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How to Choose Sex Furniture?

How to Choose Sex Furniture

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Any item in your house can double as furniture where you can have sex, but there is such thing as specialized sex furniture. And yes, you should consider getting specialized sex furniture that can help you try new positions new sex plays, and bring you immense pleasure.

The exciting thing is that you can combine sex furniture with other sex toys and explore more passionate times. So, our team of sexperts prepared the following guide on how to select sex furniture.

What is Sex Furniture?

Sex furniture is also known as erotic furniture; these are furniture pieces that are designed to allow you to try and enjoy various sex poses and explore different types of play. When we say different kinds of sex play, we mean bondage techniques, spanking, masturbation, sexual acts, and more.

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Sex Furniture Types

There is a wide variety of sex furniture that you can own and try. Please note that each of these is exciting and fun, and you can try them all, as each comes with an intended use. Here, we’ll talk about each one a bit more:

  • Sex Pillows – the sex pillows are the most beginner-friendly sex furniture variety you can get. These are also the most versatile, as a sex wedge or a sex ramp pillow can help with positioning, supporting, and pleasing your partner. You can also use a sex pillow to enhance your solo time, as you can lie back on a ramp and get in the best body position that will allow you the most access. If you get a sex pillow with pockets, you can use it as a dildo mount and enjoy hands-free masturbation using your favorite vibrating toy. The sex pillows are made from firm foam and often come with removable covers for easy maintenance. You can also find inflatable sex pillows where you can adjust the firmness and are also travel convenient.
  • Sex Swings – the sex swing is another type of sex furniture that you can try with ease in your home. The swing suspends one partner in the air, allowing the other partner to move freely around them and tease them as they like. There are ceiling-mounted, free-standing, and door sex swings, and each one has its merits. The sex swing is excellent for couples who want to try suspended positions but can’t hold up their partner. A fantastic feature of sex swings is that many come with attachments and restraints for passionate play, and it adds a sense of weightlessness for the suspended partner.
  • Sex Chairs – the sex chairs are also known as sex stools or dildo chairs, and these primarily help people with mobility issues to have more comfortable sex. But they’ve attracted wide attention, and now sex stools are used by plenty of couples. The primary use is for partnered play, where one partner sits on the chair, and the other performs sexual acts on them. A sex chair can be comfy for people with bad knees or hip pain. The queening chairs are a particular type of sex chairs designed for accessible oral play and dom/sub games.
  • Sex Benches – the sex bench is a piece of sex furniture most suited for BDSM practitioners, as most sex benches are primarily designed with bondage play in mind. That is not to say that you can’t use a sex bench for a sensual massage or spanking or use it for deeper penetration. But because it is usually equipped with D-rings and restraints, you can use a sex bench for a lot more activities.

You can find massage beds, obedience boards, extreme sex chairs, complete bondage beds, BDSM cages, St. Andrew’s crosses, and much more.  

How to Select Sex Furniture?

Now that you know what the options for sex furniture are, let us cover the main things to note when you go shopping for sex furniture. First, discuss things with your partner and share your sexual desires and unfulfilled fantasies where different sex furniture pieces can help.

For example, if you wish to try some BDSM plays, you may benefit from a sex swing or a sex bench, or if you want to get into more creative positions, then perhaps a sex pillow like a wedge can be more up your alley. Here are the main questions to ask yourself and your partner when selecting sex furniture:

  • What would you use the sex furniture for?
  • Do you have room to store your sex furniture?
  • What is the available budget?

When you and your partner answer these questions, you will get a better idea of what type of sex furniture you should get. We won’t go into more detail here, as you can find specific guides on each sex furniture category in our guides below.

Plus, browse our sex toy store, where you will discover a genuinely versatile offer of sex furniture, sex toys, and all the essentials you need for better sex.

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