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Make Using Your Hands More Exciting with a Finger Vibrator

Equipped with little ridges, buds, and ribs, finger vibrators will make touching yourself more exciting than it has ever been. Little and cute, these toys have some powerful pleasure characteristics.

So, why would you need such a toy if you could use your hands? Or maybe you could directly opt for something more powerful like a rabbit vibrator or a wand vibrator?

Finger sex toys are ideal for anyone who enjoys masturbation but needs a lot of time to get there. Let’s face it – getting yourself off can be hard work if you’re not in the mood or you haven’t had a lot of success with self-touch in the past. The vibrations are concentrated in a small surface area, which maximizes the pleasure and reduces the amount of time needed to orgasm.

Finger Vibrators FAQ

Are Finger Vibrators Only for External Stimulation?

No! Just like other sex toys, finger vibrators come with variations. Some of them are designed especially for clitoral stimulation, massages, and foreplay. There are, however, G-spot finger vibrators that you’re meant to insert in the vagina alongside a finger. The surface of the vibrator will reach the right spot and produce an outcome that fingering on its own can rarely deliver.

Are Finger Vibrators Only Good for Masturbation?

That’s another no. The finger vibrator is one of the versatile sex toys for adults. You can use it on your own, you can have a partner use it on you or you can use it on them. A fingertip vibrator can add another dimension to touch. It can be applied to the nipples, belly, thighs and any other sensitive spot. Just experiment with it, have some fun together and you’ll definitely come up with more than one good use during sex.

What Are the Benefits of a Fingertip Vibrator?

If you already enjoy a bit of healthy masturbation you know how to touch yourself. Thus, a sex toy that attaches to your finger can be used to hit the right spots and make the touch exactly what you need it to be in order to orgasm.

Who Is the Finger Vibe Best for?

Anyone who has a vulva and a clit will enjoy the power of the finger vibe. Don’t be fooled by its small size, it can really deliver. It’s great for ladies who are just getting started with sex toys. It’s ideal for those who need a lot of time to orgasm (whether on their own or with a partner). Since a finger vibe can be used on many different body parts, it’s also a lovely choice for couples that want to experiment a bit with sensual touch and pleasure.

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