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Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator - RechargeableHitachi Magic Wand Vibrator - Rechargeable
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Fantasy for Her Rechargeable Power WandFantasy for Her Rechargeable Power Wand
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Original Hitachi Magic Wand Massager HV-260Original Hitachi Magic Wand Massager HV-260
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Pretty Love Heating Body Wand Personal MassagerPretty Love Heating Body Wand Personal Massager
Bodywand Mini Bodywand VibratorBodywand Mini Bodywand Vibrator
We-Vibe Wand MassagerWe-Vibe Wand Massager
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Hype Flexi Vibrating WandHype Flexi Vibrating Wand
Bodywand Mini Wand MassagerBodywand Mini Wand Massager
Wand Essentials Wand VibratorWand Essentials Wand Vibrator
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Adam & Eve Electric Wand MassagerAdam & Eve Electric Wand Massager
Le Stelle Perks Series Ex-1Le Stelle Perks Series Ex-1
Power Wand MassagerPower Wand Massager
Wade Rechargeable WandWade Rechargeable Wand
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Mini Swan Wand MassagerMini Swan Wand Massager
In Touch Passion Vibrator TrioIn Touch Passion Vibrator Trio

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Behold the Mighty Erotic Massage with a Wand Vibrator

The Hitachi Magic Wand started a craze that has resulted in the creation of an entire sex product category. While it was originally intended for relieving muscle tension, the Hitachi Magic Wand proved to be a much better option for clitoral stimulation and sensual foreplay.

Wand vibrators are probably one of the most versatile vibrator type. They can be used to massage different body parts and they’re ideal for partnered sex. Wand vibrators also pair so well with other sex toys – anal toys and toys for couples are just two provocative pairing opportunities. Use your imagination to establish the best use of the wand vibrator and don’t be afraid of experimentation. You can discover something truly amazing about your sexuality with the help of such a handy adult toy.

Wand Vibrators FAQ

When Should I Consider Purchasing a Wand Massager Sex Toy?

If you’ve already graduated from the school of bullet vibrators, it may be time to move on to something bigger and more powerful. This is when the wand massager can step in. Don’t be freaked by the big size of the wand. It’s still a really versatile and easy to use sex toy.

What’s the Biggest Benefit of a Wand Vibrator?

Two come to mind immediately.

The first is the fact that it can be used on nearly every body part, sending erotic shivers down the spine. You can use the wand vibrator to discover erogenous zones on yourself or your partner that you didn’t know existed.

The long handle is the second massive benefit. It makes masturbation pretty easy because you can hold the end of the handle at chest or belly level. There’s no need to reach down there, which means you’re going to be more relaxed and capable of enjoying the stimulation.

Can I Use a Wand Vibrator with My Partner During Sex?

Penetrative sex and foreplay can become more exciting when you add a vibrating toy between you and your partner. If you’re just getting started with the wand, use it during missionary sex. The vibrations between the two of you will quickly heighten the arousal. A wand massager can easily be utilized in any other sex position that you like.

Are There Other Practical Tips for Using a Wand Massager?

Wand vibrators are pretty powerful. If you keep them in one position over a long period, you could feel the area getting somewhat numb. So, it’s important to move the wand massager around. Try different positions over your vulva or your partner’s penis. You can even move towards the perineum or anus. Move in circles, up, down – just do whatever feels good at that very moment.

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