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Everything You Need to Know About Finger Vibrators

Everything You Need to Know About Finger Vibrators

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Finger vibrators are toys which are made for pleasure over the whole body, and more specifically, around the genitalia and clitoris, for women. As enticing as vibrators are at targeting specific areas, there's something highly beneficial about those that can work all over, and where your hands can reach.

Usually known as finger vibrators, these amazing toys are a great option for anyone who wants pleasure from a small, discreet and vibrating toy. They can be great for nipple play, sexy massages, solo masturbation, partnered play, and also used during sexual intercourse, for even more thrills. Anything your hands can do, these vibrators can make a whole lot more exhilarating.

Fin Finger Vibe

For people who love to relax while getting off, there's nothing like the targeted action you can get from these little helpers while you’re enjoying solo play. Just put them on, turn them on and it’s as easy as touching yourself, with extra vibrations that stimulate well in all the right places, wherever they might be for you.

So, for precise stimulation that manual masturbation provides, combined with added intensity without the super hero effort, finger vibrators take the hard work out of the manual labor. Guys can use them on their shaft or scrotum during solo or partnered play.

Finger vibrators come in various shapes and styles. You can put this sex toy on your finger like a thimble. And if you want to add a little texture to your fingertips, it’s perfect for that too. It’s a very exciting and easy way to get pleasure, all in a tiny package that’s discreet and mind-blowingly successful.

Aria Finger Wand Vibrator

Different Types

Ridged Finger Vibe

With ten different modes of intensity, this is textured and can work on all areas of the body, including the genital area and surrounds.

Ring Vibe

Show your clitoris some gusto with this ring vibe, covered in soft and fluttering petals.

Fun Fingertip Vibe

A clitoral stimulator with a little texture for enhancing stimulation.

G-Spot Finger Vibe

A G-spot stimulator that attaches to your middle finger.

Created by Woman, Finger Vibe

This inspiring vibrator is perfect for masturbation and partnered play.

Bunny Finger Vibe

This bunny vibrator is for clitoral stimulation and fits cosily over any finger.

2-Finger Vibe

It features a bullet vibrator with serious power.

Dynamic Curly Vibe

With a protruding curly cue for intense and purposefully-driven vibrations in one spot.

Frisky Finger Vibe

A textured, three-speed vibrator.

Fingertip Massager

Achieving power and functionality to enhance masturbation and foreplay too.

Bullet Finger Vibe

This bullet vibrator doesn't go around your finger; instead it is easy to grip for targeted stimulation on any body part or area.

Rippled Finger Vibe

This well-textured vibrator is a great addition to any type of play, partnered or solo fun is possible right here.

Freda Finger Stall Vibrator

How to Choose the Right Fingertip Dildos for You

In truth, anything that supplements that powerful sensation and can lead to orgasm is a tool that’s definitely worth having. And one of those tools is a very popular sex toy – the finger dildo. It’s on top of the list because so many women will say that clitoral stimulation is the easiest way to have the big ‘O.’ Remember, a finger vibrator consists of a wrap around body that vibrates at a speed faster than human movement can garner, which therefore gives very satisfying and intense climaxes. Most models have one speed, but some of the latest models can have around ten.

One best-selling product definitely packs a powerful punch. It has an elastic ring and will easily make you or your partner an instant pro in terms of hot-to-trot stimulation.

Most models are very cost-effective, well designed and extremely effective, and this popular device has gotten great feedback everywhere it’s been sold. Wow!
Some models have a feature which incorporates tiny bumps all over the surface. This model type is the latest take on the classic finger vibrator, and it’s gaining in popularity too. Delicate and powerful at targeting the right areas, including the all-important clitoris for her.

Yumi Rechargeable Finger Vibe

All of these fingertip dildos are very discreet, which means you can use them anytime, and you can use them anywhere too. Most models will be rechargeable, which means you don’t have to go through the annoyance of replacing batteries all of the time. Great models take about two hours to fully charge, and can last for weeks after charging.

Some popular brands can incorporate ten different vibration settings, and this makes it mind-blowingly intense, or not, depending on which setting you’re on. The button for setting the options is easily accessible when on your finger, or your partner’s.

If you’re not altogether sure about buying from the thousands of models on the market, just look for one that provides the most powerful stimulation with different vibration settings to change it up. In this way, your experience can be different each time. Slower settings enable a build up to orgasm, but faster vibration settings will be perfect for quick and intense orgasms.

Make sure you buy a powerful vibrator that is made from soft but firm materials. This way you’ll be able to enjoy the pressure it gives, plus the sensual softness too.

Pave Liz Finger Ring Vibrator

What Are the Benefits

  • Very easy to use
  • Are for solo or partnered play
  • Work really well to achieve orgasm/s
  • Can be used to tease other areas of the body as well as the clitoris
  • Can spice things up during foreplay and during sexual intercourse
  • Are for men and women
  • Make outdoor play possible
  • Make water play possible

Vibrators usually cause some sort of obvious noise, unless they’re quiet vibrators. If you’re looking for something quiet and discreet, check the label to see if your finger dildo vibrator is in that category. But, if you love powerful stimulation, go for larger and noisier models because they’ll have a better intensity for you to enjoy.

Some finger vibrators can be used outside, and it’s possible to buy travel-friendly options. There are waterproof models and fully submersible models available too.
Finger vibrators have revolutionized foreplay and masturbation. The beauty of hands on, with the intensity at full, medium or low frequency vibes. And the control is literally at your fingertip.

Screaming O Two Finger Vibrator

Some Safety Considerations

Always refer to the manufacturer and supplier manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings. Always use for the area intended, otherwise it may get stuck or lodged in awkward places.

Never share your sex toys. STIs (sexually transmitted infections and bacterial or viral germs can be spread very easily). Bacteria and viruses love wet and warm places, so keep your toys clean and dry.

Unless it’s waterproof, don’t use it in the bath or shower. Electrocution is a precaution, and if it’s battery operated, the product may get waterlogged and remain unfixable.

How to Take Care of Your Finger Vibrators

  • Clean them, before and after use
  • Don’t share them, to prevent the spread of infection including sexually transmitted diseases (STIs)
  • Store them in a clean and dry place out of direct sunlight
  • Change the batteries often and remove them when not in use
  • Use a dust cover or a case for storage


Common Questions People Ask

How do finger vibrators work?

Finger vibrators contain a small and vibrating motor, fitting nicely over the finger and are used for masturbating or pleasing a partner. Many women that have difficulty in achieving climax, report that the finger dildo vibrator works every single time. What are you waiting for?

What percentage of women masturbate?

Scientific studies have shown that 94% of women report that they've masturbated themselves to orgasm at least once in their lifetime. For men, it’s even higher, according to the stats.

Is masturbation healthy for you?

Yes! In fact, doctors, psychologists and scientists recommend it for good health. All in all, it lessens stress and creates feel-good hormones which help the person to feel relaxed, both during and after the act.

Are the finger vibrator orgasms more powerful than normal ones?

They definitely can be, but it greatly depends on the person and the way they are masturbating. The best way to have an intense one with finger vibrators - is to turn the settings up higher. Orgasm might occur more quickly, but the intensity should also be heightened.

How long will my finger vibrators last?

Many models have replaceable batteries which have around a three hour lifespan. You could have around forty orgasms before the batteries need replacing, or if you’re using a rechargeable model, they can last much longer. Cleaning before and after use will help yours to remain in great condition for longer. Store in a cool and dry place which is out of direct sunlight.

Can I reuse my finger vibrators?

Definitely. They are designed to be reused. Please remember to keep them clean and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If they’re not included, gently rinse them in warm-to-hot soapy water before and after use. Use an antibacterial soap. You may dry them on a clean towel or let them air dry.

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