time. Repeat this until you can insert the plug fully – some people need to do these actions 3 to 5 times before getting it in comfortably, and that’s completely normal.

MYTH: They’re only for women

Absolutely not! Butt plugs are for everyone, whether you’re born with female or male genitalia. The only difference between men and women when it comes to anal play is the location of their ‘spots’. Men have prostates, or a P-spot, located about 2 inches into the anus, and there are butt plugs specifically designed for P-spot stimulation. Conversely, women have an A-spot, located 5 or 6 inches into the anus, which is typically not reached by an average butt plug. Either way, there are enough nerve endings in and around the anus to make a regular butt plug incredibly pleasurable for both men and women.

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FACT: It’s a stepping stone to anal sex

While butt plugs can surely be used as foreplay or training for anal sex, that’s not its only purpose. Butt plugs also have a secondary effect of narrowing the vaginal canal, meaning that vaginal sex may feel even more enjoyable for both partners, due to increased sensitivity and tension. As discussed previously, you can also wear one as you go about your average day.

Of course, it’s also a great warm up before anal sex, since it allows the sphincters to open up more than usual and stretch through to the anal canal. This, in turn, causes your anal muscles to relax, making it much easier to get something else inside, such as a penis.

MYTH: It’s okay to feel a little bit of pain

While it’s very possible to feel pain when inserting or wearing a butt plug, you should know that this is a warning sign that you may be overstretching. Unlike the vagina, the anus can take weeks of training before being able to graduate from a finger or two to a toy. Since the anus is made of sensitive tissue that is easy to tear, you must be very careful when choosing adult sex toys, and ensuring you lubricate extensively.

If you experience pain, it’s probably a sign that you either need to size down with your butt plug, or that you need more lube. Either way, it’s a warning sign to stop whatever it is you’re doing and re-evaluate.

MYTH: A butt plug will stretch you out

A huge misconception about butt plugs and anal penetration in general is that it will stretch out your anus. While training, stretching and sizing up will allow you to insert larger objects into your anus over time, this isn’t because your anus is getting larger. It’s in fact because your body is getting used to getting filled there, so your muscles are more willing to relax and allow for wider and deeper penetration. So, don’t start worrying you’ll have a large gaping hole where you butt used to be – this simply isn’t true.

Another concern that people have is that by wearing a butt plug for a long time, it will lead to a gaping butthole. While you may end up with a slight gape if you’ve been wearing the plug for an extended amount of time, it will hardly be noticeable. Gaping takes a lot of time, training and technique, and isn’t likely to happen accidentally. Anal gaping also shouldn’t last longer than a few hours after removing the object used to penetrate.

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MYTH: The pressure will cause you to poop

For beginners, the sensation of using a butt plug may resemble the feeling of having to go number two. The reason for this is that it’s stimulating the same nerve endings that you use to go to the bathroom. Don’t worry about having any unwelcome surprises – it’s just the pressure causing you to feel that way.

However, many people find that wearing a butt plug has helped them with constipation issues by triggering a need to go number two. Even those with healthy bowel movements can benefit from butt plugs, as it gets you going to the bathroom more often, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

On the topic, you need to make sure to wash your butt plug with warm water and soap immediately after removing it. It’s very possible that your plug will have residue fecal matter, even if you can’t see it, and this can spread unwanted bacteria. To avoid the risk of any infections, avoid contact between the plug and your vagina.

Can You Wear a Butt Plug While Sleeping?

Many people wonder if they can wear their butt plugs while sleeping. While there are people that do this, it is highly advised against. As mentioned before, you shouldn’t wear your butt plug for longer than 3 hours at a time. Despite having no pain receptors to indicate any danger, you’re also asleep for likely 7-8 hours, meaning that you’re at your most vulnerable for quite some time, and some serious damage could happen overnight. An added danger is that you cannot keep applying lube overnight, putting you at risk of the lube drying out, which will in turn cause you a lot of pain when you wake up the next morning and try and take the butt plug out.

In short, avoid butt plugs while sleeping at all costs.

butt plug while sleeping

Can You Wear a Butt Plug While Pregnant?

When you’re pregnant, you’re either ready to throw it down all the time, or it’s the last thing on your mind. Either way, 9 months is a long time, and you’re sure to find yourself craving a little naughtiness at some point. Since there may come a point in your pregnancy where traditional sex is uncomfortable, butt plugs are a great way to get aroused, no matter what changes your body is going through. As long as you have a low-risk pregnancy and no health-related problems, it should be safe for you to use a butt plug at any stage of your pregnancy. Most women who have tried it have reported a positive experience and no severe side effects of using a butt plug while pregnant.

In fact, pregnant women with constipation issues have reported that wearing a butt plug helped to act as a trigger to stimulate bowel movements.

If you have prior health risks including a history of hemorrhoids, severe constipation or bleeding, you should consult a medical professional before using a butt plug during the course of your pregnancy. Other times that it may be not advisable to use a butt plug when pregnant are if you are experiencing a very uncomfortable pregnancy, or are approaching full-term and haven’t used butt plugs before, since it may increase the discomfort and pressure you’re already feeling.

On the contrary, if you’re a woman who was wearing butt plugs pre-pregnancy and have continued to use them with no issues, you’re most likely in the clear. If you’re not very experienced with butt plugs but are having a relatively easy pregnancy, slowly ease into it by using a very small size and gauging your comfort levels. If you feel good, you should have no issues continuing along with it.

When speaking about anal play and pregnancy, we must discuss the ‘Placenta Previa’. This is a condition which represents when the placenta is low in the womb, and doesn’t entirely cover the cervix. Because of the placenta’s location, any type of deep or wide anal activity can be extremely dangerous for the pregnant woman. If the placenta is damaged, it will cause heavy bleeding and put the pregnant woman at risk. You should check with your doctor to see if you have ‘Placenta Previa’, as women who have it are advised against engaging in any anal play.

If you’re pregnant and thinking of using a butt plug, remember that the need to be as hygienic as possible is only heightened when you’re pregnant. It’s incredibly important to wash your butt plugs with warm water and soap both before and after every use. Any bacteria from your butt plug can have harmful effects to the fetus if allowed to spread. If you want to be as thorough as can be, consider using a condom as a shield when wearing your butt plug.

It goes without saying that if you feel any pain, you should stop. Also, if your doctor suggests that you shouldn’t engage in any type of anal play during your pregnancy, you should always follow their advice. Only your doctor is fully aware of your health and medical issues, and can provide the best advice for you. If you’re unsure, ask them outright if it’s safe for you to wear a butt plug during your pregnancy – don’t be embarrassed, they’ve seen it all!

Can You Wear a Butt Plug While You Use the Bathroom?

Many people wonder what the rules governing butt plugs and bathroom breaks are. While it’s fairly obvious that you cannot go number two with a butt plug inserted, the debates arise when it comes to going for a piss.

Generally, it’s advised that you remove your butt plug when you’re going to pee. The reason for this mostly has to do with simplifying the peeing process for you. When you try to pee with your butt plug inserted, your body is doing two things: trying to hold the butt plug in, while trying to let the pee out. This causes your pelvic floor muscles to engage to try and grasp onto the plug, while your muscles in turn struggle to relax and release the pee.

While it’s possible to do both at the same time, it’s difficult, and probably a lot more trouble than it’s worth. What’s more likely to occur is that you relax too much and the plug will fall right into the toilet, which is unpleasant as it is, but can also lead to breaking or damage if the plug is made of glass or metal instead of silicone.

If you pee often or simply don’t want to have to remove your butt plug, you always have the option to hold onto it as you pee to ensure it stays secured in place. Keep in mind that you should be careful though to not push or strain as you go to release your pee, as it can cause damage to your pelvic floor muscles and lead to problems like UTIs or incontinence.

keeping butt plug in while using the bathroom

Can You Wear a Butt Plug All Day?

If you’ve ever lived in a busy, crowded city, chances are you’ve walked past someone cheerily prancing by you, wearing a butt plug while going about their day.

The short answer is that yes, you can wear a butt plug all day, but it’s heavily advised against.

If you’ve decided that you want to wear your butt plug all day, it’s recommended that you take 15-45 minute breaks after every three hours of wear. After removing the toy from your anus, make sure to apply even more lubricant to your toy and your anus. Keep in mind that the area that will feel the most pressure near the end of the day are the anal linings, so make sure to keep that area especially lubricated to avoid chafing.

If you feel any pain during the time that you have your butt plug inserted, remove it immediately. If there is blood or extreme pain after removing the butt plug, you may need to seek medical attention.

When Can You Poop After Plugging

It’s very important to remove your butt plug before any kind of bowel movement. You can poop any time after plugging, so long as you remove the plug from your anus prior.

Conversely, after you’ve pooped, you should wait until your anus feels comfortable before re-inserting your butt plug. However, it is highly advised that you wash your butt plug with warm water and soap between uses, and make sure you lubricate your toy and anus thoroughly before re-inserting.

Tips for Long Term Butt Plug Wear

While we advise that you don’t wear your butt plug longer than 2-3 hours at a time, many people go longer than that, and it’s truly a personal judgment call. If you’ve decided you want to train your body to rock this toy all day, here are some tips for you:

Get Experienced

Before you can transition into longer term butt plug wear, you need to first get comfortable with having your anus stretched out for short periods of time – especially if you’re a beginner. The entrance to the anus needs time to get acclimated to having a butt plug inserted all day.

Only experienced butt plug users should consider wearing a butt plug for anything over an hour or two. It takes time for the anal muscles to get used to holding a plug. Take your time and start off with shorter sessions, and gradually increase the amount of time you’re wearing it for. When you start to feel sore or your muscles get tired, give yourself a break and remove the butt plug.

Keep in mind that if you go up in size, you may need to restart the process and decrease your time worn once more.

Find the Perfect Shape

Finding the perfectly shaped butt plug is important, as it ensures that the plug won’t fall out as you’re going about your day. Make sure you start out with a smaller bulb, and gradually work your way into larger sizes as your anus adjusts over time. However, it’s recommended that you stick to smaller sizes if you’ll be wearing it for longer, so choose the smallest size that can still fit snugly inside your anus.

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Everyone is made differently, which is why there is no such thing as the ‘perfect shape’, but instead your goal is to find the perfect shape for you. There are plenty of factors that come into play, including the shape of one’s anus, and the only way to really figure out what works for you is by trying out different butt plugs and seeing what works.

Another part to be picky about is the handle of the butt plug, especially if you’re thinking about long-term wear. Since the lining of the anus is quite fragile, a butt plug with the wrong design could potentially result in the pinching of tissues together, resulting in decreased blood flow.

You should ensure that your butt plug has the smallest stem as you can find, preferably in a t-shape, and a handle that can fit comfortably between your cheeks, for a secure fit. All bodies are different and you may need to try out a few before finding the perfect fit, but it’s worth the effort for the long-term pleasure. Lastly, it’s recommended that you use a silicone butt plug for longer term wear, as the material is nonporous, a bit softer and gives more than other materials.

Keep Applying Lubricant

Other than the plug itself, lube is the most important tool you need on hand. The problem with long-term wear is that the longer you wear a butt plug, the harder it will be to get out. If the lube dries up, there’s nothing inside the anus keeping it moist. This makes the plug incredibly difficult to get out without causing any pain. Therefore, it’s important to keep both your toy and anus lubricated every couple hours at the least.

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Consider Using a Harness

Holding a butt plug in your anus for an extended period of time requires a lot of muscle power, especially if you’re moving around a lot. This can be hard to keep up all day long, particularly if you’re wearing a heavier butt plug, or one that’s a size too small. A harness can help alleviate some of effort from your anal muscles.

There are plenty of things to consider when deciding on a harness, such as material and the positioning of the straps. If you’re going to be wearing the harness for more than a couple hours, which is most likely the case, you’ll want to choose one that is lightweight, soft and made from breathable materials. A harness that wraps around the waist and between the legs is ideal, since it’ll support the butt plug well enough to enjoy the sensation, stress-free.

If you don’t want to purchase a harness, an underwear that sits tighter on your skin can work well in its place.

Final Words

Butt plugs are a fun and personal way to get aroused as you go about your daily activities. If it’s something you’d like to incorporate into your day, slip one on and enjoy the pleasures of having a sexy little secret all to yourself! While we recommend that you keep yourself plugged in for no longer than 2-3 hours at a time, it’s up to you to decide what’s best for you and your body. Pamper yourself, and get plugging – safely!

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