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Everything You Need to Know About Small Vibrators

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While it might appear that small vibrators are only for beginners, this is very far from the truth. These smaller, vibrating devices are made for discretion as much as they are for users who are new to the world of sex toys.

Most often, these come in the variety of bullet vibrators. However, there are plenty of variations on this to add further stimulation and uses, and they can be used for foreplay or during intercourse between couples. Additionally, they are ideal for solo masturbation. These are also suitable for both genders, so men have no worry about feeling left out.

Some of the smallest you can find are finger vibrators, which sit on the finger, and this adds and another dimension to finger masturbation be it vaginal or anal.

Manufacturers have taken small vibrators to heart and have come up with unique, well made designs. These are super discreet and will never be spotted inside a handbag or pocket. This being said, there are also plenty of designs of regularly-sized vibrators and these have been shrunk into their miniature forms. What they lack in size, they certainly don’t lack in performance abilities.

Iroha Stick Small Clit Vibrator

Types of Small Vibrators

While being designed to be compact, all mini vibrators are designed for genital stimulation. Because of their size, they are most often run from batteries, rather than being rechargeable. While browsing, you can see there are basically two branches of type, one that stimulates the clitoris and one type which is used for insertion of the vagina or providing anal stimulation.

Bullet vibrators can come remote controlled, but in many cases, this is a corded remote rather than wireless. One other thing to note is: that none of these small vibrators are used as a means of replicating sexual intercourse. A small vibrator such as the bullet is designed to sit inside the vagina, whereas the vibrating unit is used to stimulate the G-spot. This can be increased and decreased as desired from the control.

Models which are designed for clitoral stimulation can come in many designs such as the finger vibrator. There are others such as rabbit vibrators, wand vibrators, G-spot stimulators, and even some that are shaped like a lipstick.

Other models come with unique designs where they have small and circular areas that sit around the clitoris, or they can be used on nipples to send shudders through other body parts.

And, other types of small vibrators include the ones which sit inside panties and nestle against the clitoris and just inside the vagina. These, in most cases, come with wireless remotes to save having the cord hanging out of your panties.

One last type of small vibrator is so discreet, you can even wear them. These come in the form of a necklace and are similar to the size of a ballpoint pen. These are designed with pleasure, discretion and travel in mind.

Love Bullet Small Vibrator

How to Choose Mini Vibrator for You

It can seem strange to say size is a consideration when choosing a mini vibrator, but it does need consideration. Much of this is down to how you will be using your vibrator. Externally or internally makes a huge difference.

Mini vibrators reach a maximum length of 6 inches so they can be small enough for any new user, but once you want to be discreet, then things change.

With ones that can be worn around the neck, to ones shaped like a lipstick, you have added secrecy, and no one will know how you spend your evenings. After your size considerations are taken care of, you need to think of materials. At this stage, you should also know that there are a few manufacturers who still use toxic chemicals in their sex toys, so making sure they are rated as “body safe” is vital, no matter how simple or how small your vibrator is.

These toxic chemicals can quickly lead to itching or rashes when used, and they are the last things you want rubbing your clitoral region or resting on your vulva, or placed inside your vagina.

Plastic mini vibrators can deliver more stimulation than rubber or silicone, but even with their small size, they can be noisy. If you want to be quiet, or you want a softer touch, you’re better going for silicone creations. And this is because silicone has the added advantage of being durable and body safe.

Pretty Love Small Rechargeable Vibrator

What Are the Benefits of Discreet Vibrators?

Benefits are; they are much cheaper than larger vibrators. Discreet vibrators are great for anyone who is experimenting with sex toys, and they can be carried around without anyone noticing too.

On the sexual side, they can deliver a mighty punch and size shouldn’t be a reason not to purchase one. With a small, external, discreet vibrator, you can tease the clitoris in the best way you know possible, and in a way that no partner can.

Small finger discreet vibrators can help to relieve stress and make the mood much better, and you can still orgasm just as easy in most instances. Big is not always better.

There are lots of women who find larger vibrators bulky and difficult to use, and this is why discreet vibrators are the easiest sex toys to use for women. They also come with a lower lube requirement which is a good thing.

One final benefit is; these discreet vibrators come with better battery efficiency. Where you might need two batteries in a more massive vibrator, a discreet vibrator will give you twice as long to enjoy yourself, and while using the same number of batteries. Discreet vibrators are also much easier to clean and store than their larger counterparts.

Screaming O Small Remote Control Vibrator

Some Safety Considerations

Small vibrators are pretty safe when in use, but plenty are produced as being a novelty. These won’t be manufactured to higher degrees of durability as larger vibrators are.

Most of the safety considerations come from battery care or if they’re rechargeable. Unless the manufacturer states explicitly that these small vibrators are for use in water, neither a battery nor a small rechargeable vibrator should be used in the bath or shower. Even when classed as water resistant, they are not sufficient for exposure to extended periods of water.

Battery-type small vibrators should always have their batteries removed between uses as these can leak if left for extended periods. Also, they could be prone to turning on when you least expect them to.

Another safety consideration is the type of lubricant you use. Silicone oil should never be used on small silicone vibrators as it can break the material down. If you’re unsure, always stick to using a water based lubricant.

One of the most important things users of small vibrators need to be aware of is the size. These won’t have flared bases and are not large enough for anal use. These can quickly be sucked into the rectum where they become difficult to remove. So, if you want to purchase a toy for anal, buy the right type for that.

Vedo Bam Mini Vibrator

Usage Advice and Tips

A small vibrator can be used in lots of situations. They are a fantastic addition for solo play when using fingers for vaginal masturbation. With a small vibrator, you can use these in any location around the home, or any other place you feel like some naughty fun.

If using with a partner, a small vibrator can be a fantastic way to deliver lots of clitoral stimulation while your partner is thrusting into the vagina. These small vibrators that sit on fingers can be used by your partner during foreplay, and there’s nothing to say that they’re only to be used for solo masturbation.

If you have a female partner, it can be pleasing to both to use one of these small vibrators on each other, especially when they’re the finger type. They allow for up close and intimate sessions with lots of stimulation.

Because these small vibrators are so small and discreet, they can be used when traveling or at work. It’s imagination that can be the limiting factor. Even the small panty vibrators can be worn while out on the town, or while doing the grocery shopping. Sounds fun, right?

One final place these small vibrators can be used is on your male partner. A finger vibrator or two can help stimulate his penis as you’re caressing him with your fingers. Or, you can tease under his scrotum for an instant reaction.

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Any vibrating unit must be removed before cleaning, and at the same time remove any batteries before storing. The outer case of the vibrating unit should be wiped with an antibacterial wipe and then dried before placing in a secure pouch. Batteries should be kept separately and away from any part of the motor or the small vibrator.

Small vibrators can be easier to clean when compared to larger vibrators, but the cleaning and care processes will be the same. Because of the way silicone is constructed, it is durable, but it does definitely need checking for any cuts or lacerations if yours is made from that material. This is true for finger vibrators too, as it only takes a sharp fingernail to cut the skin of the silicone. As much as silicone can help prevent bacterial growth, it isn't able to stop that growth altogether.

Small vibrators do need cleaning before and after use. This is a given, and just because they are smaller, these steps should never be forgotten.

Washing under warm water with antibacterial soap is the easiest way to clean your small vibrator, but always check the manufacturer’s requirements to be sure. This can be bar soap or antibacterial dishwashing soap.

If you have a clean, small vibrator and the surface feels sticky, there’s nothing wrong with this because it’s one of the natures of silicone. From here, just cover it in renewal powder before placing it into a secure protective pouch. You should then store it in a box that can be put out of the sunlight and that’s cool and dry.

Batteries should also be stored in the same conditions because they can leak if exposed for extended periods.

We-Vibe Tango Mini Vibe

Common Questions People Ask

I was looking at buying a discreet vibrator and was wondering about replacement batteries. What size do they take?

This will depend on the size of the small vibrator; some use AA batteries while there are even smaller vibrators that use the same sorts of batteries as you find in watches. When it comes to changing the batteries, if they use AA ones, you can buy rechargeable batteries which are more cost-effective. However, you won’t be able to purchase rechargeable watch batteries.

Can I use a finger vibrator for prostate massage?

In theory, you can, but it isn’t advisable. These only sit on the end of the finger. And so, as soon as you insert this into the rectum, you will have a hard time sliding your finger out with the finger vibrator still in place. Plus, they’re not designed for this use.

Which is the best, a discreet vibrator that sits in the vagina, or a clitoral vibrator?

A lot of this depends on the user. Some women are unable to orgasm through vaginal penetration alone, so it makes little sense to use a vibrator that’s only used for penetration. Small clitoral vibrators can be a bit more versatile and used in other scenarios too. Additionally, you can increase or decrease the pressure against the clitoris to increase or decrease the sensations you give yourself (or your partner).

Will a small panty vibrator slip inside my vagina if it is smaller?

No, even though these small panty vibrators may be much smaller than their larger counterparts (such as the ones in vibrating panties), it is only the vibrating unit that will be smaller. The flared part will still be big enough to prevent it from buzzing its way upward. Buy from a reputable seller, always.

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