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How to Choose a Sex Bench?

How to Choose a Sex Bench

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You can use a variety of furniture elements during sex, but let’s face it: some are more comfortable than others. We are, of course, talking about specialized pieces that are better for some applications and some sexy positions, like a sex bench or a chaise lounge. So, we prepared the following guide on how to choose a sex bench and the key takeaways for getting the most out of this sexy furniture item.

What Is a Sex Bench?

A sex bench is an item that is intended to allow you more access to pleasurable sex positions and facilitate various activities. These involve massage beds, bondage boards, obedience boards, extreme sex chairs, complete bondage beds, BDSM furniture, St. Andrew’s crosses, and curved lounge beds that are sexy to look at and sexier to use.

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How to Select a Sex Bench?

The sex bench options are extensive, ranging from simple inflatable options to heavy-duty leather-upholstered chaise lounges that also act as statement furniture pieces in your home. A sex bench is an excellent tool that can significantly improve things if you have difficulty getting into a position or you’re looking for ways to enhance the enjoyment of penetrative sex.

The slope of the bench allows for deeper penetration and better support, and additional sections only make the experience better. So, here are the main things to consider when looking to select a sex bench:

What would you use the sex bench for?

If you wish to enhance some sexual positions, then you should consider selecting a curved chaise lounge and adding sex wedge pillows to help with positioning and support. However, suppose you are after a sex bench that will serve you during partnered sex, and you wish to explore different positions and BDSM scenarios. In that case, you should consider a model with extra accessories like leg holders, D-rings, straps, cuffs, and leg spreaders.

Do you have room to store your sex bench?

Having enough space in your home to keep your sex bench will affect your buying decision. For example, if you have limited space, then it is best to consider buying an inflatable sex bench that you can deflate and store with ease. If this is an option, then first check the weight rating of the inflatable bench, especially if you wish to use it with a partner.

Another option is a foldable sex bench that you can fold and store under a bed, out of the way but still within easy reach. Lastly, if you have a lot of room, we suggest you get a chaise lounge model that will also be a statement piece in your home. If your tastes run more towards BDSM plays, we recommend you get a high-quality obedience chair that allows versatility in immobilizing your partner.

What is your available budget?

The price of a sex bench varies greatly, ranging from a couple of hundred to over 1K, so this factor will probably play a key role in your purchase decision. So, consider what you can spare for this sexy tool and select the best option for your budget.

Take your time and discuss it with your partner; when you answer these questions, you will get a better idea of the type of sex bench you can buy. If you are interested in other sex tools, furniture, and toys, we have other comprehensive how-to-use and how-to choose guides on our guides page, some of which you’ll find below. We also invite you to browse our sex toy store, where you will discover a versatile offer of sex benches, sex furniture, sex toys, and most essentials you need for better sex.

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